Stories of La Renga fans stranded on Rambla de 32

the lame He traveled to various parts of the country and arrived in La Plata to give three recitals at the unique “Diego Armando Maradona” stadium. In this context, Thousands of fans came to the city to support the Mataderos group and some of them settled down with tents, mattresses and blankets for a whole week on Rambla de 32.

Followers began to appear in the vicinity of the provincial stadium last Friday, a day before the first recital that the group gave. However, after this concert, many decided to stay, as La Renga still had two more shows scheduled; one of them last Wednesday.

But suddenly and in the midst of a controversy over the suspension of classes the worst news has arrived: Chizzo Nápoli woke up this Wednesday with a fever, a sore throat and the band announced the suspension of the banquet; when in the boulevard of 32 there was already a real preview. “The show has been changed to May 7”they announced.

The bad news hit the limpers. But especially those who have come from afar to La Plata. Some, those who had a ticket for Wednesday, could not plant a flag in the city and wait ten days until May 7 to see the show (La Renga informed those who could not that the money of their ticket would be returned).

However, others decided to stay, cash in the stop loss and resist. A good amount of “The same as always” washed up on the boulevard waiting for the next recitals, enduring the bad weather and seeking income for them that allows them to eat and continue to live in our city.

After the presentation which was suspended due to the state of health of the singer of the group, 0221.com.ar went to the venue and learned first hand the incredible stories of those pushing the boundaries of passion for the band.

One of the boulevard groups was made up of three men and a woman who traveled from southern Buenos Aires, Rosario and Chubut. They arrived in the city last Friday and do not have a ticket to enter the stadium. They assure that they came to La Plata to enjoy what is happening around the recital; but they look for them at the red light to try to collect money and get the ticket. It is hope.

Now, they sell handicrafts and ask for help to support themselves and so they supported La Renga’s stay in the city. “We are from the south of Buenos Aires, Rosario and Chubut, we came on Friday, we experienced rain and cold, we need a place to wash, but we follow La Renga everywhere”account Pamela. And he added: “On Wednesday I got up motivated because La Renga were playing and went to work at a red light, but after a while they told us he had been suspended.”

Regarding how they experience their stay in the city, they explained that “It’s different from other places, it’s a lot of town. Here it’s rougher because of the environment, the police. Elsewhere it’s quieter, the neighbors come to give us food and accommodation. “.

It is 5:00 p.m., the sun is starting to set and the cold is making its appearance in the city. From one glance down one of the city’s main thoroughfares, you can see several fires starting to light up beat the weather and cook dinner.

A few meters later another group of lame people appears camping. They arrived in the last few hours with tickets for the suspended recital and now I know They will be waiting for you to attend the concert this weekend.

One of the members, originally from Entre Ríos and selling incense sticks so he can spend his days in town, celebrated his birthday on Wednesday with news of the canceled show. It was a bucket of cold water, but he decided to stay until Saturday and try to get in with his ticket, which is actually the May 7 presentation.

The young man was accompanied by friends from Santiago del Estero, the pampas Yes Murderwho also did juggle traffic lights, sell crafts and earn money: “We come from several sides and we always come to the banquets, we do a bit of everything”, they said. Concerning the relationship with the neighbours, he indicated that “There are nice people, there have been problems with other people, but we get along well with the neighbours.”

This is how the hours pass “As always” in the city. This Friday, the historic group of Mataderos should test the sound again and, if Chizzo’s health improves, Saturday will be the second banquet. Fans follow La Renga all over the country as part of the tour “Away from the Net”whose next destination is Corrientes.


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