Roomba i3+ EVO: we tested the new robot vacuum cleaner, cheaper than its predecessors

Roomba i3+ EVO: we tested the new robot vacuum cleaner, cheaper than its predecessors

the smart vacuum cleaners they are slowly becoming one of the most useful household gadgets. Although their price may be restrictive, the advantages they offer and the simplicity when using them make them increasingly popular and sought after. In this case, we tried one of the new equipment from i robotthe pioneer brand in the world of autonomous vacuum cleaners and mops. The i3+ EVO It’s about modernizing what previous equipment offered, like the i7 or 960 model, and offering a cheaper option than the S9, for example. But by way of introduction, in case you don’t know how robot vacuums work, we tell you that their use borders on science fiction and is the closest thing to a futuristic movie that current technology offers.

The new iRobot Roomba i3+ can be obtained from the official sales premises of iRobot Argentina Aftech, from a local to the public in Palermo or across the web. The Simple i3 EVO can be purchased for $160,000Is i3+ (with build tower base) starts at $207,000 and in 12 interest-free installments. This is a rather tempting price in its category, since in comparison, for example, the previous i7+ is $268,000 Hello the more powerful s9+ is available for $347,000. No doubt a price difference that justifies a few others absent from the new version.

The new Roomba i3 has about 80 minutes of autonomy to clean the floor

With just over 3 kg of weight and a circular shape, the i3 EVO happens to be an option with a balance between price and quality, with a little less final power and without the positioning camera that the high-end s9s bring, for example, but with the possibility of work more than 80 minutes without needing to return to base.

Once removed from the box, we will find a good central place in the house or living room to place the base. This base, which can be simple or with a reservoir (which we will tell you about later), must be close to a wall socket and nothing else. There we will place the Roomba on the contacts. Then we download the application and program access to home Wi-Fi and the system. Done: we press the button alight (from the app or physically in the vacuum cleaner) and we don’t have to do anything else, since it will work autonomously without us even having to be in the same place.

The Roomba i3+ EVO, which now displays a minimalist design, without too much brightness, will leave her base alone, search and map the house with all its rooms and its corners. will start to vacuuming and cleaning the floor, accumulating everything in its back depot, in a roll with straight line patterns to cover the entire surface. And the most spectacular thing about this technology is that it will not only work on its own, but will understand when it fills up or when it runs out of battery to return to base, recharge and return to complete the job, if necessary.

with her baby the three-legged rotating brush will go around the edges to remove stagnant waste particles, move them from one place, then lift and vacuum them with their double internal rollers prepared to resist pet hair.

If you already know how they work, it should be clarified that obviously it retains all the advantages of the previous iRobot, such as the detection of steps to avoid falls thanks to its depth sensorthe extra power when it detects carpet or lots of concentrated dirt, and Imprint Smart Mapping technology that lets you know the distribution of your house smartly.

A Roomba i3 with charging base and dust container;  the latter is optional and reduces how often Roomba needs to be emptied
A Roomba i3 with charging base and dust container; the latter is optional and reduces how often Roomba needs to be emptied

Yes, it is true that buying an i3 is already a significant investment for those who are new to the world of smart homes, but in this case, the difference between i3 and i3+ It’s something that, if it gives us the pocket, we must not let go.

Although the Roomba accumulates all the trash, hair and dust in a rear compartment which allows it to collect them in a few passes (depending on the size of the house), the Plus (+) version comes with a special base which, like it’s straight out of the “Jetsons”, autonomously collects the waste and empties the Roomba to accumulate it in a kind of vertical container that is at the base, which which allows us to forget for several weeks even having to empty the vacuum cleaner compartment. It is perhaps one of the best options to feel that the work is really autonomous, since in the version without a base we will have to physically go to remove and empty the compartment with our hands at least every two or three passages.

It is also possible to buy the regular version and then buy the accumulation base separately, which is around 90,000 pesos.

What you have to take into account is that for the life of the vacuum cleaner to be optimal, you are going to have to devote a little technological love to it at least once a month (although the brand insisted so that we do it every 15 days). Fortunately, all the equipment is modular and the rollers and brushes can be removed with a simple click to clean them. What you need from time to time is to buy spare parts for the basic accumulation bag in the case of the Plus version, which according to the company, must be replaced at least once every 8 months of intensive use (longer if we do not use it every day). These bags are sold in sets of three for $4,500 and two are included with the vacuum. Then, over time, we will have to clean and change filters, which cost $7,500 for a three-pack.

The map of the house that Roomba generates and which can be corrected manually;  allows to specify a room to do a more detailed cleaning
The map of the house that Roomba generates and which can be corrected manually; allows to specify a room to do a more detailed cleaning

They work with Google Assistant and Siri Another advantage is that it can be used not only remotely with its application, but also by linking it to services such as Google Assistant (Home) or Siri. With a voice command or a routine we will be able to start the cleaning process wherever we are, or just with the voice like “OK Google, turn on Roomba” with any Android device or Google Home. Another plus is that it will notify us via messages or a voice over the house speakers when your work is done, or if you need us to empty your tank, in the case of the standard i3.

Although the first editions of the Roomba worked with home mapping and autonomously, having programmed them by day and hour, the news already goes further. Thanks to the application, we will be able to select the areas of the house that we can program to clean Or, if we wish, we can only send a specific part to be cleaned. This software update, which arrived a few weeks ago, means we don’t have to load the house plan ourselves. If we have a little patience, during the first week of use the i3 will learn the plan of the house and offer us a detailed sketch places he found and through the AI ​​will separate the rooms for us. If it’s not perfect, you can edit it slightly by hand and name each room, then just click on the map what you want it to clean. Of course, it is recommended during your first visits to avoid leaving things on the road, so that you can learn the corners of our house in the best possible way.

Also, if we want to add a colleague, we can make him work with the braava mopsand clean the floor as a team.

The final result it will not be as perfect as cleaning by hand or cleaning with an ordinary vacuum cleaner controlled by one person, as some details may be missed or some fluff in specific places will not pick them up. But unlike the painstaking work that one person can do, the trick here is to do nothing at all. Being programmable, we can send it out to be cleaned several times a day if necessary. Even if we want it to clean a specific place, because we have fallen grass on the ground, for example, it is only from the application that we can send it without even having to lower ourselves.

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