Telegram is updated: improved bots, personalized notifications and more

Telegram is updated: improved bots, personalized notifications and more

Telegram 8.7 update. (photo: telegram blog)

A new version of Telegram, a new set of improvements that takes the experience to a level that a few years ago seemed impossible. History repeats itself once again with the update to version 8.7 of Telegram, which reached users through the stores of Apps.

Telegram 8.7 allows users to customize notifications more precisely by being able to create their own notification tones with sounds, as well as silence them for a certain time.

There are also enhancements to the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode for androidtranslations into iOS and a bot platform with very interesting improvements. Infobae brings everything below:

Bots with great improvements

Telegram’s latest version took its BOT platform one step further, allowing developers to build interfaces with JavaScript.

In fact, this allows you to create all kinds of complex applications in Telegram stickers, without having to submit to browsers.

Another bot-related change is that users can now add bots to groups or channel profiles, then easily configure permissions.

Notifications with custom sounds

The latest version of Telegram allows Easily customize notifications with your own notification tones without having to worry about options and mobile settings conveniently synchronized on all versions of Telegram used.

To do this, you must enter the chat options. Then, in the section Notice you can select the audio files from the portable (up to 5 seconds and less than 300 KB) to use as a notification tone for any chat.

Personalized Notifications.  (photo: official Telegram blog)
Personalized Notifications. (photo: official Telegram blog)

Message forwarding improvements

Message transfer can get messy as it sometimes gets lost along the way. This will no longer happen in Telegram: message forwarding will keep the response information, which will make it easier to read.

Forward messages on Telegram.  (photo: official Telegram blog)
Forward messages on Telegram. (photo: official Telegram blog)

Conversations can now be muted more accurately

Sometimes you want a cat to play a custom sound and other times you don’t want to play anything. Telegram revamped its notification settings with a simple menu where you can you can choose individually whether you want chat notifications to come to you without sound.

In this second case, you will be able to choose exactly how long you will mute the chat, instead of having to choose from a closed list as in previous versions of the application. From 1 hour to 365 days.

Mute on Telegram.  (photo: official Telegram blog)
Mute on Telegram. (photo: official Telegram blog)

Best translation on iPhone

Telegram 8.7 added message translation and now its updated iOS version to match Android.

Translating messages in Telegram for iOS add more languages and, according to its creators, with higher quality results.

Best Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode for Android

A new feature exclusive to Telegram for Android is a floating window when playing a video or in PiP mode.

The new version of the application improves video playback in PiP mode so that can be resized or closed. In addition, it has a design with rounded corners.

New animated emojis

Rare is the occasion that a new version of Telegram does not accompany some animated emoticons.

They are 15 new animated emoticons, to be food as the main character. To enjoy them, all you have to do is send a message that contains one and you’re done.

Auto-delete in temporary messages

There are also changes in the temporary messages of Telegram or rather the auto clear function. And it is that now, is no longer accessible from the menu ⋮ in a profile view.

Not only that, you can also choose the exact duration before the messages are automatically deleted. Instead of having to choose from several options, you can now configure your messages to last for 1 day to 1 year, with several intermediate periods.


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