The end of Moon Knight (Moon Knight): Who is Jake Lockley?

The end of Moon Knight (Moon Knight): Who is Jake Lockley?

Moon Knight (moon knight) Marvel Studios’ new series is over. And he did it with a sixth chapter that ended with the fight between the Egyptian gods Khonshu and Ammit and also among his avatars: Sea Spector/Steve Grant and Arthur Harrow. A last part which also contains the first post-credits scene of the series. An additional sequence that solved one of the the great mysteries of Moon Knight.


In his final chapter, Moon Knight shows how Marc Spector decides to leave Paradise for, against the advice of Tueris, the hippopotamus goddess, come back for steven grant, who was forever imprisoned in the sands of the Duat. The protagonist played by Oscar Isaac renounces eternal peace to save his other self and together, with the collaboration of Tueris, They return to the world of the living.

There, with the help of Layla ElFaoulywho receives enormous superpowers by becoming the avatar of Tueris, confronts Harrow while Khonshu and Ammit, already freed from the stone prison of their ‘ushtabi’, deliver their particular and spectacular fight. Khonshu and Marc/Steve winbut when the Egyptian god asks his avatar to kill a defeated and defenseless Harrow, Oscar Isaac’s character refuses.

It is then that, suddenly, the protagonist return to the psychiatric hospital. There he again tells the doctor that they, Marc and Steven, believe that everything, the Egyptian gods and the like, is something real and not a figment of their imagination, as the alleged doctor continues to maintain. “Seems to me you don’t know as much as you think“, they tell the doctor in the face of Ethan Hawke who is bleeding from the legs. “See you later!“, say goodbye to Marc and Steven who collapse to wake up in the bed of Grant’s apartment. This is how the chapter of the series ends, with the protagonist bringing Oscar Isaac to life alive with both personalities and seemingly freed.


But Moon Knight had a surprise in store. After the main credits, an additional scene takes the story back to the asylum where now Arthur Harrow is the patient. A patient to whom a mysterious man in blackwith a hat, gloves and a very harsh voice, takes off from the center and gets into a white limo.

Inside the luxurious the vehicle is waiting neither more nor less than Khonshu… who presents him to his most faithful servant. And that’s none other than Jake Lockley, Moon Knight’s long-awaited third identity. “Let me tell you a secret? Marc Spector has come to believe that after our separation, I would like his wife to be an Avatar. But…why would he need anyone else? have no idea how upset he is.”reveals the Egyptian god to a puzzled portcullis.

Immediately afterwards, Khonshu taps his fingers on the front window, which immediately lowers. “Meet my friend Jake Lockleyhe says in a menacing tone. At this moment, the driver, in the face of Oscar Isaac, turns around and he points a gun at him with which he fires two shots at her. “today you have to losesaid Lockley with a cruel smile.

In Marvel comics, Lockley is the most detective personality of the Moon Knight and the best mover among the underworldsince he is a taxi driver in New York, which allows him to have several confidants. In the television adaptation, the writers of Moon Knight also seem to have made Lockley the more violent version. of the hero, since, in the previous episodes, there was bloody disconnectionsfight scenes that aren’t shown on screen and that neither Marc nor Steven recognized as their own.

Something that also happens in this last chapter, when it seems that Marc/Steven are lost after being reduced by Harrow, who even sticks his magic staff in the chest of the protagonist. Then one of those disconnections after which appear the corpses of brutally murdered enemies that neither Grant nor Spector knows how they got there.

And that’s it, everything indicates that It is in moments of maximum threat, when all seems lost, that the violent but terrifyingly effective Jake Lockley take control from the body. Something he did, as the post-credits scene reveals, with the knowledge and help of Khonshu, who also granted him supernatural powers. Will the third costume, that of Lockley, from Moon Knight appear in the future of the MCU? We will have to wait to answer this question.

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