Tamara Pettinato has spoken out about abuse allegations against her father: 'Everyone deserves a second chance'

Tamara Pettinato has spoken out about abuse allegations against her father: ‘Everyone deserves a second chance’

Roberto Pettinato returned to the television screen as the host of We Tried Everything (HPT)a new cycle of humour, interviews and reports broadcast on the C5N screen on Sundays at 11 p.m.

And with his return, the charges against him for mistreatment and abuse: in THEMFor example, Ángel de Brito revealed that nutritionist Romina Pereiro, former partner of Jorge Rial, had a major altercation with the former Sumo during his participation in the cycle little lifein 2001. “Roberto touched Romina’s breasts during a recording, she slapped him and, immediately afterwards, he quit the program”, De Brito detailed.

Without referring to specific cases, Tamara Pettinato decided to talk about his father’s situation and he did it via mobile in Intruder in the showon American television.

The first thing columnist Gonzalo Vázquez asked her was what it’s like to work one day a week with her father, since Tamara is also part of the brand new cargo that her father drives. . “I’m having a lot of fun What am I going to tell you that I accepted the proposal? It’s not really that I want to work with him, he wants to work with me.”, he explained with his characteristic humor. Then he revealed that they were having a lot of fun and that the relationship between them was still so pleasant. “In life, we have fun, so I have a good time,” he said.

When Vázquez mentioned the new complaints that have arisen against his father After her return to television, the panelist gave her point of view. “The only thing I question is when they say, ‘how did you get back to work?’ I mean, it seems to me that if there are people who have done things in the past, mistakes or whatever, it shouldn’t be censored forever and not give him another chance. Everyone deserves a second chance,” he said.

Roberto Pettinato during his years at Pop Radio

“We are talking about people from another generation, from another era, where I also laughed at certain things that I no longer laugh at today“explained Tamara to defend her father. “We can continue to change and realize thator what I was doing at the time was not right And that’s not why you have to censor people forever,” he added.

“Is it difficult to measure today’s events that happened fifteen or twenty years ago?” asked Vázquez. “Yes, of course,” Tamara replied quickly, but then clarified. “It’s good that it happens, it’s good that we discuss whether what was being done at that time was good and that we say to ourselves: ‘no, look, it was not good’ so that we and the new generations do not repeat it”, he analyzed.

Tamara Pettinato spoke out against the appeal "cancel culture"although he called for a review of some customs of the past
Tamara Pettinato spoke out against so-called ‘cancel culture’, though she called for revisiting some customs from the pastinstagram.com/tamarapettinato

When Gonzalo wanted to know if she had been the victim of a mistreatment or abuse situation in the midst of awkward moments, Pettinato recalled some producers who “they have exceeded in the treatment or in the touching. Or photographers who made you take out extra clothes. Obviously, looking at it now, that’s not correct. But if this guy finds out what he did was wrong and he stops doing it, and he reconsiders, I wouldn’t say ́ never take more pictures of the man who made me take off extra clothes”.

With the reappearance of Roberto Pettinato, the multiple and varied accusations made against him by many of his former colleagues have also returned, among which Karina Mazzocco, Josefina Pouso, Ernestina Pais, Lola Becerra, Martina Soto Pose and Mariela Anchipi.

His current partner, Dady Brieva, who was on the floor of intruders and he referred to the lyrics of “La Chipi” about his experience with Pettinato, which he summed up with a forceful sentence: “As he groped me, he groped all the dancers”

Mariela Anchipi revealed the harassment she suffered from Roberto Pettinato

Asked about it, Brieva said: “I told her to say it, yes, at the time she told me in a somewhat surprising way, but later I confirmed it with Jorge. Rial, whose ex-wife also suffered something similar.” “A series of things happened to me when he told me that I would not tell them, especially because I think she defends herself“, he finally clarified.

Following his statements, the program reviewed several of the latest reports on the subject, including one fact THEMof the same signal, that not only tried to get the word of the driver but revealed the case of Romina Pereiro.

“During a recording, Romina touched her breasts and she slapped him”affirmed Ángel de Brito to complete later: “A producer of little life which drove all the girls who met him crazy. He drove Romina crazy for a long time and the moment he touched her, it clicked. She ended up leaving the show“, he added. Neither Pereiro nor Rial, his ex-partner, have ever broached this subject.

Romina Pereiro also allegedly suffered harassment from Pettinato
Romina Pereiro also allegedly suffered harassment from PettinatoInstagram @romipereiro

Who spoke about Pettinato’s return was Karina Mazzocco, who accused him of abusing and harassing her when they were on-screen partners. “I knew he was still working in radio. He has no formal legal complaint that I know of. These are all media complaints, but I don’t think he filed any.“, argued Mazzocco.

Then he clarified that he understood the situation. “I understand, he has to work, he has to keep working, logically. You have to charge, surely you have a lot to maintain, but you leave me speechless [con la noticia del regreso]“, he said in dialogue with a mobile member of THEM.

(Video: LAM)
(Video: LAM)

Regarding the possibility that the years and the new cultural context have made him change his behavior, the driver felt that he should be given a chance. “I hope she has changed, I hope she stops harassing her colleagues. I hope it’s a new step, why not? You have to give him and other people who are going through similar situations the opportunity,” the driver reflected. And he said: “I hope it will not be like before because I do not recommend it to anyone”.

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