Sabrina Carballo and Chanchi Estévez got married at El Hotel de los Famosos: "You were my great love"

Sabrina Carballo and Chanchi Estévez got married at El Hotel de los Famosos: “You were my great love”

The wedding of Chanchi Estevez and Sabrina Rojas in The Hotel of the Famous

Since Caroline Pampita Ardohain scrapped them at the start of The hotel of the famous, Sabrina Carballo Yes Maximilian Chanchi estévez they reignited their retro romance. Although they were together for four years, few remember this story which seems to come alive as if time had stopped. The actress and the footballer always made it clear that the affection was intact, while they were expose lies and betrays, unfinished business and regrets, until following a game in the contest, were chosen to celebrate their marriage.

And finally the day has come. Amidst the challenge of guests and the dynamics of reality, the celebration had all the seasonings the occasion demanded. For example, the designer’s visit Claude Cosano and image consultant Fabien Medina Flores collaborate on the looks that until then were in charge of Mathilde White. A make-out session for the bride, who wore a legit Cosano, while the former footballer opted for a sleek tuxedo, which made him feel for a while james bond.

The guests began to arrive in the garden where everything was ready for the occasion. A string orchestra played a romantic melody, with a huge full moon as a witness and a backdrop of floral decorations and lights. Gabriel Olivieri, hotel manageracted as master of ceremonies, and the wedding march marked the entrance of the bride, arm in arm with her godfather, Rodrigue Noya.

This is how they announced the wedding of Chanchi Estevez and Sabrina Carballo at El Hotel de los Famosos (El Trece)

For a while, the bride and groom were nervous and tempted, not really understanding what was going on. But as the ceremony progressed, with all the details a wedding should have, they started to take it more seriously. And the feelings surfaced and manifested in tears that, once there, never left.

“It should have been 15 years ago, they had a family plan, children, pets and a life together,” Oliveri introduced and recounted a casual conversation between the suitors, in which they expressed to each other that the love they felt remained intact. . “She implied she was wrong 15 years ago because she felt she wasn’t ready for love,” he added, as the actress listened with a laugh. nervous.

Finding love again is a miracle and I hope they can unite body and soul during this ceremony. I invite the groom to kiss the bride, ”Oliveri continued, and the kiss took place to the applause of all in attendance. The rings followed, and the first was the Chanchi, who recounted what he felt amidst deep emotion: “Life gives us a chance to relive what was not. You are an amazing woman, I was super in love with you. Thank you for giving me this moment which is now becoming a reality”and they melted into an embrace.

Cross questions between Chanchi Estévez and Sabrina Carballo in The Hotel of the Famous (El Trece)

When it was her turn, and completely moved, Sabrina said her thing. “You were sos and you will be one of the most important people in my life. you were my great love, I met this person who was my extension, that we understood each other by looking at each other. I am grateful for life, to have met you, to have been with you”, listed the actress, as a prelude to the most moving moment of the day.

“I also apologize if I hurt you”, dropped the actress and her new husband burst into tears. They hugged, and as a final wink, the camera picked up a tattoo on Sabrina’s arm with the phrase “To believe in love” written in English. “Let tonight be the start of a great party and a great reunion there,” Oliveri concluded, starting the waltz and ending the quiet.

They were invited, ate a barbecue, drank wine and danced to the rhythm of all-time classics. They went wild with the carioca carnival and tasted the candy table. There was a bouquet of flowers that ended up in the hands of Silvana Moon, who celebrated with a beak with Martin Salwe perhaps opening a new love story within the hotel. Yes there was also a wedding night, but to find out what happened, we will have to wait for the next chapter.


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