the best thing you can do to watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup

the best thing you can do to watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Every four years, the World Cup has become for many fans the perfect excuse to renew tv. And the event in Qatar, which could mark the last major sporting event in Leo Messi with the albiceleste shirt, generates even more this need for technological replacement for a Smart TV larger size and resolution or switch to a projector the last generation.

The Argentinian Smart TV market currently has several models of Samsung,lg, nobility​, Philco, TCL and RCA to closely follow all instances of the football world championship, which will take place from November 21. To all these brands have recently been added the Chinese Hisense and a regular in mobile phones, Motorola.

But not all of them are large screens, they also appear as an option projectors with more and more technological innovations. In this segment, the South Korean options of Samsung and LG appear, like ViewSonic, a benchmark in the computer world.


Motorola’s new 32”, 50” and 55” TVs sell for $36,999, $77,999 and $95,999 respectively.

The Fuegian Maker Newsan marked a recent milestone with the announcement of the arrival in the country of the new range of Motorola Smart TVs, available in 50″ and 55″, both 4K, 43″ (Full HD) and a 32″ model ( HD).

These new screens offer a user-friendly interface thanks to the android tv operating system; They have Google Assistant and have access to the applications available in google playthe main streaming content and on-demand services netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube Paramount++, Star++ and Disney++among others.

Motorola Smart TVs, which will be manufactured and marketed by Newsan, offer excellent performance as they are equipped with a platest generation MediaTek processor. They include Chromecast Built In to enjoy maximum connectivity, and HDR10, DTS and Dolby Multistream Decoder M2 for the best video and sound experience.

Among its functions, it stands out Eye protectionwhich helps reduce eye strain with less blue light.

Within the catalog for the Qatar World Cup, the 55″ 4K model stands out, which incorporates a 3840 x 2160 UHD display, offering more than 8.2 million pixels. While the 55″ and 50″ screens have Bluetooth for connecting to wireless headphones or soundbars.


Samsung sells the Neo QLED 4K 85 Samsung is selling the 85″ Neo QLED 4K ($699,999) and the 75″ Neo QLED 8K ($999,999) through its official online store and home appliance channels.

The South Korean giant offers two models available in Argentina which incorporate the Neo QLED technology 75″ and 85″with a definition in 8K and 4K respectively.

This new range of televisions incorporates Quantum Mini-LEDan LED 40 times smaller than those present in QLED technology, allowing to obtain deeper blacks, and Quantum Dot, which improves the brightness and color of each image.

One of the strong points of this new linear is the integration of the Solar remote control and additional built-in sound bar.

Samsung has developed a remote control made from renewable plastic and integrated with solar cells that replace traditional AA batteries. It means that control can be recharged with sunlightambient light or via a USB connection.


TCL QLED C725 is made from 125,499 pesos. TCL QLED C725 is made from 125,499 pesos.

The company China presented the TCL QLED C725, one of its latest flagship developments in smart TVs that stands out, in addition to its excellent image quality, for having the Google TV operating system and Onkyo integrated sound that provides high-fidelity Hi-Fi sound.

In turn, the new TCL QLED C725 has a totally immersive image which transcends the functionality of television to enjoy series and films from the main streaming services.

With 50″, 55″ and 65″ screen options (all full-screen models) and 4K Ultra HD resolution, the new TCL QLED includes Google Assistant with hands-free voice control, the first feature that allows the user to control all functions of the TV by the sound of your voice, without the need for a remote control.


LG OLED C1 costs 1,350,000 pesos in appliance chains and on the brand's official website. LG OLED C1 costs 1,350,000 pesos in appliance chains and on the brand’s official website.

LG OLED C1 Image of artificial intelligence pro

It has applications like HDR/HFR Cinema and Filmmaker Mode, which make the content on the screen stand out. It is ultra-thin with AI, enabling voice recognition and operating assistant support.

On the sound side, the OLED C1 has the system Dolby AtmosAl sound pro and create voice pro among other advanced features.


The Hisense ULED U7 model, new in Argentina, went on sale for 151,999 pesos. The Hisense ULED U7 model, new in Argentina, went on sale for 151,999 pesos.

The Chinese brand made its debut in Argentina on Thursday with a range of products scheduled to launch at different times of the year. The models 55″ and 65″ ULED U7, with 4K definitionthe VIDAA operating system, the Hi-View Engine high-definition image processor and the Quantum Dot Color option, which reproduces different colors of light, among other things, will capitalize on the offer during the first part of the year.

For the second half of the year, the Hisense range will include 70″ and 75″ Smart 4K TVs and a Mini LED model that delivers unique color images thanks to its backlight technology.


RCA models start at 32 inches and go all the way up to 65, with prices ranging from ,999 to 9,999 for Android TV and Google TV. RCA models start at 32 inches and go all the way up to 65, with prices ranging from $33,999 to $139,999 for Android TV and Google TV.

RCA Brand’s Outstanding Proposals for Qatar 2022 World Cup Include Options with OS Android TV like Google TV.

Some of the features of Android TV include features such as Chromecast built-in which allows content from mobile or tablet devices to be cast to the big screen, and Google Assistant and Google Play which is used to make queries and request actions by voice command to navigate various apps, play content from YouTube, Netflix, Spotify o Feed and check the news.

In addition, these models have micro dimming to enhance the picture as it divides the screen into zones, ensuring contrast, sharpness and color levels are optimized, thereby controlling panel illumination.

On the other hand, devices with Google TV technology, unlike Android TV, add personalized recommendations to the home screen, group movies and series according to individual interests.


The ViewSonic projector costs 230,000 final pesos. The ViewSonic projector costs 230,000 final pesos.

Projectors are emerging as an option for users who plan to seek another type of experience apart from smart TVs. ViewSonic Corp., a global visual solutions provider, recently announced in Argentina its M1+ Ultra-Portable LED Projector which incorporates features such as connectivity via Wireless and Bluetooth; as well as two premium speakers Harman Kardon.

Designed in extremely light and compact equipment, the M1+ model has an approximate weight of 680 grams, making it an easy-to-carry device.

Its battery offers up to six hours of operation, it has 16 GB of internal memory and LED technology that offers up to 30,000 hours useful.

With 250 lumens of brightness, the M1+ features a 120,000:1 contrast ratio, plus an ultra-short throw lens that lets you project big images in tight spaces. Moreover, it allows for easy playback and variety of multimedia content as it comes with multiple connectivity options which include HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB Type C, audio output and MicroSD memory slot.

On the other hand, this ViewSonic model uses the latest solid-state LED technology, which is without lamp or mercury. Capable of Full HD (1080p) resolution, it is also compatible with 3D projections thanks to its optional ViewSonic PGD-350 lens.

Your integrated support Smart Bracket (patent pending), ensures easy installation, allowing the projector to be placed in various positions and at almost any angle, while at the same time allowing lens cap Because when the lid is opened, the M1+ automatically turns on full brightness for immediate use.

A built-in safety feature is that it temporarily turns off when objects are detected too close to the projector.

The Freestyle projector is available on Samsung's website for 160,000 pesos. The Freestyle projector is available on Samsung’s website for 160,000 pesos.

In this segment, Samsung has brought its ambitious model to the country free style which not only boasts of its portability, it is also compact, lightweight and versatile. Thanks to its characteristics, it can project in Full HD resolution from any angle and on any surfaceadapting to any type of environment and situation.

Without moving the device, the Freestyle automatically adjusts the screen, thanks to Auto Keystone technology, it always projects in a 16:9 ratio, while Focus on yourself manages to keep the image clearly sharp, and Automatic leveling presents the image straight and horizontal even if the projector is tilted.

Samsung’s innovative projector delivers a unique sound experience allowing the user to become immersed in every projected scene. It is possible thanks to your Premium 360° soundwhich fills the environment with high power output.

In addition, thanks to the Samsung ecosystem, the projector can be connected to your TV and/or your smartphone via Wi-Fi or to any console thanks to its HDMI port.

The LG PF50KA model costs 222,999 pesos at the Mercado Libre. The LG PF50KA model costs 222,999 pesos at the Mercado Libre.

Finally, the model LG PF50KA is a lightweight, portable projector that can produce screens up to 100 inches when placed just 8.5 inches from the wall. This is a model with imaging technology Full HD 1080p which produces a brightness of up to 600 ANSI lumens and has a 1920×1080 resolution.

The device offers wireless convenience for pairing with compatible phones and tablets, as well as Bluetooth connectivity with speakers or headphones. For this, it has a built-in battery that offers two and a half hours of video.

On the design side, the projector from the South Korean brand has a projection lens on the front with an integrated focus knob to adjust its focal point. The top also features a power button, 4 directional buttons (side to side) and heat dissipation holes on each side that protect the stereo speakers.

Moreover, it offers two different methods to connect to your wireless home network: you can do it via Wi-Fi or you can use Bluetooth.


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