Robert De Niro drove through La Boca and visited one of Francis Ford Coppola's favorite places

Robert De Niro drove through La Boca and visited one of Francis Ford Coppola’s favorite places

This Thursday, robert de niro has become news again, as it has since he set foot on Argentinian soil to shoot the series Any, directed by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat. In this case, the fact that bore his name on the portals and on the show programs was his co-star Luis Brandoni’s alleged anger at his star rudeness. But beyond these rumors, every step the Hollywood actor takes in the city of Buenos Aires is closely followed by paparazzi, fans and onlookers.

Like every day, the actor put himself under the orders of the Argentine directors and faced a new day of filming. The location chosen was the south of the city, specifically the emblematic and picturesque district of La Boca. Therefore, once his task was completed, De Niro took the opportunity to walk around the surroundings.

During the day, the Hollywood actor recorded scenes in the south of the city and then took the opportunity to visit some of the tourist sites in the region.Grosby Group

In principle, at lunchtime, the American actor chose this time to try the menu Patagonia Sur, the restaurant of Francis Mallmann, located at 800 Rocha, right next to Fundación PROA.

Always accompanied by bodyguards who keep onlookers at a safe distance, the protagonist of The Godfather 2 Yes wild bull He crossed the iconic Caminito and, still aboard his van, then went to the Alberto J. Armando stadium, popularly known as La Bombonera.

Taking advantage of the proximity, the actor also wanted to visit another of the places in the district chosen by tourists: the San Telmo district. Once there, De Niro walked through Parque Lezama.

Come dinnertime, De Niro opted to leave the hotel this time and enjoy his first night on the town. The chosen destination was Palermo Soho, more precisely the restaurant La Cabrera. The movie star also took the time to check out El Bourbon Exclusive Jardín Escondido By Coppola, the exclusive boutique hotel where his friend, director Francis Ford Coppola, stays whenever he’s in Buenos Aires.

Robert De Niro enjoyed his first night out in Buenos Aires
Robert De Niro enjoyed his first night out in Buenos AiresGrosby Group

Unlike previous days, neither Tiffany Chen, the actor’s partner Neither Helen Grace, his youngest daughter, accompanied De Niro on his walks or backstage shoots. The two preferred to leave the lights of the city -and the flashes of the paparazzi- for a few hours and decided to walk alone in a zoo in the province of Buenos Aires.

This is not the first time that the actor has set foot on Argentinian soil. After shooting part of the film The mission (1986) in the province of Misiones, at the end of 2014 De Niro spent a vacation in our country in the company of his wife at the time, Grace Hightower, crossed Patagonia, met his friend Lito Cruz in Buenos Aires, ate a barbecue and he even had the luxury of dancing the tango.

In the morning, in Show partners, Rodrigo Lussich assured that the relationship between De Niro and Brandoni is not at its best. According to the host of the eltrece program, “There is a declared war between two partners who have started an impossible management”. “Everything has rotted in the recordings of the series they are shooting here in Argentina,” he later clarified.

He’s late for check-ins and Brandoni gets upset. He says he doesn’t record in the morning anymore because he arrives at six and De Niro is not there, he sends his double“, he added.

“There is a declared war, but there is fever with the arrival of Robert because everyone is talking about him. He came with his partner, he is here, angry at people because he doesn’t want to be approached so it looks like Luis Brandoni swelled his balls“, concluded the journalist.

Any is a series that will air on Star+ next year. Besides Brandoni and De Niro, the cast includes María Roza Fugazot, Silvia Kutika, Enrique Piñeyro, Rodrigo Noya, Belén Chavanne, Daniel Aráoz, Cecilia Dopazo, Daniel Miglioranza, Gastón Cocchiarale, Majo Cabrera and Guillermo Francella, among others.

The fiction will tell the story of Manuel (Brandoni), an informed food critic, lover of art, good food and the sweetness of life who suddenly finds himself in the midst of an economic and emotional crisis. After the death of his right arm (Fugazot), he will meet Antonia (Cabrera) whom he will try to ask to take the role left by his trusted person. In the midst of all this, he will receive a foreign friend, Vincent (De Niro), a renowned bohemian writer who will arrive in the country in the midst of chaos.

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