Robert De Niro and Luis Brandoni visited locations in Buenos Aires to record the Nada series

Robert De Niro and Luis Brandoni visited locations in Buenos Aires to record the Nada series

robert deniro I manage to Buenos Aires participate in the “Nada” series, of which they will also be part Luis Brandoni and Guillermo Francella. This Sunday, the legendary American actor was photographed with the protagonist of “Waiting for the Float” during a tour of possible locations for the production, which will be led by Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohn.

De Niro and Brandoni were photographed this afternoon on their way to the Buenos Aires Museum of Fine Arts in the Recoleta neighborhood. There they could be seen, along with part of the cast, as they entered and exited the building through the door on Avenida Del Libertador 1473.

The news, which in itself is a blessing for the local show, however, had a downside, albeit a minor one. It was found that the intention of the filmmakers was to record scenes in an apartment of the Kavanagh building, but they met opposition from some residents of this mythical construction of Buenos Aires, among them, of the ex-Unionist and ex-Kirchnerist diplomat Alicia Castro.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM Photo ©RSPhotos/The Grosby Group PNW Robert De Niro held the first meeting of the film to shoot in Argentina, the Nada series, on Workers’ Day©RSPhotos/The Grosby Group PNW

The news that Castro and other residents of the iconic Retiro building refused when the filmmakers arrived was unveiled this Wednesday morning by Edward Feinman in your program someone has to sayon Miter radio. “There is a scandal in the Kavanagh buildingsaid the journalist, after introducing De Niro’s arrival in Argentina. Then the driver remarked that the problem between this building and the production of the series, to call Any, it had to do with “the air hostess”with reference to Castrowho was, years ago, Secretary General of the Argentine Association of Aeronavigators.

Next, mercedes nincicolumnist for the show, who was just at the door of the Kavanagh Taking testimonials from his neighbors, he fleshed out the information: “The idea for the production was to rent two apartments, one would be the house of [el personaje de] Brandoni, where does he come to visit Niro, and another department is needed for production. They looked at which apartments they were renting and on which floor.

The journalist added that there was a meeting between the neighbors and that there were many who didn’t want production access to the building, a difference of 60 to 40. “It wasn’t Alicia Castro only the one who didn’t want Robert De Niro”, assured.

The Kavanagh, a formidable building that is part of the historical heritage of Buenos Aires, this time is news for a fact that links spectacle to politics
The Kavanagh, a formidable building that is part of the historical heritage of Buenos Aires, this time is news for a fact that links spectacle to politics

Next, Feinmann told what the former Argentine ambassador allegedly said to the UK and Venezuela during the government of Cristina Kirchner. “No, Robert De Niro in no way in the building, because Robert De Niro is with (Joe) Biden and Biden is against (Vladimir) Putin”, assured the journalist that Castro said during this meeting of the inhabitants of the building. “Besides he doesn’t want him brandonibecause it’s Together for Change”adds the journalist.

Later, Ninci gave more details on the position of the owners of the Kavanagh apartments in relation to the presence of the filmmakers and actors of Any in the building. “The neighbors say that, out of 107 owners, two-thirds of the assembly voted against. It wasn’t just Alicia Castro.”continued the show’s columnist.

“There was a dispute over the amount of money, apparently They were offered between four and five million pesos, when a rent would be much more. They say that Disney (which produces the series), did not give guarantees of conservation of the place and that the insurance was not sufficient. 90 people came in for five days and they didn’t give a list,” the reporter listed the reasons for refusing to let the film crew in.

In short, the neighbors they assured that it was not a political problembecause if so, Alicia Castro would have lost the election, and that it was not something nor against Robert De Nirobut to use the building for a shoot.

Fortunately, the emblematic and luxurious building of the Retiro was not the only location chosen by Duprat and Cohn – directors of the distinguished citizen Yes My masterpiece (with Francella and Brandoni), among others – for the De Niro, Brandoni and Francella miniseries to be seen on Star+. The neighborhoods of San Telmo, Once and Puerto Madero will also be the scenes of this shootwhich will begin in mid-May.

The story tells of the life of Manual (Brandoni), an expert in gastronomy who lives a personal crisis for the death of his assistant and receives the visit from a foreign friend (DeNiro), who comes to Argentina especially to offer a book to his dejected friend. Precisely, the department in which Manuel would receive his surprise visitor would, in principle, be in the building Kavanagh.

Alicia Castroas for him, a resident of one of the properties of this building, is one of the referents of the hardest line of Kirchnerism. Currently, it forms the recently created political space called Kings, which also includes the former vice-president Beloved Boudou and the former vice-governor of Buenos Aires Gabriel Mariotto. Recently, the former aviation trade unionist and former ambassador was very critical of the policies of President Alberto Fernández: questioned health policy during the pandemic, criticized the agreement with the IMF and criticized the executive’s policy towards the media.

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