"Stranger Things" season 4: teens in conflict and more terror in the return to Hawkins

“Stranger Things” season 4: teens in conflict and more terror in the return to Hawkins

Six months have passed since the Battle of Starcourt left the town of Hawkins in terror and destruction. Meanwhile, the protagonists are separated and have to deal with multiple problems. (Netflix)

The boys have grown up. Millie Bobby Brown, also known as Eleven, is no longer the shaved-headed girl who shocked the world with her character in the first two seasons. None of them are children, and they already have teenage problems equal to or worse than the battles they fought in all three editions of the series. Of course, no adult in real life could even cope with these setbacks. Fight a monster like the Demogorgon? Not even in the worst nightmares, but the duffer brothers they managed to win over the general public with these stories. They bonded through nostalgia and good use of editing and music, they mixed Steven Spielberg with Stephen King and builds charismatic characters. In this fourth season they repeat the formula, but with more skill and risk than in their third installment (in which a certain exhaustion had been felt) and with an air of farewell although the fifth installment is still missing .

The first part of the fourth season will air on May 27. (Netflix)

It should be noted that this review of season 4 of stranger things it was written with the first four episodes watched and all are over an hour long. The fourth, the longest of the batch released for the press, lasts 1h17 and they confirmed that the seventh and the ninth are prolonged almost like a film: respectively 1h38 and 2h30. This confirms what one of its administrators said a few days ago, Shawn Levy (Free Guy, the Adam Project), at the portal IGN: “As soon as I read the plan for Season 4, I remember texting the Duffer Brothers, ‘Do you realize this is huge?'” One of the creators Ross Dufferalso added information on the development of the new chapters: “It’s almost double” and refers to everything that has already been seen in the series.

The young protagonists will once again face off against the specters of the Other Side in "stranger things 4".  (Netflix)
The young protagonists will once again face the specters of the Other Side in “Stranger Things 4”. (Netflix)

Now yes, regarding the new chapters, the plot is divided into three well-defined scenarios: the Byers, who adopted Eleven, are in California. As she goes through her adjustment to school, she begins to have a conflict with her memories, something they will tell us immediately start the fourth episode in the first eight minutes that Netflix released last Friday. On the other hand, the Hawkins team must face a new threat related to their recent past, but bigger and more frightening with other powers and cunning, and in the inclusion of the new characters; one of them will become the center of the case in Indiana. Meanwhile, the adults go in search of Hopper who is alone in Russia after the season three finale.

On this occasion, viewers will find very substantial episodes.  (Netflix)
On this occasion, viewers will find very substantial episodes. (Netflix)

Before saying what has changed, for better or for worse, it is necessary to underline what remains: the visual quality, the handling of the camera and the editing. There is no doubt that the Duffers, beyond knowing how to build catchy stories, like to be cared for, they like to tell something with the lens and not just put on a camera and record. The use of detailed shots to introduce the characters, off-camera shots to represent threats and enemies, the use of such signature music and, in this season, the villain’s design, make-up, etc. Tools they wield with great skill when they want to show off a bit more. It remains and it is the good news added, now, to the fact that it is his best season. The new batch of chapters shows more in-depth work to tackle all fronts (perhaps too much) and the development of this story which has made it clear that the enemies to be defeated are no longer creatures without control or consciousness.

The enemy to be defeated is no longer a creature without control or consciousness.  (Netflix)
The enemy to be defeated is no longer a creature without control or consciousness. (Netflix)

And with the arrival of new conflicts and more fronts, characters are added. That doesn’t always translate to improvement, but in this case they’re some of the most engaging of the fourth installment’s initial chapters. I will specifically mention the good accessions: joseph quinn What Eddie Munson. They are a generation older than the group of young protagonists, but who proudly carry the flag of nerds or freaks, as they are called at school. His figure is an on-screen magnet and will be the star of the conflict at Hawkins. on the other side is Edward Frank What diamonds, is Jonathan Byer’s new best friend who will eventually get involved with the group and, for the time being, works as a comedic factor on that side, as well as transportation for any adventures to come. Note the presence of Robert Englund, the actor who gave life in the 80s to the mythical Freddy KrugerIt is Victor Creila dangerous inmate of a mental hospital who is one of the most anticipated of the series for new chapters and delivers his first appearances.

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson, one of the new additions to the series.  (Netflix)
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson, one of the new additions to the series. (Netflix)

After presenting the new characters and the contexts in which all the protagonists will evolve, two things are essential: the series embraces the horror genre more than ever and clarifies it in its first two chapters. Dismemberments, nightmares, blood and double bets on genre icons are no longer shapeless monsters, but there is one clear enemy to defeat: Vecna. A kind of Freddy Krueger, but quieter and functioning by hallucinations and not by nightmares, but located in the other world. A conscious being who seemed to emerge, at least in appearance, from the mind of Guillermo del Toro: full of tentacles, slimy, handcrafted and disturbingly recreated.

Vecna: a new enemy to defeat, a kind of Freddy Krueger.  (Netflix)
Vecna: a new enemy to defeat, a kind of Freddy Krueger. (Netflix)

As data to better understand what we will see this season, stranger things 4 It will be divided into two parts: the first starting on May 27 and the second on July 1. There is a strategy to expand the conversation of the series as its competitors do. On the other hand, it has been confirmed that it is not only the most expensive season to date, but one of the most expensive TV series seasons of all time. The Wall Street Journal revealed that it has a per-episode budget of $30 million (The iron Throne reached $15 million per episode in its final season).

Opening scene of the first chapter of the new season. (Netflix)

In conclusion, the return of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Joyce (winona ryder), Jim Hopper (David Harbor) Mike (finn werewolf), Will be (Noah Schnapp), Max (Sadie sink), Robin (mayan falcon), Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan (charlie heaton), among many others, seems to have learned from the mistakes of its last season by becoming extremely repetitive. In this sense, it improves and changes the axis and the setting a little. But in this case, the biggest error, as evidenced by the exposed data, may be abundance. Too many stories, settings, subplots, for a series that has already accompanied the public for so many years. If the exhaustion is overcome and they still feel stranger things as a place to visit every two or three years, you’ll find a successful bet on terror (its greatest merit in 2022), with clear references to supernatural horror and sometimes religious terror, and with new characters who are going to be liked enough.

stranger things debuts May 27 at netflix with the first seven chapters, then two more from July 1 by netflix.


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