The continuity of Silvina Luna in The Hotel of the famous is in danger: the reason

The continuity of Silvina Luna in The Hotel of the famous is in danger: the reason

Silvina Luna may leave The Famous Hotel due to health issues

No one imagined that the physical proof of The famous hotel They were going to be so intense. The truth is that in the images that have been released in recent days you could see the effort he had to make Silvina Moon to be able to complete one of the competitions. “I was out of breath all the time“, acknowledged the model behind the scenes of the program led by carolina pampita Ardohean and Leander The Chinese Leunis on the screen of ElTrece, in which several characters compete for a prize of 10 million pesos.

The EX Big Brother had to face Milita Bora already Leo Garcia in a garment in which he had to walk through a maze and perform high-impact aerobic movements. And his respiratory problems were evident, to the point that his competitors realized he was not in good health and became concerned about the situation.

So things, this Friday at intruders, the cycle that leads Florence of the V by America, they analyzed the situation of the model and assured that its continuity in the contest is in danger. “The authorities of the production company and the channel are concerned about the state of health of Silvina Luna, because may not be able to continue the game at this rate“, assured Lucas Bertero.

It must be remembered that Silvina drags the consequences produced by the intervention in the buttocks that was carried out in the hands of the doctor Hannibal Lotoki and why the doctor fHe was sentenced to four years in prison for “serious bodily harm” in a joint complaint that the model initiated with Stefy Xipolitakis, Pamela Sosa and Gabriela Trench. In this direction. Luna admitted that she had been taking corticosteroids for eight years. And in the cycle of shows, it was explained that one of the side effects produced by this drug was related to respiratory problems.

The truth is that, for the moment, the producer BoxFish He decided that the model would continue in the reality show even though, unlike his colleagues, he will have permission to leave the property in the city of Cañuelas where the participants are staying. to get all the routine exams you need based on your state of health.

Silvina Luna during her last hospitalization (Instagram)

We must not forget that in November of last year, Silvina had to be hospitalized for problems related to her cosmetic surgery and made a post explaining the situation. “I celebrate that we can deconstruct stereotypes and show ourselves as we are. Being able to connect with our inner value. Nobody, absolutely nobody, is equal to you and it is your great power, that of everyone, the authenticity of each of us How many things do we do to achieve our beauty ideals, putting our lives and health at risk?began to express.

And then he explained: “I usually show you cute things on Instagram, but today I decided to share this other part of my daily life. From time to time I have to go to the hospital, my calcium level increases and my kidneys don’t work well. I need more corticosteroids which I have been taking chronically for 8 years. And today looking for other drugs that can replace it”.

In the lengthy statement she released, she shared her experience, perhaps in an effort to educate other women so they don’t make the same mistake. “Some time ago, when I identified only with the body, trying to meet the stereotypes of beauty with demand and achieve a certain perfection, I entered one that changed my life. For a long time, I lived my life through the prism of this situation, and everything went gray. Today, far from victimizing myself, I have chosen to experience this standing up as the warrior that I am.This is my fight, and I will continue without losing my joy,” he said.

In this sense, he revealed the consequences that he still suffers today after this intervention. “It’s a condition that accompanies me, it’s a priority, yes, but it doesn’t determine me, I choose every day to build happiness, thank you for this life and understand that I am much greater than what happens to me. Obviously, I would have liked to have had this wisdom before this bad choice that I made.” And she was hopeful: “I still believe, what will appear the indicated medicine, the doctors, the technology to be able to correct all thisI continue to learn to live with the uncertainty of not knowing how it will evolve but to take each day as a gift”.

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