Robert De Niro arrives in Argentina and a group of neighbors object to entering a building

Robert De Niro arrives in Argentina and a group of neighbors object to entering a building

robert de niro will soon arrive in Argentina, specifically in the province of Buenos Aires, to take part in a series with Luis Brandoni and Guillermo Francella, which will be directed by Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn, and bears the name of Any. The news caught the attention of the local entertainment world due to the size of the American actor, but the truth is that all is not joy due to the arrival of the interpreter of Vito Corleone in The Godfather. It was found that the filmmakers’ intention was to record scenes in an apartment building Kavanagh but ran into opposition from neighbors of this mythical building in Buenos Aires, among them the ex-unionist and Kirchnerist diplomat, Alicia Castro.

The news of the refusal of Castro -and other inhabitants of the emblematic building of Retiro- to the arrival of the producers of the series was revealed this Wednesday morning by Eduardo Feinmann in his program someone has to sayon Miter radio.

“There is a scandal in the Kavanagh building”, said the journalist, after making the introduction of the arrival of Robert De Niro in Argentina. Then, the driver pointed out that the problem was directly related to “the air hostess”, in reference to Castro, who was, years ago, secretary general of the Argentine Association of Air Navigators.

Later, Mercedes Ninci, the show’s columnist, who was on the doorstep of the Kavanagh taking testimonies from her neighbours, fleshed out the information: “The idea for the production of the series was to rent two apartments, one would be (Luis) Brandoni’s house, where Robert De Niro comes to visit him, and another apartment is needed for the production. They were looking at what apartments were rented, and on which floor”.

At that time, the reporter added that there had been a meeting between the neighbors and there were many who did not want the production to enter the building, a difference of 60 to 40. “This n It wasn’t just Alicia Castro who didn’t want Robert De Niro,” he said.


Then Feinmann told what the former Argentine ambassador to England and Venezuela would have said in the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. “No, Robert De Niro is not in the building at all, because Robert De Niro is with (Joe) Biden and Biden is against (Vladimir) Putin,” the reporter said, of Castro’s remarks during the interview. this meeting of the inhabitants of the building. . “He doesn’t want Brandoni either, because he’s from Together for Change,” added the driver.

Later, Ninci clarified the position of the owners of the Kavanagh apartments in relation to the presence of the filmmakers and actors of the series in the building. “The neighbors say that, out of 107 owners, two-thirds of the assembly voted against… There was a discussion about the amount of money, apparently they were offered between four and five million pesos, whereas a rent would be much more. They say that Disney (which produces the series), did not give guarantees of the preservation of the place and that the insurance was not enough. 90 people entered for five days and they did not give a list,” said the journalist, on the reasons for refusing to let the film crew in.

But all of this, according to Kavanagh locals, is not related to a political issue, or something against Robert De Niro, but to the use of the building for a filming.

Shooting. Shooting.

The iconic and luxurious Retiro building was not the only location chosen by Duprat and Cohn – directors of the distinguished citizen Yes My masterpiece, among others – for the De Niro, Brandoni and Francella miniseries to be seen on Star+. The districts of San Telmo, Once and Puerto Madero will also be the scene of this filming, which will begin in mid-May.

The story tells the life of Manuel (Brandoni), a gastronomy expert who goes through a personal crisis because of the death of his assistant and is visited by a foreign friend (De Niro), who arrives specially in Argentina to deliver to his friend shot down a book Specifically, the department in which Manuel would receive his surprise visitor would be, in principle, in the Kavanagh building.

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