The "B-side" of Lanata's wedding: the "processed" DJ, the bride's anger over cigarettes and the dances of Awada and Macri

The “B-side” of Lanata’s wedding: the “processed” DJ, the bride’s anger over cigarettes and the dances of Awada and Macri

Little-known details, secrets revealed and some postcards from the most anticipated night. Marina Calabró, one of the guests of the Marriage of Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio counted in show partnersfor thirteen years, the “B side” of journalist and lawyer celebration which took place last Saturday in an exclusive estate in Exaltación de la Cruz.

Before introducing Marina Calabró, colleague of Lanata and guest at the wedding on Saturday, they spoke at the program table of the role that cigarettes had at the party. After reviewing that the journalist was seen almost all the time with a cigarette in his mouth -on the dance floor, with the guests and signing the minutes, for example- Paula Varela revealed that at the moment of cutting the cake the new wife He saw that Jorge was smoking and made him put out the cigarette. “They told me that there Elbita told him ‘No. Let’s cut the cake. Put your butt down, stop'”.

Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio as they arrive at the big partyGerard Vierkovitch

“We want the B side of the wedding”Lussich warned before chatting with Calabró from the program’s mobile. “A warm marriage”, shot the journalist when the driver asked him to give a title to the event. “I think the bride and groom passed that on a bit,” he reflected, and recalled that when he finally met Jorge after the wedding ceremonies, he said, “You have a relaxed face. !” “The bride and groom are expected to be seen with a gesture of tension no matter how convinced you are to get married. Being the center of the party, seeing how everything goes… And he was the most relaxed, dedicated and obvious confident in the organization of Elbita and the place”.

Lola, the daughter of Jorge Lanata made several videos of the party for TikTok
Lola, the daughter of Jorge Lanata made several videos of the party for TikTok

“I saw him so happy and I see him so happy since he’s been with her that it seems to me that it was a bit of the spirit of the party”, he recalls. Then he pointed out that there were 140 guests, that there were a lot of people from Jorge’s professional career and that’s why many knew each other and that it was a party where everyone was integrated. Regarding the journalist’s family, Calabró said that everything was harmonious and highlighted the presence of Sara Stewart Brown, ex-wife of Lanata and mother of Lola, her youngest daughter. “She acted as a children’s shed because she brought all of Lola’s friends. There were about 200 people in the car. Lola was happy to have been able to share with her friends, and one of them was the one who kept the bouquet of the bride.

Due to Calabró’s proximity to Lanata, Karina Iavícoli took the opportunity to remove a doubt: the journalist asked her if it was true that the civilian was last Monday in a civil status of the Exaltación de la Cruz. “It was not known, did you know that? he knocked her off the ground. “Not good. Yes,” Marina began to reply, taking Iavícoli’s information for granted. “But hey, we kept the secret and the reserve”he explained, adding that the proof that they were already united according to the law was that the religious ceremony took place first and then the civil ceremony because for the Church the minutes are necessary to present.

Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio, newlyweds
Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio, newlywedsGerard Vierkovitch

“The Island of Elba is a before and an after. The turning point in Jorge’s life“, he expressed, and recalled that the love was immediate. “Crush”, he recalls. At the time, Mariana Brey explained that after meeting she had left her law firm for three months to go with Lanata to Punta del Este – “No one knew where she was” – and Iavícoli revealed that she had to cancel other dates she had already arranged with another man.

about marriage, Calabró revealed that Lanata “tampered with the disc jockey”. “It was the idea of ​​Lola, the youngest daughter of Lanata. The idea was, and it was announced on the card, that there would be no dancing or carnival in Rio and suddenly the bailongo was armed“, He described. Moreover, he stated that one of the couples who danced the most was that of Mauricio Macri and Juliana Awada and that at some point with Mariana Fabbiani and Yanina Latorre they watched what was happening with him on the track. “Of course, that was an ideal audience for the former president. Imagine,” he expressed, and explained that although they didn’t switch to the Freddie Mercury theme he usually dances to, at a moment he made a gesture typical of the famous singer of Queen.

Calabró said he was at table 8 with Yanina and Diego Latorre, with Martín Tetaz and with journalist Gabriel Levinas and his companion. Regarding the national deputy of the City, she explained that she wore sunglasses during the event because she suffered from conjunctivitis and that she was just unlucky to be seated next to him.

Finally, Marina talked about her and the bride’s look for the big night. What Gino Bogani, author of Elbita’s dress, sat next to her during the mealCalabró said the designer told her it’s a dress that looks simple because it has very refined lines but is “very intricate in its making”. About her own style, she revealed that she wore a black dress with a lot of transparency from the designer’s new collection Sylvie Burstine, “super comfortable”.

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