Rose Leslie was candid about Kit Harington's addiction issues: 'Even if I take care of him as if he were a child, I can't stop him from doing what he decides to do'

Rose Leslie was candid about Kit Harington’s addiction issues: ‘Even if I take care of him as if he were a child, I can’t stop him from doing what he decides to do’

“You walk into a place where you feel like a bad person, someone who embarrasses others. And you feel like there’s no way out, that you’re just that. And staying sober is that. is to understand that we can change.” he was honest Kit Harington In an interview Last year. The actor, who decided to enter a rehabilitation clinic mid-2019, he was able to stay away from alcohol thanks to his internal work, but also the accompaniment of his wife, the actress Rose Leslie.

Until now, the actress had not broached the subject of her husband’s addictions in public. This week he did it for the first time in an interview published by Harper’s Bazaar UK. “Now I’m fine. It was 2019, so we’ve been sober for several years now.”said the actress. And after explaining how much she felt supported by Al-Anon, the support group for friends and family of alcoholics, she explained:I learned a lot about addiction and it’s something Kit will always be aware of, but it’s up to him if he decides to drink again. Even though I try to take care of him as if he were a child, I can never stop him from doing what he decides to do… I don’t choose to put this pressure on myself. The responsibility for his behavior rests with him. It’s not up to me to protect him from that.”

Rose Leslie as Ygritte and Harington as Jon Snow

“For Kit, being a drug addict, it’s very important that he recognizes himself as such,” he explained. He added, “The community of Alcoholics Anonymous has provided such a loving space for you to feel heard, to make sure you are not alone. But if it wasn’t for rehab, I’d be in a much different mindset right now.”

The 32-year-old British actor walked into Connecticut’s prestigious Prive Swiss mental health clinic on May 19, 2019. “Kit has decided to take this break from his schedule as an opportunity to spend time in a wellness retreat. -be to work on personal issues,” the actor’s rep said. in a statement seen by TMZ.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie all smiles on a romantic walk in New York
Kit Harington and Rose Leslie all smiles on a romantic walk in New YorkGrosby Group – Backgrid/Grosby Group

“Rose is by his side unconditionally, everyone around him wanted to see him take some time off to rest. Right now he just needs some peace and quiet. He’s very proud of the decision he’s made. has taken”, he had then informed Page 6 a source close to the actor.

Kit and Rose met in 2012, on the set of The iron Throne. While he played Snow, she played Ygritte, a wild woman who lived beyond the Wall. Their characters had a romance in fiction, and the actors made it a reality. Two years later, Leslie said goodbye to the HBO production, but the love between them continued with a stalemate in the middle. At first they tried to hide it from the gossip press until in 2016, they began parading the romance on several red carpets.

Despite the media and fan siege, they knew how to keep their engagement a secret And with no big announcements, on June 26, 2018, the couple walked down the aisle. The wedding took place at Wardhill the north of Scotland and, as expected, featured much of the cast of HBO’s hit series based on the books by George RR Martin.

Two and a half years later, they were parents of their first child. True to form – neither of them have social media – they didn’t break the news with photos or statements, but simply strolled through the streets of London. In these first images, we see them dressed informally, walking hand in hand, Harington carrying the bags from the supermarket and Leslie (covered with a chinstrap) carrying the little boy – whose name is still unknown – in a shopping bag. back.

Kit Harington and Leslie Rose stroll the streets of London with their son
Kit Harington and Leslie Rose stroll the streets of London with their sonTIDNY-195

In his interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, the actress detailed how her husband stepped up to father duties while she was filming The Time Traveler’s Wife, the HBO Max series. “Before I started recording, I felt mentally prepared. I was looking forward to doing this job, to doing it well, and I felt like I could balance it with our son. But I remember finding that very brutal, to have been ripped out of it. There were parts of me that doubted if I would be able to do it for six months. It was very difficult,” he was honest. And so, he explained that Harington’s support was crucial: “I wore the carrier strong and proud…And there were a lot of satisfying moments. We understood that when our son was crying in the middle of the night, Kit had to go take care of him since I had to get up early for work, it was glorious.

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