Susana Giménez, on insecurity: "I would like the people to stand up and say 'enough'"

Susana Giménez, on insecurity: “I would like the people to stand up and say ‘enough'”

on the radio show baby in the middle (AM Rivadavia 630) from the journalist Baby Etchecopar, host and actress Susana Gimenez not only talked about his professional present, but also refers to the current situation in Argentina and it was very impactful: “How is it possible that they kill people and nothing happens?” asked the telephone diva in one of the sections of the long conference.

“Do you know how much we miss you when we talk about the idea of ​​a better country?” Baby told the diva in a relaxed interview. “We’re still talking about it, and one day it will happen because it can’t last, it can’t be that the Constitution isn’t respected, everyone thinks that something has to happen” , confides a forced Giménez. “I would like people to stand up and say ‘enough’, because I don’t see people suffering like that. What hurts me the most is the insecurity, how is it possible that they kill people like that and nothing happens? It is not possible“, underlined the driver.

A few minutes later, Baby chimed in to state his position: “In this country, success is punished.” The journalist gave as an example some critics have received, for his alleged bad mood, actor Robert De Niro, who is in Buenos Aires filming the series Any with Louis Brandon. At this moment, Susana surprised with a piece of information: “Beto called me to do it and I told him that because of my contract with Paramount, I couldn’t do it. (…). Regarding the criticism, it’s a horror, he comes to Argentina a lot, he had a friendship with Lito Cruz, he loves the country, and also in the United States they have another education with the subject of the photos”, explained Susana , notoriously indignant. to have read the reviews of the actor Taxi driver.

“In Argentina we think that everyone can be overtaken,” he added and later underlined: “It is the only country where it is wrong to work, to be rich and to have money. They don’t tolerate it. I think people know that because everyone says that, including plans.

Susana Giménez and the cast of Piel de Judas at the Lola Members theater in Corrientes streetJean Ignace Roncoroni

As for his career, Susana was very excited to return to the tables with a new set of Judas Skin, which in this case will not take place in the theater of Buenos Aires but in Punta del Este, with a staging by Gustavo Yankelevich. “It’s the weekend and nothing more, I’m not going to do all week because it’s not enough”, Giménez narrated and added a fact in color about the work which was a resounding success when he performed there in 2015 at Lola Members”Gustavo has a lot of faith for Friday and Saturday, and now he wants to hook me up on Sunday, but that wasn’t what we talked about,” the actress joked.

Super combo for Susana: theater and projects for Telefe and Paramount+
Super combo for Susana: theater and projects for Telefe and Paramount+Gerard Vierkovitch

“It’s a tiring job. It amuses me, it’s very funny, but it tires me. I hope people cross the pond to see it, I have never worked in Uruguay despite having had a house for 20 years, So I think it’s okay and I’m also having a lot of fun,” he said. In addition, Susana confirmed that she would return to the Telefe screen and that she would record specials for Paramount+, and assured that she was very happy to work on such varied projects. Getting back on stage is divine, and they say you always have to have plans to continue and not get depressed, because it’s also boring to do nothing“, he remarked.

When panelist Carlos Monti asked him about the possibility that peephole skin Back in Buenos Aires, Giménez was adamant: “No, no, no way, I have a lot to do this year, traveling for the Paramount specials, I’m going to do the program too, maybe with another format. , so no“, dismissed the diva. In his review of what’s to come in 2022, he threw “a stick” at the Martín Fierro, which will take place on Sunday, April 15“I’m going to go, but it’s going to be weird to go there without being nominated for driving, it’s very rare,” he said.

Francisco, the nephew of Susana Giménez, survived a serious road accident
Francisco, the nephew of Susana Giménez, survived a serious road accident

Elsewhere in the interview, Etchecopar inquired about the state of health of Francisco, Susana’s nephew who suffered an accident last month. The episode took place at the intersection of Routes 8 and 80 in Canelones, Uruguay. Francisco, son of Carolina Aubert, was traveling in a van with his two paternal grandparents and, as they tried to cross a roundabout, a jerrycan truck hit them from behind and, a few minutes later, the vehicle received another impact from a second trailer.

“Fortunately he is doing very well,” Susana said. “His bones are going to come together, he’s small and he’s going to have treatment, but he’s already home,” informed the diva about the consequences of the serious road accident which caused death in the act of Tomas Linder and Maria Ines Da Costa –both adults over 60- and which led to the minor’s hospitalization. Emergency units that arrived at the scene transferred him to the Pando Medical Association Assistance Center. Later he was referred to the British Hospital where his admission was graded as “serious polytrauma”.

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