Sebastián Wainraich and Dalia Gutmann: From a difficult start to the consolidation of an “unviable monogamy”

Sebastián Wainraich and Dalia Gutmann: From a difficult start to the consolidation of an “unviable monogamy”

The first time they saw each other, a little over thirty years ago, it was a girl and he had long, curly hair. They were neighbors of Villa Crespo but the relationship never transcended the occasional greeting when they passed.

For ten years, they did not see each other again until Dalia Gutman and Sebastián Wairaich were brought together by the same passion: humor, radio, theatre… Today, they have been together for twenty years and have two children: Kiara and Federico. And although a few months ago there were rumors of separation, the couple is still going strong, boldly defying the passage of time.

The reunion was when he was already a presenter and had his radio show, while she was just discovering her vocation as a comedian. They say that Dalia was a fan of Sebastián’s program, which entered a raffle and won. And when he went to get the prize, he saw it and didn’t recognize it. Some time later he ran into him again, also in a radio studio, and in the middle of the conversation they remembered that they were neighbors.

For him it was a stroke of heart, however, she considered him a friend because she thought he was gay. The relationship developed little by little because they had a lot in common. “One day I went home and saw that we had the same books, the same CDs and even the same decorations. It was like my male version. it was so crazy“, she said one day.

They had an uneventful first date: “I was in a relationship when I started meeting Seba. And yes, I cheated on my ex.” Gutmann revealed in ph we can talk (Phone). Then he went on to recall the details of that first meeting “I was very nervous, I had just moved in and on that first date I started to feel bad, with vomiting and diarrhoea. Anyone would have flown away, but Seba stayed. A doctor came to my house because I got dehydrated.

“We always remember that he was a very short doctor, he gave me medicine and he went to the pharmacy to buy it. When I broke down we were already for everything, but anyway I was convinced that Seba was homosexual. I became friends with him because I was studying speech and he was doing radio. We were also neighbors and he used to come to my house but nothing happened because I considered him a gay friend. It came to mind because I worked with Fernando Peña and with Ronnie Arias, and was with them all day. By transition, I said “he is gay”.

Dalia Gutmann said that during the first meeting at her house, she fell ill and they ended up calling a doctor.Archive

They continued to see each other frequently until the love bug bit her too: “When we were together, I fell in love strongly, more than ever. I was always very girlfriend, but with Seba something different happened to me because I felt I had found my life partner.

The relationship became official almost without realizing it: “We were both living alone. I was 25 and he was 29, and at some point we realized that it wasn’t worth paying two rents because we always slept together. He moved out and I don’t know if he proposed to me, but I moved in with him. It was in 2003. Over time, we kept moving and had children.Gutman synthesized.

wainraich, who just released the second season of his series almost happy (Netflix)He usually talks little about his private life. However, both on the radio and in occasional interviews – and even in his own material – he has given several clues to his love affair.

Sebastian Wainraich recently spoke with LA NACION about his romance and split rumors
Sebastian Wainraich recently spoke with LA NACION about his romance and split rumors

Of the first meetings, he remembered once in The Mammons (América): “Dalia told me she wanted to be my friend and I said ‘why would I want a friend if I already have my friends’. One day on the phone I said to him, ‘Listen, I don’t want to be your friend. I won’t call you anymore, call me if you want to be my girl’. And she didn’t call me back, so I called her. Then we spent time with a half-true friendship until the day it happened.”

They have never married and when asked about their wedding plans, they respond almost as a duet: “We don’t believe in newspapers. You can be in a couple, be happy and have individual projects without going through civil status. I don’t think any of them have the soul to produce a party.”

However, when Dalia’s father fell ill, things changed (at least a little). “In 2017 my father was sick and I wanted to give him a joy so I said to Seba ‘hey, let’s get married!’ And he told me no. I didn’t get mad cause I’m zero romantic”. Wainraich has her own version: “She’ll say I didn’t want to when the idea came to me, but neither of us really rowed. We do not have the capacity to organize a wedding. Also, after everything we’ve built together, I think we’re going to love each other forever, no matter what.”

A frequently asked question about their relationship is whether they are as cheerful at home as they are at work. “Our couple is not so chaotic, and we do not always make jokes. And despite the differences, we agree on how to raise our children”he said once. “Another coincidence is that none of us like to cook, so our fridge is empty inside, but full of delivery magnets outside. The big problem is that we are both younger brothers: we always need someone else to solve problems for us. At home, a painting can last three months without hanging”.

At the beginning of the year, surprising and insistent rumors circulated about an alleged separation of the couple. Although they didn’t do it instantly, both eventually opened up about it: “We never separated. The weekend before it was said, I had been with my daughter and my mother to the Costa del Este, and I had uploaded photos and videos to my networks. And Sebastián stayed in Buenos Aires because he had to work and on top of that he was going to take Fede to see Duki. They probably said it because they saw us from afar and doing different things, but we’re doing just fine. We row there like any couple who have been there for the last century, but we are together”.

On your side, youIn a dialogue with LA NACION, Wainraich assured“At that time, I had fun. As the days go byI wasn’t having so much fun anymore because other people were getting involved, beyond Dalia, who he understands the game or the medium, whatever you call it. Beyond us, there are many people who care and are not well. Over time, we found ourselves in a place we don’t like. We’ve been in this business for years, but rarely do they talk about your private life or say where you were going to live, things that weren’t true. very rare I don’t make a big deal either and I haven’t even spoken to the reporters who said so. I don’t think it’s malicious either, but it seemed unusual to me. We didn’t get too excited in this game and that’s it.”

“I don’t cheat on him out of guilt and lack of opportunities because for the guys I’m Wainraich’s wife,” jokes Dalia GutmannCapture Instagram

Another topic they talked about many times, and which Wainraich himself joked about more than once, both on his show and on the show almost happyis polyamory. “I’m five minutes from everything. There is a subject that we need to talk about as a society, because each couple has its agreements. I have been with Sebastian for many years and I find it unbearable to think that I won’t be with another man for the rest of my life. This seems unachievable to me. But at the same time I am very guilty, so I would not give myself to deceive him, ”he detailed some time ago.

And he added, somewhat jokingly:I don’t cheat on him out of guilt and lack of opportunity because to the guys, I’m Wainraich’s wife. But I think it’s fine for any couple to have an affair. Monogamy over the years is impossible.

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