Subscription services: these are the 5 free video games you can't miss in April

Subscription services: these are the 5 free video games you can’t miss in April

The start of a new month marks the arrival of a new batch of free titles on the various gamer subscription services and platforms. Moreover, this week some exciting news was also announced for the users of playstation pluswhich will soon offer many other features and benefits.

Total War: Warhammer – Epic Games Store

Until Thursday, April 7 at noon, Epic users can add the title developed by The creative assembly and launched in 2016. It’s the start of a trilogy that already has thousands of fans around the world and features two different layers of strategy, with a turn-based game focused on conquering the map and another in real time, for the fights. It is an excellent starting point for those who have always wanted to know more about war hammer.

The strategy title is one of the free options on the Epic Games Store along with City of Brass (Picture: Twitter)

Epic Games digital store doubles its free titles, with some weeks showing two options instead of one. From April 7 to 14, the available titles will be The Legacy of Thieves and The disappearance of Ethan Carter. If in previous years the benefit of these practices for the studio was clear, it has been a long time since there has been a quantified report showing how much money is hidden behind these initiatives that are so beneficial for players.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends – PlayStation Plus

The video game created by Sumo in Newcastle It features a very special competitive multiplayer experience, where two groups of players will try to get important treasure before their rival. With stealth as the main tool and a range of characters with different abilities, teamwork is essential to achieve the various objectives and achieve victory in this title that takes robberies to medieval terrain.

Spongebob’s latest adventure in gaming will also be available on PS Plus throughout April (Picture: @PlayStation_LA)

A few days ago, the December rumors were confirmed: PlayStation Plus will start having different levels of subscriptions from June. Of course, the new tiers include new perks, like a huge catalog of PS4 and PS5 titles or the ability to play PSOne, PS2, and PS3 classics. Although prices have already been announced for the various regions, it remains to be seen which titles will make up these catalogs and if all will be available worldwide.

Hue – Xbox games with gold

the indie of violin games it’s one of those pivotal last-gen titles and was previously available on other subscription services. With colors as the main mechanic, players solve all sorts of puzzles to complete the main objective. With increasingly complex puzzles and an expanding color palette, the platformer manages to entice players right from the start.

Comparing today’s various subscription services, it’s clear that PlayStation and nintendo They seek to strengthen the relationship they already have with their fans and the owners of their latest consoles. With the new PlayStation Plus subscriptions and the expansion pack of nintendo switchthese companies are looking to increase their profits by providing more content to their existing subscribers and loyal subscribers.

Weird West promises dozens of hours of entertainment with five characters and lots to discover (Photo: Twitter)

Weird West – Xbox Game Pass

As of this writing, the video games that will be added to Game Pass in the first half of April have yet to be announced. However, on December 31, the title of WolfEye Studios distributed by Digital feedback which poses an adventure in the Wild West loaded with supernatural elements and lots to do. To know more about the game, you can read analysis published in Infobae Latin Power.

Instead, the Xbox crusade seems to be pointing elsewhere. It’s clear that, of the big three, it’s the company that can least appeal to nostalgia, historic franchises, and classics. That’s why Xbox is constantly looking to attract new audiences with major day one releases on Game Pass, but it also leaves room for other types of initiatives. She recently partnered with the subscription service Unlimited Marvel to offer its users an extensive catalog of stories and also has limited time agreements with services such as Paramount+to celebrate the series of Halo.

Shoot down the arrow – PlayStation Plus

In this video game, players must climb a tower in which battles take place with cards that can be obtained as rewards. The studio behind the game Mega reviewis one of the main responsible for the emergence of titles known as bridge construction that, combining elements roguelike, offer a very special gaming experience full of surprises. It should be noted that in addition, it can be a very addictive formula.

Slay the Spire merges genres to deliver an experience that has inspired many developers to turn to cards and deck building.

What has become abundantly clear with the exponential growth of Game Pass and the news coming to PlayStation Plus is that subscription services are the norm for gamers. However, with the arrival of the new generation of consoles, users are demanding more content to justify their investments. Especially now that many users have more than one active subscription.

Different video games and initiatives in recent years have highlighted that anything related to subscriptions and microtransactions is still a “new” area for some studios, despite everything. They keep making big mistakes and sacrificing their experiences in pursuit of greater benefits, but the competition has become so tight that there isn’t as much room to fall behind. Gamers come first, and every company thinks about how best to keep them loyal to their content.

Players, meanwhile, have more and more tools to define which service or which platform suits them best. Additionally, younger generations of gamers no longer weigh the console wars that drove the industry forward at one point, which for many is still hard to take in.

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