Side B of Paulo Londra: he does not reach a legal agreement with his ex and they assure that he does not visit his two-month-old baby

Side B of Paulo Londra: he does not reach a legal agreement with his ex and they assure that he does not visit his two-month-old baby

Paulo London and Rocio Moreno
“BZRP Musical Session #23” This is the theme Paulo Londra just released with Bizarrap after getting 23 million comments on social media asking for the collaboration. The song promises to be a hit and its authors immediately become a trend. However, Personally, things are not going so well for the Cordovan musician who continues to have a legal dispute with his ex. Rocío Moreno and mother of her daughters Isabella (who will be two years old in July) and Francesca (two months).

As confirmed by relatives of the former couple TV showthe musician who was in Buenos Aires and has traveled in recent hours to Córdoba to appear in court, I wouldn’t have too much contact with the little ones. On Monday, when he arrived in his town, he was with his eldest daughter, but not with the girl who Since his birth on February 25, he has only seen his father three times. He wouldn’t ask for it either, as he does for the bigger one.

Paulo Londra and Rocío Moreno in 2021

Paulo Londra and Rocío Moreno in 2021

This afternoon, Rocío and Paulo, who had been together for six years, saw each other during the hearing they had -the second- in the context of the cause she initiated by asking for financial compensation, for having accompanied him in his career, delegating hers to him. The climate at the Cordoba Family Court was cordial “respectful but distant”, Witnesses told this site about the meeting which lasted a little less than two hours and which both attended with their lawyers.

Luciana UilaMoreno’s legal representative, Family Specialist (MN 1-32572) said TV show that although there is still no agreement, they noticed the good will of the musician. The audience moved to a May 10 quarter intermissiondate on which they must reach an agreement or, failing that, the plaintiff could already initiate the corresponding legal actions.

Regarding Rocío’s claim, the lawyer explained: “This was the continuation of the first hearing in the context of the request for financial compensation. It’s that when two people have a common life project, in this case they were in a cohabitation union and have two daughters and the breakup occurs and faced with that one of the members is in a situation of economic imbalance, one of these parties can ask for compensation, because he has devoted his life to taking care of his family”.

It’s that they started their relationship in 2015 when they were finishing high school, then she went to another city to study veterinary science while he made his way in the music business. In 2019 decided to want to be with her He buys a house (a large piece of land with two buildings, one for himself and the other for his parents) and, despite their young age, offers them to move in together. It was then that she left college and began to live together, which was crowned the following year by the arrival of her firstborn.

On the food quota and the money that Londra spends on maintaining her daughters, Ulla said that is independent of the above and is not something that is currently being litigated, a possibility that he does not rule out in the future. “They handled it extrajudicially, but the idea would be to do something macro in the future that includes everything (food, tours and financial compensation), although now we would like to reach an agreement and avoid a lawsuit. .”

“Beyond the economic and legal issues, it is important in this and in any case, that we understand that when there is a project of living together there are obligations and rights. Rocío has family support, but it’s sad for a person to be alone with a child, when he had it with a partner, it’s not that it was a decision, “said the lawyer. It is that as Moreno herself had told Teleshow, she went through her pregnancy alone and takes care of her daughters alone.

“I don’t choose to live like this, neither for myself nor for my daughters. Today I have feelings of anger and anguish… I am an explosion of feelings. I don’t know if I’m interested in having this conversation anymore (on hold since they never formally broke off their relationship); surely we will have it: Today I say, for what? But we’ll have to have it for the good of the girls. We’re bound in a relationship for life, but there’s no longer us“, had declared Rocío during the summer.

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