the 6 best extensions of 2022 to get the most out of the web

the 6 best extensions of 2022 to get the most out of the web

Google Chromium It is the most used browser in the world. With a market share of over 64%, computers, mobile phones and tablets often use this option to surf the web. And there are ways to make the experience even better: with the well-known extensions (or connect).

Google Chrome extensions are add-ons – usually built in HTML, CSS or JavaScript – that can be install to add functionality to the browser. This includes adding new options or modifying the existing behavior of the program to make it more convenient for the user.

For example, Evernote to take notes or LastPass to manage passwords. Another very useful one is the one called “The Big Suspender”, especially for those who open many tabs: as each tab consumes computer memory, this plugin suspends their use until you click on it. And it accelerates the speed of the machine.

So while Safari (Manzana), firefox and until “Samsung Internet” -a browsing option that comes by default on phones from the South Korean brand- has its users, Chrome is the undisputed king.

Chrome extensions are found and installed from the three dots in the upper right corner of the window, then “More tools” and “Extensions”. Attention: it is important to install recognized plugins, for security reasons, which are generally digitally signed. They have the following verification legend under their name:

Impressive screenshot, one of the verified extensions. PhotosGoogle Chrome

Next, 6 Google Chrome extensions that improve the browsing experience.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote asks for an account. Evernote asks for an account.

Evernote Web Clipper allows you to save web pages, articles or PDF files to an app account. It is very useful for notes, articles or links that we come across and do not have time to see at the moment, but they serve us for later.

The good thing is that it syncs across devices, so you can save an article to your desktop and then open it later in the Evernote app on mobile.

In addition, it allows you to save an entire page or a “piece” (hence its name “clipper”). It allows you to organize the content in folders, within the extension.

Superb screenshot

Take screenshots, save them and share them Take screenshots, save them and share them

To take screenshots. But it is much more than that.

The usefulness of Superb screenshot is that it allows you to capture the screen we see, the entire page or a specific selected area.

Captures can be quickly annotated and then saved to the computer or the cloud. The screen recording feature has a number of similar features, including an option to include various gestures on the screen.

Despite all the functions it has It is quite simple and straightforward to use.

Google Translate

One of the most used in the world One of the most used in the world

An essential classic, in plugin version. Why leave the tab we are working on and open another tab if we can have everything in one place?

Google Translate It has an extension which facilitates the work. Not much more to add: right-click on what you want to translate and it generates the text in Spanish (or the selected language) for now.


To see the forest grow: concentrate To see the forest grow: concentrate

There is an English word for “spending a lot of time on social media”: doomscrolling. If you feel identified with this and you can’t complete your work, or you lose focus when doing homework for school or studying for an exam, there are solutions that require you to complete the work once and for all.

Forest block pages that we ask you to block, but by default it does this with social networks. And it does it in a very nice format: if we avoid opening these sites, our forest will grow. It is an application that manages the sense of reward very well.

The forest is, after all, an extension for gaining something we have lost over time: focus.

The big hanger

A must for serial miter stackers A must for serial miter stackers

For those who are used to opening many tabs: you may not know the problem this generates in ram memory. The more tabs we have open, the worse the performance of the team will be.

How it works? It detects inactive tabs and “turns them off”, in order to reduce the high consumption of RAM memory that Chrome makes.

RAM memory is used in each session to store application data. The problem is that the most used browser in the world is “Hungry for RAM”, as we say in the jargon. That is to say: to demand a lot.

When memory runs out, the computer slows down because it has run out of resources. The big hanger is a solution to this problem.

Problem that, basically, has a more “simple” solution: open fewer tabs. But we all know it’s not that simple, that’s why a system that pauses the memory usage of tabs is good.

They are reactivated when you click on them again.

ad block

Remove annoying ads Remove annoying ads

No list of plugins would be complete without an ad blocker. These extensions, as their name suggests, remove advertisements from the pages we visit. Even in the videos of Youtube.

The problem they can generate is that, for those who workthis can lead to certain inconveniences such as not opening certain tools.

If Chrome is only used for browsing, scrolling on social networks, visiting news sites and messaging, ad block this is essential.


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