Rusherking has broken the silence on his meeting with La China Suárez: "I experienced it as a..."

Rusherking has broken the silence on his meeting with La China Suárez: “I experienced it as a…”

After making the news of his hypotheses adventure with other characters from the artistic and sporting world, mediated by mysterious encounters, Eugenia “La China” Suárez has entered into a new controversy. It’s about his romance with dash, recognized singer of the urban scene. Although at first it all started as a suspicion and speculation among his fans, It was quickly verified that everything was true thanks to a video that transcended the after the party by Martin Fierro, where she was seen caramelized with the young man in the middle of the dance floor. Now, the artist broke the silence and gave more details about it.

On Sunday evening, the uncertain relationship became a reality. The reason? At the party that followed the ceremony of the most important awards of Argentine television, The two were seen on the dance floor. Even though on the main stage it seemed Jimena Baron, all eyes pointed towards the background, where the young people were talking very close to each other. A day after the images were made public, Rusherking – who split from singer María Becerra amid scandal and accusations of infidelity – spoke with a columnist THEM (América TV) and dodged, with his particular style, the questions concerning his meeting with the former Almost angels.

Rusherking spoke about meeting La China Suárez

“I’m happy. Many subjects are coming, we are working and rehearsing. On June 4 I appear at Luna Park and with Duki in Vélez”first explained his upcoming presentations and shows in the country. Then the journalist asked him about his first steps in music and he gave a brief overview of his life: “I come from Santiago del Estero, I started doing freestyle and now I make songs. I’m happy with the evolution of music and everything we create.”

Although the start of the conversation went as normal, it was just the columnist’s first kick in allaying his worries about his relationship with Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio’s mother. However, on the other side, there was a particular response. “I prefer to keep my life hidden, I’m a gentleman, but I went to the World Cup”he commented between two laughs. Finally, the notary asks him about the breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Mary Becerrabut in a hurry He preferred not to give details about his current relationship: “I’m not going to talk about these boluds…”.

A few days ago, the singer shared a mysterious post on his Instagram account and opened a debate among his fans on social networks, who pointed out that it was a wink to show his emotions before her ex-boyfriend met the model.

In the manner of sketch of comedy, was shown inside a car with a filter that exaggerated the features of sadness, while in the background played one of his songs whose lyrics express the pain of imagining someone who loves with another person. “When ‘Hasta lost her teeth’ plays and you remember him”he writes, without giving more details.

The assignment of María Becerra after the encounter between China Suárez and Rusherking

The first versions of the courtship between the young man and the ex of Benjamín Vicuña have emerged during an edition of show partners (eltrece), where Karina Iavicoli assured that they had been seen together.

They tell me that last Friday, China was like that, there, stuck, eating a hamburger, with another famous man. They coincided on a trip, and oh, coincidence! We meet ! “, he expressed in unison with an enigmatic tone. After a few minutes of mystery, he added: “This furtive encounter, which could sow something that thrives or not, It’s between La China Suárez and Rusherking”.

Likewise, the statements of the panelist were added to what was stipulated by Vicky Braierbetter known as Juariu, who was one of the first people to detect this new link. Among his discoveries, the influencer noticed that they both uploaded photos of the same bar and are connected through a mutual friend. It is Thomas Raimondiphotographer and audiovisual producer, better known on social networks under the user @tomiraimon.

The photo that Juariu shared on his Instagram accountTwitter screenshot

Although so many dash What Suarez they have already been shown together, who has not yet spoken on the subject was the artist herself, who has long prefers to shelter from public exposure after several months of conflict and has repeatedly expressed his anger towards the media for interference in his private life.

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