Rodrigo de Paul's ex was upset when asked about the player's romance with Tini Stoessel

Rodrigo de Paul’s ex was upset when asked about the player’s romance with Tini Stoessel

Rodrigo DePaul Yes Tini Stoessel they no longer hide. The footballer and the singer were captured by a paparazzi camera during a walk along the beaches of Ibiza and these pictures only confirmed something that was an open secret: that they are together. One of the most sought after voices behind the release of the photos was that of Camila Homs, the former companion of the Atlético Madrid player and mother of his two children. The young woman was approached by the press, but she was in a bad mood over questions about who her boyfriend’s new bond was until a few weeks ago.

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This Tuesday, Homs participated in a parade as a model and the cameras of the show “Momento D”, from Channel 13They found her just before she jumped onto the catwalk. “I won’t talk, thank you”she replied, visibly annoyed.

Under the insistence of the chronicler, the bad mood of the young woman increased. “Can you respect me?thrown while she was putting on makeup as part of preparing to go out and do the job she was called in for.

Finally, after repeating several times that he was not going to make a statement, he clarified that his presence at the event “was already planned” and that it had nothing to do with the dissemination of photos of his ex with his new girlfriend in Ibiza.

Rodrigo de Paul and Tini Stoessel’s Romance Confirmed: Photos Showing They’re Together

The long-awaited photo that confirms the romance between Tini Stoessel Yes Rodrigo dePaul he came to light. In the pictures, they got the scoop on LAM (America), you can see the footballer and the singer during their mini vacation in Ibiza, Spain. And they leave no doubt: both appear very much in love, entwined and holding hands.

looks like Morning (City Magazine)Estefanía Berardi had already revealed in what context the couple of the moment had been photographed. “They were in a parador, they had lunch there. They ordered paella”, said the journalist about the lunch that took place on the beach of Cala Bassa. Moreover, he commented that they were visiting different places and assured that both of them were completely dressed in Balenciaga clothes.

The photos that confirm the romance of Rodrigo de Paul and Tini Stoessel. (Picture: Paparazzi)

The Secrets of Romance, Told by the Photographer Who Discovered Them

NT spoke with the paparazzi who got the picture and he told how the search had gone, how he had drawn up the map of the possible meeting of the Atlético de Madrid player and figure of the Argentine national team, and the mega star of Argentine music.

Although he prefers not to reveal his real name to preserve his source of work, the 23-year-old photographer and who has been carrying out this professional activity for five, is today one of the most sought after when it comes to finding what everyone knows, but no one sees because he apparently knows how to do it. All his discoveries are on his Instagram account: @officialphotoshooteribz.

How was the find?

– Contacts in Ibiza are the most important and privacy too. We paparazzi usually try to find out everything the protagonist we’re looking for likes, or what their routines are generally like, to anticipate what they can do. Where he likes to eat, where he likes to go, whether he usually hides or not, whether he gets up late, whatever he usually does or might do. So taking all this information into account and with my contacts knowing what I was looking for, one of these weekend days I got the info on the restaurant on the beach where they ate and they alerted me that I could find them there.

Frank stone for Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul in Ibiza.  (Picture: Paparazzi)
Frank stone for Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul in Ibiza. (Picture: Paparazzi)

What is the name of the place you have chosen to meet?

-Anse Bassa. It’s a nice hostel and when they called me I was looking for them on the beach next door. When I approached, I saw that the whole group accompanying him was there, on the other side of the beach, and I thought I wouldn’t find them, it was very obvious, but finally they were there, in a restaurant at the foot of the beach. When I started looking for them I did it in more hidden places, I didn’t think they were going to let me see them in the middle of Ibiza, I imagined them more confined, wherever Messi or Cristiano go, but they were very common public beach in Ibiza, to which other famous footballers go. There they were, calmly chatting to each other, drinking sangria, laughing and enjoying the sight of everyone. Then they walked hand in hand and kissed.

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