Robert Patrick and the dream of facing the Terminator again: "The experience may end up killing me, but it would be fun"

Robert Patrick and the dream of facing the Terminator again: “The experience may end up killing me, but it would be fun”

As with all festivals and other cultural conventions, the Comic-Con Argentina He took an enforced break due to the covid pandemic. But with the return of massive events, this space dedicated to comics and the fantasy genre has returned to the delight of fans.

In this 2022 edition, the convention dedicated to pop culture and comics is one of its guests Robert Patrickthe actor who worked in movies like Terminators 2and a long list of series, among which stand out The Sopranos, X Files, The Walking Dead Yes peacemaker. and in dialogue with THE NATIONPatrick spoke about his career, his love for motorcycles and the characters (and people) that had the most impact on his career.

– Is this your first time in Buenos Aires? Do you like the city?

– Yes, it’s very costs. Yesterday I went for a long walk and ate a nice steak for dinner. It’s a very beautiful city, and I like how it is at night.

-You have worked in many cult fictions, what is your relationship with the fans?

-I love my fans. I like these conventions because they give me the opportunity to meet them, because otherwise there would be no other way to meet. And I am grateful to all the people who appreciate the films and series in which I participated. Comic-Con is a great way to see fans face to face and chat with them.

-If you look at your entire career, who do you consider to be your most iconic character?

-The T-1000 is by far the most iconic character I’ve played. And I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity, it’s given me a wonderful career, a chance to do what I love to do, it’s given me a good life and a chance to have a good time with my kids. I am very happy with this film.

-And is there a work of which you feel particularly proud but which you think the public does not give it the importance it deserves?

-It’s harder to choose. There are many things that I am very proud of. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to exercise so many different professions, and I think maybe John Doggett of X files He’s one of my most important characters, but I always feel that the fans have shown me their appreciation for this work. Yes, I would like to know what reaction my role in peacemaker. It was a great project created by James Gunn, and I’m very interested to know what impact he had here.

-Compared to peacemakerwhat do you think of the popularity of the superhero genre today?

-I think with the horrible things going on in the world that are plaguing people, we all like to think that maybe there could be some kind of superhero out there out there to protect us from all this evil. So I think superheroes help us think about that, that someone can be willing to protect the weak against a powerful evil. For me it’s a big genre.

-Is it true that the first time John Cena performed on screen was with you, in a movie called Marine?

-Exact! I did a movie with John Cena many years ago, I think in 2006, and that was his first movie. John is an incredible person, he paid particular attention to everything that was happening around him. He is also very curious, he likes to take on new challenges and tries to learn from them. I think he’s had tremendous growth as an actor, and he’s one of the great improvisers I’ve had to work with. In fact, he’s so good at improvising that he ended up intimidating me, and he often had jokes that I didn’t know how to react to (laughs). I had never worked with someone like that, and it was very interesting. He really is a one of a kind guy.

The actor participated this Friday in a panel within the conventionMarcos Brindicci – THE NATION

-I read that you like to get on your motorcycle and go on trips through the roads of the United States. Is this a way to take a break from Hollywood?

-Yes, it’s a way to get away from it all, and riding a motorcycle is a very invigorating experience. I like the anonymity, and the loneliness involved in traveling on the roads of the United States. Driving a motorcycle requires talent and allows you to see the country from another angle. For me, it’s an activity that puts me in a meditative state, and there’s also something very romantic about it, because it’s the closest thing to being a cowboy and this idea of ​​galloping towards the sunset. Without going any further, this Monday when I get back to Los Angeles, my bike will be ready to take a ride on the famous Route 66.

-You have played in several episodes of The SopranosHow was the experience of working with an actor of the caliber of James Gandolfini?

-He was someone with a very strong presence. When I started playing with James Gandolfini, the scene was very physical and I remember him coming and beating me to death (laughs). He had a fierce presence that pierced me, and my character, Dave Scattino, got a Soprano lesson. James was an extraordinary man.

-In these times of so many reboots, which character would you return to, if you could only choose one?

-As time passes, I realize that I would love to play the T-1000 again. I’m 63, it’s been over thirty years now, but it would be interesting to see if there’s a way to do this. It would be a huge physical challenge, and I don’t know if I would be up to it. The experience might end up killing me, but it would be fun (laughs). And I would love to work with James Cameron again.

"Terminator is a franchise that endures forever, and Terminator 2 is still a relevant title.  The impact he had on the film industry has spanned time"assures the actor
“Terminator is a franchise that is still going strong, and Terminator 2 is still a relevant title. The impact it had on the film industry has spanned time,” the actor explains.Marcos Brindicci – THE NATION

-What do you think is the legacy of a film like Terminators 2?

terminator it’s a franchise that lasts forever, and Terminators 2 it’s still a relevant title. The impact he had on the film industry extended over the passage of time. The special effects of this film opened a new era in the field, but I think the most important thing is to have a story that resonates, good versus evil, or in this case, how technology is our enemy.. We now live in a society where we all have our cell phones, but do we wonder if such connectivity is good, how does it affect us, and if they know more about us than they should?

– Is this a problem that worries you?

-Sure. I don’t remember the exact sentence, but Elon Musk He said that artificial intelligence could be the greatest threat created against humanity, and it is something we should fear. And that was the T1000, an artificial intelligence. I will tell you an anecdote: a friend who works at Space X, the space services company, invited me to see the installations. There I walked into a room full of computers, in which everything was blue, and I noticed that they had a Cyberdyne panel, like in terminator. So I looked at him and said, “What the hell?!”, and he replied that everyone there was a fan. What danger!.

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