Robert De Niro, between walks, camaraderie and long hours of recording: all the secrets of the actor's stay in Argentina

Robert De Niro, between walks, camaraderie and long hours of recording: all the secrets of the actor’s stay in Argentina

robert deniro He arrived in Buenos Aires and revolutionized the city with his presence. The actor began recording on Monday with Louis Brandoni series AnyYes THE NATION was able to know exclusively some details of the project and the stay of the protagonist of taxi driver in the country.

During the first day of filming, which lasted 12 hours and took place in a mansion in the Congreso district, the atmosphere was relaxed. As the people working on the project revealed to this media, the production team is delighted with De Niro, as he turned out to be a very calm person when it came to working and interacting with everyone. Without air of division, the winner of the Oscar of the wild bull He didn’t ask for anything special for his stay. Also, in his free time between shots, he tries to learn to speak Spanish, consulting new words and repeating phrases as he talks with everyone..

This Tuesday, the second day of filming was moved to a grill in the Once district, on Pasteur and Rivadavia. San Telmo and Puerto Madero will also be some of the locations where filming will take place in the coming days.

De Niro, in one of the locations chosen for the filming of Nada©RSPhotos/The Grosby Group PNW

Outside of filming, De Niro stays at the Four Seasons, accompanied by his new girlfriend, the martial arts teacher Tiffany Chen. Both arrived in the country on Saturday, although on different flights. Also stay with them the little one Helen Grace11 years old, fruit of the actor’s relationship with Grace Hightower.

Those who have seen him in one of the hotel’s restaurants say that the actor is in very good spirits and, although he has not put aside the jugular, greets those who recognize him. De Niro’s Argentinian adventure seems to bode well: far from complaining about the flight hours to our country, on Saturday he enjoyed a polo match and on Sunday he crossed the Recoleta district with his family, in a tour that ended with a visit to the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Any It will have a total of five episodes, which will be recorded entirely in Buenos Aires, and will premiere in 2023 on the Star+ platform.. The strip will tell the story of Manuel (Brandoni), a knowledgeable food critic, lover of art, good food and the good life who suddenly finds himself in the middle of an economic and emotional crisis. After the death of his right arm (María Rosa Fugazot), he will meet Antonia (Paraguayan actress Majo Cabrera) whom he will try to entrust with the role left by his trusted person. In the midst of all this, he will receive a foreign friend, Vincent (De Niro), a renowned bohemian writer who will arrive in the country in the midst of chaos.

Besides Brandoni, De Niro, Fugazot and Cabrera, the cast of the strip directed by Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohn He is completed by Guillermo Francella, Silvia Kutika -who will play a former partner of Brandoni-, Daniel Aráoz, Cecilia Dopazo, Daniel Miglioranza, Gastón Cocchiarale, Enrique Piñeyro and Rodrigo Noya. Specialized journalist Federico Oldenburg and chefs Narda Lepes and Francis Mallmann, meanwhile, play the role of gastronomic advisers in this fiction; in Mallmann’s case, he will also make a brief appearance in one of the episodes.

This is not the first time that De Niro has come to Argentina: after shooting part of the film The mission (1986) in the province of Misiones, at the end of 2014 De Niro spent a vacation in our country in the company of his wife at the time, Grace Hightower, crossed Patagonia, met his friend Lito Cruz in Buenos Aires, ate a barbecue and he even had the luxury of dancing the tango.

“I met him many years ago through Lito Cruz. And Lito met him because he was in New York and went to see him in a play; later he asked the rights, which of course they gave him, and one day he staged it; then he let him know he was going out and De Niro appeared in Buenos Aires to see herreplied Brandoni when asked a few days ago about her friendship with the star. “From I met him there and we saw each other on different occasionswhether in Buenos Aires or in Uruguay or New York”.

Robert De Niro took a dance class on stage at Rojo Tango with dancer Natalia Lucarini
Robert De Niro took a dance class on stage at Rojo Tango with dancer Natalia Lucarini

De Niro will thus join a long list of consecrated people who have come to our country for work, for pleasure or for both reasons. Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, took advantage of the icy natural charm of Ushuaia in July 2015 film some scenes reborn, the film by Alejandro González Iñárritu for which he ended up winning his first and only Oscar to date. The prolific actor was able to visit the southern city and was allowed to know some of its gastronomic points.

Brad Pitt visited Uspallata, Mendoza and the city of La Plata, during the filming of Seven years in Tibet, in 1997. Beyond a few occasional protests, the filming did not have any major complications and the passage through the country that the protagonist of Sins did not generate great anecdotes.

Francis Ford Coppola, the director of the trilogy of The Godfatherloves Argentina so much that he not only owns vineyards in Mendoza, but also filmed one of his productions, tetrain Buenos Aires, as well as a selection of local and foreign actors.

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