The British, divided on the reactions of annoyance of King Carlos III: "He does not have enough composure"

The British, divided on the reactions of annoyance of King Carlos III: “He does not have enough composure”

LONDON.- Although they have gone viral around the world, videos in which in recent days the new king, Carlos III, has made gestures of annoyance when signing documents with his pen, probably due to the moment of turmoil and transition he is experiencing, in the UK it all had a minimal impact.

The BBC, the TV colossus that makes monumental coverage of this time of mourning, the end of one reign and the beginning of another, never repeatedly shown the videos that went around the world, except when he broadcast them live. The newspapers, in small boxes, reported on the fact, without commenting on anything, in a sort of self-censorship at a time when the nation needs to unite and cry. And do not criticize the new monarch.

King Carlos III: “You can’t with that fucking thing”

In the street, when asked what they think of these images and the behavior of the new king – who yesterday exclaimed, irritated, “I can’t stand this fucking thing” in reference to a pen that leaked ink – many didn’t even know the episodes.

Showing him the video that yesterday made a tweet from the North American network CBS viral, Laura May, a 70-year-old retiree, was obscured and criticized. “The Disrespect of American Television”.

Peter Fraser, an 80-year-old historian, had a different reaction. I think the new king so far he has made excellent public speechesclarifying his intentions and promising to follow in his mother’s footsteps,” he said. “But these videos which show his annoyance, his impatience, are attitudes that he must change, because they are very negative”, he estimated. “And I really hope that when this moment of tension passes, that he takes on the balance and the self control [autocontrol] that his mother had, ”he added, sitting in a cafe in Kensington.

Fraser then went further. “The language the king uses in these videos is not disastrous, but it is well below the level of language used by his mother. He doesn’t have enough composure.” And he pointed out that, given a series of untimely mistakes he made in his previous life, “it’s crucial now which demonstrates firmness and maturity required for a monarch or head of state.

Although he didn’t want to mention the failed marriage to Diana, Fraser alluded, for example, to the fact that years ago the then Prince of Wales “he spoke very badly of certain modern architectsin a way that was beginning to enter the political and social arena where a member of the royal family should not enter.

Sitting in the same cafe, but at a different table, Mimi Yamamoto, a 40-year-old Japanese political analyst who has lived in London for 20 years, was also critical.

“Certainly, this kind of behavior and this kind of language is not what is expected of a monarch in public”, said. “What you see in these videos is in stark contrast to the speeches he gave. And they reflect a lack of caution. He knew he was on TV, but despite that, he took this attitude that shows a lack of judgment and caution, ”he condemned, categorically.

“I don’t want to sink or condemn the king because he has done very well so far, but must be taken care of for the future. And I hope little by littleWe learn what type of position you are in“, he added.

Paul Spence, a young politics and economics student at King’s College, agreed that “these videos don’t speak particularly well of him, who comes across as a bit hot”. But like many on social media, he apologized as the new king is in mourning, under a lot of stress since the death of his mother, since which he hasn’t had a moment’s rest. “Then I would give him some respite”Paul said.

Consistent with this perception, another colleague from the same university, 20-year-old Jack Clayton, considered Carlos III’s attitude “unacceptable”, but at the same time “completely understandable”.

“After all, King Carlos III is a human being, mourns the death of his mother, a mourning that he had to interrupt when he was forced to sign documents and comply with traditions that were superficial for me, ”said the young man. “I see his irritation not so much as an indication of his temper or personality, but rather as a symptom of the treatment of royalty in modern times, especially in times of pain.”

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