Susana Giménez returns to the theater with Piel de Judas, but she did not choose Calle Corrientes: where will she perform?

Susana Giménez returns to the theater with Piel de Judas, but she did not choose Calle Corrientes: where will she perform?

everyone asks Susana Gimenez if this year he will finally return to television, and in fact he will, but before will return to his first love: the theater. But that won’t happen here, in Argentina, but in Uruguay, and more precisely in Punta del Este., where it resides most of the year. It is that after many comings and goings the producer Gustavo Yankelevitch managed to convince her to resume the comedy with which, after 24 years of absence from the scene, she managed to sell tickets night after night in the enormous Lola Members Theater of Corrientes street, in 2015: jude skin. In addition to generating an unusual box office movement, with seats at a price well above the norm, it won the recognition of all specialized critics -which underlined its intact capacity for the genre- and, finally, it won the ACE Award for Best Comedy Actress.

Given the unusual success of the proposal and its event-level repercussion, talks were held to continue the work in Mar del Plata and then return to Buenos Aires and complete another year of performances, but the actress and facilitator was straightforward. and says no. Partly because she was tired and partly because she needed space and time for her television work. Since then, there was never any talk of his return to acting and it was understood that this season in Buenos Aires had been the last of his career. Until now, of course, when Susana was a little bored with life in the East (from which she only managed to deviate a little by recording a special participation in the series porn and ice cream) and with a limited plan of specials for television, he felt it was time to relive that adrenaline that only the theater and the proximity of the public generate. And then he said yes.

Before her return to television, Susana Giménez returns to the theaterPress Telefe

Although at first it was speculated that her return to the theater would be with another play, a first, Susana finally opted for the French comedy of the duo composed of Pierre Barillet Yes Jean-Pierre Gredy, with a bright, nimble style that, you know, she feels comfortable and safe with and allows her to portray a character that, as she puts it, “fits her like a glove”. And it really is, because Marion Brucker (her stage creature) is almost a carbon copy of herself: she’s talkative, funny and spontaneous, and also naive and a bit sour. In addition it is female dog, a characteristic that the driver has never allowed herself to express in front of the cameras, but which in her daily life – it’s no secret – is almost her mark on the edge. In the play, Susana does not hesitate to parody herself, for example when she has to speak on the telephone in a scene. It’s that she is the “skin of Judas” to which the title alludes, the “queen of bitches” -as Marion likes to call herself at some point-, the wife of a famous violinist who will do everything (i.e. she will use all her tricks) to keep her husband’s love.

On the occasion of its premiere in Buenos Aires, peephole skin It was realized by Arturo Puig and Susana were accompanied on stage by a cast made up of Antonio Grimau, Monique Antonopoulos, Alberto Fernandez de Rosa, David Masajnik, Marcelo Serre Yes Goly Turilli. It is not yet known if all this equipment will be part of the replacement of the work in Uruguay, which will occupy the largest room in the Hotel Enjoy (formerly Conrad) in Punta del Este, with a capacity of 600 spectators. It is assumed that this will not only depend on the commitments made previously by the artists but also on the production costs, since the cast will have to come and go every week, since the functions will be exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays. Another unknown to be elucidated is the scenery that will include the Uruguayan scenery, since it is very unlikely that the original device of Alberto Negrin (all a plus) which consisted of an art deco house cut across, on a revolving platform that showed the inside and outside of the mansion surrounded by a forest.

Susana Giménez and the cast of Piel de Judas at the Lola Members theater in Corrientes street
Susana Giménez and the cast of Piel de Judas at the Lola Members theater in Corrientes street hurry

Rehearsals would begin next month in Buenos Aires in preparation for an opening in Punta del Este during the winter holidays, and tickets would be priced at around sixty dollars..

It should be remembered that Susana’s last theatrical work before peephole skin It was in 1991, in The unsinkable Molly Brownthe musical where he also participated Juan Darthesbest known for its film version, featuring Debbie Reynolds. With this show, also created at the Lola Membrives theatre, he closes a successful musical trilogy also composed of woman of the year (where it formed an element with Arturo Puig) Yes Sugar (in which she was again escorted by Puig and her then partner Ricardo Darin). Before this stage, he knew how to stand out in text-based comedies – in fact, he made his debut in one, in butterflies are freenear Rodolphe Beban Yes Ana Maria Campoyin 1971, after a brilliant modeling career – and also in the magazine genre, where he shared a poster with Alberto Olmedo, Jorge Porcel Yes Moria Casan.

It remains to be seen whether this second stage of peephole skin It will really be the last, and exclusively for Uruguayans, or if the Argentine public could begin to fantasize about a third time working in Buenos Aires or, why not, touring the whole country.

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