“Stranger Things”: summary of the three seasons before the arrival of the new episodes

“Stranger Things”: summary of the three seasons before the arrival of the new episodes

The premiere of the first part of the fourth season is near and new and terrifying experiences are coming. (Netflix)

The long-awaited fourth season of stranger things will come to netflix this Friday when its first seven episodes are released, while the last two will be available on July 1 on the platform.

The third installment was released in July 2019, almost three years ago, so it’s highly likely that we forgot some storylines from the series. stranger things It was created by Matt and Ross Duffer and we saw it for the first time in 2016. The impact it generated on consumers was extreme and everyone was waiting for a second installment which arrived the following year, in 2017. That is why it’s good to revisit previous seasons before fully immersing yourself in the new installment. (SPOILER WARNING).

A bit of the first season of “Stranger Things”. (Netflix)

In the first batch of episodes, set in 1983 Indiana, a boy vanished like nothing before viewers’ eyes. It was little Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), which generated the alert from his mother Joyce (winona ryder) and his brother Jonathan (charlie heaton). Trying to find answers to the little boy’s disappearance, Joyce must convince the local police that the boy is still alive in an underworld, “the other side” (Upside down). Supernatural forces involving secret government experiments will cause Will to appear in Will’s group of friends, a very peculiar girl, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who has special powers to deal with evil.

Thus, Eleven will form a great complicity with Mike Wheeler (finn werewolf), with whom she falls in love, as well as Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin). Together, they will unite the forces necessary to save their friend, while his mother will communicate with Will through an alphabet created with Christmas lights. With the help of Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbor), who at first is in disbelief, they manage to start a real search.

Summary of the second season of “Stranger Things”. (Netflix)

The second season, for its part, was tentatively set one year after the events that occurred in the first batch of episodes. Thus, already in October 1984, things seem to calm down in Hawkins, since Will is finally saved from the powers of the Demogorgon, monster from “the other side”. But the peace is short-lived as a new creature roams the town. It’s a bigger, more sinister entity that continues to threaten anyone who made it to this season alive. Until now, no one knows the fate of Eleven who was secretly staying with Hooper (everyone thought she was dead).

It was the third season of “Stranger Things”. (Netflix)

Already in the third season, we find ourselves in the middle of summer. The boys have grown up and are taking their first steps in love. The appearance of a new mall is Hawkins’ biggest attraction. But a new monster will attack again from the underworld and its first victim will be Bill Hargove (Dacre Montgomery), Max’s lifesaving brother (Sadie sink), another friend of Eleven and the boys.

In this season, not only do they face a new creature, but they find resistance in a Russian armed group that wants to reopen the Upside down. The base of operations is located just below the mall where they sell Steve Harrington ice cream (Joe Keery) and Robin Buckley (mayan falcon). The third season ends with the monster’s destruction (which costs Eleven to lose her powers) and Hopper’s supposed death when Joyce closes the portal for good. This is how Joyce, Will and Jonathan leave Hawkins to start a new life without Hopper. But is he really dead? We all know not, except them.

David Harbor is Jim Hopper, and he will return this season, although many thought he was dead. (Netflix)

This is the panorama before the arrival of the fourth season this Friday, May 27, when the first 7 chapters of stranger things. Will Eleven be Hawkins’ hero again?


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