The 10 must-see films that Netflix has hidden in its catalog

The 10 must-see films that Netflix has hidden in its catalog

netflix has an impressive repertoire of series and films and for all tastes. Within the streaming giant, you can find everything from action and horror films to short animation, comedy and love stories. But with so many options and variety, it’s easy to get lost in the vastness of content and waste time searching. Therefore, below is a list of ten very impressive options, with deep stories and awesome effects to rediscover the platform’s catalog.

This is one of the brand new versions of Alex Garland (Ex Machina, The Beach) and which has neither more nor less than Natalie Portman as the lead actress. The film follows the story of a scientist who must face the unknown to save the life of her partner.

After a meteorite falls and causes a luminous atmosphere to expand, a team of soldiers and specialists set out to find what it contains and the dangers it hides. | Look Annihilation

This drama of Norwegian origin recounts the harsh murders in Norway in 2011 when an explosion in the government district of Oslo and a shooting on the island of Ut√łya left 77 dead and around 100 injured.

The film is based on the book One of Us: The Story of a Massacre in Norway and its Aftermath and shows not only the terrible fact but the later judgment with a focus on the victims and who started the shooting. | Look 22nd of July

The film starring Adam Sandler knew how to be furious when he arrived at netflix but over time it was forgotten. Today, it takes on even more force when the public clamors for their favorite actor in a different role than usual.

Diamonds in the Rough – Trailer – Source: YouTube

Howard Ratner (Sandler) is a jeweler who owns an extravagant jewelry business in New York City whose personal life is in tatters. A bad deal, an unpayable debt and an ill-advised bet placed his life in danger and must fight to put everything in its place. | Look rough diamonds

Undoubtedly one of the most hidden films of Netflix. The plot follows the story of Vaughn and Marcus, two friends who move to the Scottish Highland town to spend a weekend alone and hunting.

However, what seemed like a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle turns into a scene of danger and risk that will put his life and friendship in danger after committing an awful mistake. | Look Caliber

An action movie starring Charlize Theron and worthy of an afternoon of boredom and marathon. The film focuses on a group of mercenaries who proclaim themselves “the deadliest in the world” because they are hiding a secret: they are immortal.

The Old Guard – Trailer

Although they don’t know the reasons for their immortality, they hide the secret while earning a living through crimes and murders. However, they will be in trouble afterwards someone finds out who he is and be ready to capture them for tell the world what is happening to them. | Look The old guard

Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, Pedro Pascal and Adria Arjona make up the cast of a must-see movie for all action fans.

Triple Frontier – Trailer

The postulate is not far from something already seen but it works on all levels. five veterans special forces come together to travel to South America and face a powerful drug cartel that operates on the border of Colombia, Brazil and Peru and thus be able to obtain money to solve their personal problems. | Look triple border

Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, the film reaches netflix from the hand of director Mike Flanagan and with Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood as protagonists. Although its appearance on the platform dates back five years, it has become a hidden gem for new users.

The film Gerald’s Game, a highly acclaimed film on Netflix at the timeThe weather

The relationship between Carla and Bruce is at its critical moment and both decide to reignite the fire with a sexual and romantic escapade in fear of nothing. After deciding handcuff wife on bed for erotic play and he suffers from heart attack paranoia, dark secrets and a challenge to survive will be present throughout the film. | Look Gerald’s game

A Spanish film that won several awards when it was first released in 2019. A thriller that not only disturbs every viewer but also hides a message for the most critical and analytical who can reach the end of the film.

Throughout the plot, we follow Goreng, a man who submits to a challenge in a strange futuristic prison where prisoners are housed in upright cells and watch as prisoners in upper cells are fed while those in lower cells starve. A constant struggle to survive where selfishness and solidarity are debated. | Look The hole

The film tells the story of the Slone family, who live in the fictional town of Keelut. Medora, a mother who lives in the remote village, writes a letter to writer Russel Core to ask him for help after the disappearance of his son.

According to her, a wolf kidnapped his cub and as her husband is at war, no one will or can help her. What the writer does not know is that in this place occurred several mysterious disappearances of the same nature, all caused by wolves, and no one is doing anything to prevent it. However, in his investigation, Core discovers that The Slones are hiding a very twisted secret. | Look hold black

Joe getting ready to return to the streets after a traumatic episode but before returning to patrol you must work for the 911 emergency service. There, in the midst of daily calls, he encounters an emergency that will take him to the limit.

Guilty, the most-watched new thriller at the time
Guilty, the most-watched new thriller at the time

Abby, a girl, says her parents had a fight and her father took someone named Emily. Terrified, she calls 911 when she hasn’t heard from her parents and her brother Oliver. does not react. | Look Guilty

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