The 5 most shocking sentences of Johnny Depp in the lawsuit against Amber Heard

The 5 most shocking sentences of Johnny Depp in the lawsuit against Amber Heard

(Spanish CNN) — Johnny Depp’s testimony in the defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard revealed everything from heated arguments and violent incidents — which escalated to the tip of a severed finger — to drinking actor’s alcohol and the consequences his career has suffered. . Depp sued Heard for $50 million over a 2018 opinion piece she wrote for the newspaper. The Washington Post, in which he speaks of “domestic violence”. Although he didn’t mention Depp in the post, he claims he lost several projects because of it and it affected his life.

Heard and Depp, who met in 2009 and married between 2015 and 2016, accuse each other of physical violence during their relationship. The two Deny the claims of the other.

For four days, Johnny Depp took the floor to testify in the case, and answered questions from his attorney and Heard’s attorney. Recordings of some of the altercations between the couple have also been released, and the actor digs deeper into the details of his relationship with Heard.

Now that his testimony is over, we leave you with Depp’s 5 most shocking sentences in court.

1. “Yes, I am”: A victim of domestic violence

On the last day, Johnny Depp spoke, his lawyer Jessica Meyers released the recording of a conversation between the actor and Heard in 2016. There, Heard expresses his concern about the restoration of his reputation, following press reports alleging abuse in their relationship . At one point, he is heard saying to Depp, “Tell the world, Johnny, tell them, ‘I, Johnny Depp, a man, am a victim of domestic violence too.'”

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At the end of the recording, Depp’s lawyer asks him: “What is your response when Miss Heard says: ‘Tell the world, Johnny, tell them that you, Johnny Depp, a man, are also a victim of domestic violence.'” The actor’s response was blunt: “I say yes, I am.”

2. “The only person I’ve abused in my life is myself.”

On the same day, Depp was also questioned by Heard defender Ben Rottenborn. The lawyer inquired about audio recordings of his discussions with his ex-wife. And, in that sense, he asked the actor if Heard was the only person for whom his alcohol abuse had been a problem.

“Sir, if anyone has had a problem with my drinking, at any time in my life, it’s me.” replied Depp. “The only person I abused in my life was myself,” he added.

3. “I didn’t want to reveal that it was Mrs. Heard who threw a bottle of vodka at me and then cut off my finger.”

depp too testified that he suffered a cut on his finger for glass breakage in 2015, after Heard allegedly threw a bottle of vodka at him. The actor said he saw a doctor, but told the court that at the time he told other people he injured his finger knocking on a door.

“I didn’t want to reveal that it was Mrs. Heard who threw a bottle of vodka at me and then cut off my finger,” he said during his testimony. “I didn’t want to get him in trouble. I tried to make things as peaceful and easy as possible for everyone,” he added.

Recalling the event, Johnny Depp recounted“She threw the big bottle and she made contact [con su mano] and broken everywhere. Then I looked down and realized my fingertip had been cut off.”

The actor also said he underwent multiple surgeries for his finger injury and contracted Staphylococcus aureus methicillin-resistant drug (MRSA) during convalescence. the MRSA It causes staph infections that are resistant to certain antibiotics and often difficult to treat. Dr. David Kipper, who treated Depp, corroborated parts of Depp’s story in a statement that was played in court.

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Heard’s attorneys cited statements made by Depp to ER doctors at the time to claim that Depp cut his finger. The actor denies. Now when asked about his actions after sustaining the injury, including using his injured finger to write on the walls with a mixture of his blood and paint, Depp has confirmed he did.

4. “I never got to the point of hitting Ms. Heard in any way and I haven’t hit any women in my life.”

One of the cornerstones of the actor’s testimony was the discussions between Depp and Heard. Yes several recordings of these altercations were played in court. Although Depp acknowledged that they argued frequently, he said, “I never got to the point of hitting Ms. Heard in any way and I haven’t hit any women in my life.”

The actor also said he had physically defended himself a few times, mentioning an incident in which Heard said he injured his nose. Depp testified in court that his head collided with Heard’s forehead trying to “hold her down”.

“There was no intentional headbutting,” the actor said.

5. “One day you’re Cinderella, so to speak, and then in 0.6 seconds you’re Quasimodo. I didn’t deserve this.”

Johnny Depp’s career was also one of the topics discussed during his testimony. The actor pointed that Heard’s statements have impacted his work and that his career has undergone changes amid allegations of abuse. “One day you’re Cinderella, so to speak, then in 0.6 seconds you’re Quasimodo,” Depp said. “I didn’t deserve this and neither did my children, nor the people who had believed in me all these years,” he added.

On the stand, Depp also answered a series of questions about Pirates of the Caribbeanthe popular franchise he starred in for five films over 15 years, and his position in them.

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Rottenborn, Heard’s attorney, argued that Depp was aware he was “probably left out” of the sixth film or that Disney would drop or reduce his role in it, before Heard’s op-ed was published. Depp denied.

“I would be really stupid not to think that Ms. Heard’s remarks had an effect on my career. Whether they mentioned my name or not,” the actor said on the stand.

With information from Chloe Melas, Marianne Garvey, Lisa Respers France, Sandra Gonzalez and Rob Picheta, all of CNN.

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