The 10 best Netflix movies to watch this weekend

The 10 best Netflix movies to watch this weekend

Netflix content options are growing more and more, which often complicates deciding which movie to choose to watch on the weekend, because deciding on so many questions is the biggest challenge for the undecided. In order to facilitate the process, The platform offers a weekly list of the 10 most viewed films during this period. In the one that covers from May 9 to May 15, there are like Our father Yes The perfect stole. These are the ones that appear in the American edition and are perfect for an afternoon of popcorn accompanied by a good production.

the year of my graduation

In this story, Stephanie Conway was left in a coma at age 17 after an accident as a cheerleader for her school. After 20 years, he wakes up and believes that time has run out; so at 37 he will seek to return to the same school, be the same cheerleader and even be the high school dance queen. An adventure about closing cycles and overcoming obstacles.

Number one on the list is the year I graduatednetflix

Our father

Donald Cline, a fertility doctor, takes advantage of his position to commit the crime of his life: he inseminates dozens of women with his sperm by trickery. Decades later, it is discovered that he has more than 60 children, but the laws protect him from going to prison. This documentary sounds like fiction, but it’s closer to reality than you might think.

Netflix’s Our Father Movie Trailer

The weapon of deception

allied forces they decide to launch a final assault on Europe, in the middle of World War II. They will face a challenge: to avoid a massacre, by protecting their troops from the German firepower during the invasion. This is the ideal option for fans of historical dramas.

The third position is occupied by Operation Mincemeat
The third position is occupied by Operation Mincemeatnetflix

The feds

In this film, Mark Sheridan will be arrested after murdering two secret agents; They transfer him by plane to the penitentiary center where he will serve his sentence.

However, the plane was overloaded and crashed, allowing Mark to escape. The police will do everything in their power to find him.

US Marshals movie trailer

The perfect stole

In another of favorite netflix drama storiesa group of specialized thieves will seek to make the theft of their life: they plan to rob the building of the Federal Reserve, but take on an elite LAPD unitso things won’t be as easy as they thought.

Trailer for “The Perfect Heist”


For the children of the house or the adults at the heart of a child, this is the story of a puppy of the Great Dane breed, who he will live fun adventures but without ceasing to care about his family. The viewers of Marmaduke You will be able to see the life of this dog who takes refuge in the great love of his loved ones.

Marmaduke ranks sixth in Netflix's top 10
Marmaduke ranks sixth in Netflix’s top 10netflix

Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler is one of the favorites when it comes to comedy. In this one movie available on Netflix brings to life a hockey player who failed to make it. In the middle of a comedy the man will seek to use his sporting qualities to win a golf tournament and thus be able to save his grandmother’s house with prize money.

Happy Gilmore movie trailer

incompatible 2

Two police officers who do not get along at all reunite after several decades and are forced to work together. They must investigate the murder in a French town and uncover the mystery behind this place. A drama of two very different people who will learn to appreciate their talents.

Incompatible 2 movie trailer

How do I survive my ex?

Comedy lovers can’t miss this story on netflix. What every despised person fears will happen to Peter: meet your ex girlfriend in the same place. After a breakup, this young man will want to get over his girlfriend at all costs, but he ends up meeting her in Hawaii.

Forget Sarah Marshall is in ninth position
Forget Sarah Marshall is in ninth positionnetflix

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump, the favorite of many, is on Netflix. The plot revolves around a kind-hearted young man who, despite his mental retardation, You will end up experiencing incredible crucial events for your country. No one believed in him, but in time he will prove he is a genius.

Forrest Gump movie trailer

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