The actress and screenwriter who posed as a teenager to make it in Hollywood and ended up in the worst possible way

The actress and screenwriter who posed as a teenager to make it in Hollywood and ended up in the worst possible way

Currently, Kimberlee Kramer can be described in many ways, but no one would dare to say she’s not reckless. For 14 years, more precisely at the end of the 1990s, the actress and screenwriter came to rub shoulders with great Hollywood figures hiding her true identity.

For her, there was never any doubt: the famous “fake it until you make it” [”fíngelo hasta que lo consigas”] it had to be carried out whatever the consequences.

The beginning of his story resembles that of many industry figures. Kramer wanted to succeed but the opportunities did not present themselves. She was alone in Los Angeles, a bit lost, without finding that kick that would give her hope for a future.

Riley Weston at the 15th Annual American Society of Young Musicians & Awards Spring Benefit Concert.

However, he never gave up and did something about it, but not exactly with a traditional formula. If Kimberlee wasn’t wanted, it was time to make some changes. The first was to change the name. This is how Riley Weston was bornlike so many other identities were born in Hollywood.

The strategy, however, was not complete. Looking in the mirror, and seeing that she didn’t look like a 30-year-old woman but someone much younger, began to dress up as a teenager and thus appeared in the casting of the famous series by JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves, joy, for which he not only obtained a small role but also the possibility of being a screenwriter for certain episodes.

His talent was indisputable but it was filtered by the gaze of others, by the intervention of third parties who wondered how is it that a young woman under 20 can have such an exquisite and defined pen, with so little experience.

the nickname of “wonder writer” It didn’t take long to arrive and Riley, by then, already had an agent and a promising future ahead of her, especially behind the camera, when signed a contract with Disney for 300 thousand dollars for several projects. Life smiled on him, a life of which, logically, he spoke very little…

Riley Weston at the 2009 American Music Awards
Riley Weston at the 2009 American Music Awards

According to the team Joy, Kimberlee’s need to construct a credible new identity for herself was so great that He gave the best performance of his life. In his office he put up a poster Titanic, She always wore clothes according to teenage trends of the time and spoke that language.

“He always told us who his crush (“platonic love”) of Hollywood, was very sweet, very charming, sought the approval of others, and we thought we had found a young screenwriter who understood the language of the series”said a crew member of this unforgettable Keri Russell fiction about a young woman who attends the same university as Ben, “the boy of her dreams”.

Felicity, the memorable fiction starring Keri Russell with which Kimberlee began to become famous in Hollywood
Felicity, the memorable fiction starring Keri Russell with which Kimberlee began to become famous in Hollywood

Riley wrote seven episodes of the series and starred as a teenage girl named…Story. After being reported by a friend who revealed her name and age, Weston decided to give an interview to Weekly entertainment to tell their side of the story. “I know I fooled a lot of people, and it was wrong, I remember the party for my 19 years that the team of joy and it makes me feel very guilty [en ese momento Riley ya tenía 32]. I just wanted to be an actress, I wanted to work, and I know I’m not the only one in the industry to lie about her age”, she declared, in search of empathy and complicity.

“Beyond the fact that they treated me like a teenager, I’ve always been very genuine“, he specified. “It hasn’t really changed the way I speak outside of work and my clothes either,” she said when her credibility was already totally tarnished, even if she wanted to convince herself otherwise.

Riley took the motto to the extreme "pretend until you make it"
Riley took the “fake it until you make it” motto to extremes.Grosby Group

Kimberlee, born August 25, 1966 in Poughkeepsie, flew to Los Angeles in 1984 and never looked back. She started working as a babysitter while appearing in castings.

In parallel, I wrote without stopping, without precise goal. As she would say herself some time later, her only goal was to be a recognized actress. “For some reason I couldn’t stop writing, I think it had to do with my frustration at not finding young on-screen characters to portray me.” One of his texts a story about two teenage sisters and their complex relationshipfound himself years later at the writers’ table of Joy, fiction that began in 1998. That is, decades after Kimberlee dropped out of high school and years after she wrote those words.

Although before this great opportunity he had some participation in films such as the sequel to change of habit and in the series Who’s the boss? (Who is the boss?), At 30, there was a turning point in his life.

For Kramer, time had passed. And that’s how his lie arose, lucky revenge against the cruelty that Hollywood exerts on many women over 30 and 40which for certain professions are beginning to be “disposable”.

In these turbulent times, when UTA took her under its wing, Kimberlee He said he dropped out of high school and came to Los Angeles when he was just 16.. His youthful appearance, the one that fooled the team of Joy, It worked so well for her that she might never have been discovered if her friend hadn’t spoken.

falsehood "daughter prodigy" fooled the industry for years
The fake ‘child prodigy’ fooled the industry for yearsGrosby Group

In this way, With more than 30 years, his career as a screenwriter was in full swing and, by these things of fate, Entertainment Weekly, the magazine in which she would appear some time later, came to include her in the list of “100 Most Creative People in Entertainment”.

“In many ways, I’m Felicity, so I hope to represent this generation realisticallyWeston said at the time, shortly before the facade of the precocious author who had no ceiling and who had found in Disney the ideal place to polish her scripts intended for a teenage target was broken.

In October 1998, Touchstone TV, one of the producers of Joy, received documentation from Variety about your creative gem. His true identity was revealed with the testimony of his friend who corroborated the information.

It was precisely when she became more famous and more notorious that she got her face started to become familiar and that was her Achilles heel. Disney terminated her contract and no one wanted to work with her anymore. The worst moment came when he ran out of money and didn’t know where to turn. Meanwhile, various voices in the industry have spoken out against him.

“She told me she was 18 and I thought she was a little genius. During the negotiations, her lawyer told us: “Please don’t get in the way of this poor 18-year-old’s career.”. He deceived everyone. I put it on Showtime, on MTV, I really put my reputation on the line,” said Kristi Kaylor, creative vice president of Pacific Motion Pictures, who was interested in working on Riley’s scripts at the time. .

For her part, the woman defends herself: “If I were looking for work in another industry, Do you think anyone would care how old I am?. After hitting rock bottom and spending years ostracized, he returned to the industry to write screenplays for TV movies, wrote a novel for teens called Before I go, until he leaves the universe young adult back and reinventing itself once again.

What’s Riley, Kimberlee, “Story” doing today? He still writes screenplays but he’s also a country singer. and proudly shows it on their social networks. In this way, said goodbye to Hollywood and opened his arms in Nashville, the new stage of his particular curriculum. Your current age? 55 years.

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