The ephemerides of the day: what happened on May 10 |  Events in Argentina and around the world

The ephemerides of the day: what happened on May 10 | Events in Argentina and around the world

In May 10 ephemeris These events that happened on a day like today in Argentina and around the world stand out:

● 1895. It is postponed second national census. The first took place in 1869, under the presidency of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. The sample, made under the government of José Evaristo Uriburu, indicates that in Argentina at the end of the 19th century there were 4,044,911 inhabitants and 536,034 houses.

1941. One of the most enigmatic events of World War II occurs: Rodolphe Hess, Adolf Hitler’s number two, arrives in Scotland on a solo flight. He is immediately arrested and will spend the rest of his life in prison. What prompted Hess to come to Scotland? When he arrived he claimed to see a nobleman, the Duke of Hamilton, and it was speculated that there was a supposed peace negotiation. Germany accuses him of having a mental disorder. As the arrest of Hess is prior to the meeting of the high command which decides on the extermination of the Jews of Europe, he avoids the gallows of the Nuremberg trial and receives life imprisonment. Hess will commit suicide in 1987, at the age of 93.

1960. Paul David Hewson, better known as Obligation. He leads U2, one of the greatest rock bands in history. The band rose to fame in the 1980s and released albums like Joshua tree Yes Achtung Baby. In addition, Bono stood out for his activism in denouncing poverty in African countries, as well as for his demands for the cancellation of the debt of less developed countries. With U2 he visited Argentina four times.

1975. The Salvadoran poet Dalton Rock he is assassinated by his own guerrilla comrades from the People’s Revolutionary Army. In four days, he would have been 40 years old. In the midst of a strong internal struggle, a group splits from the ERP and this leads to the decision to kill several militants, including the poet, whom they accuse of belonging to the CIA. He was allegedly executed at the foot of the San Salvador volcano with José Armando Ortega. The bodies never appeared and it was not until 1998 that a death certificate was issued.. Dalton’s literary career began in 1957 with the publication of mine with the birds. Other titles: The turn of the offended, testimonials, Tavern and other places Yes Poor little poet that I was…

● 1994.Nelson Mandela becomes president of South Africa. The most famous political prisoner of the 20th century becomes the first black president, after the historic elections of April 1994, during which the black majority was able to express itself at the polls. The apartheid era is ending, in a country that has come to give constitutional status to racism. Mandela had been imprisoned between 1963 and 1990and his extended presidency until 1999.

Year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five. Final of the Recopa at the Parc des Princes, in Paris. The game that defines European football’s second most important competition after the Champions League pits defending champions England’s Arsenal against Zaragoza from Spain. The match ends 1 on 1 and they go extra. In the last game of the game, when everything seems to indicate that it will be defined by shots on goal, Nayim, a Zaragoza player, shoots from almost 50 meters. The ball lands behind goalkeeper David Seaman. The imposing goal gives victory to the Spanish team.

2014. At the age of 74, one of Argentina’s most recognized jurists dies: Carmen Argibay. Received as a lawyer, she is imprisoned by the dictatorship. In a democracy, she has become a judge. He handled, among other causes, the complaint for rape of a minor against Héctor Veira and sent him to prison. She served as a member of the Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal for the prosecution of sexual slavery, in the Japanese military’s World War II sex crimes trial. The UN named her a member of the International Criminal Court which prosecuted human rights abuses in the former Yugoslavia. President Néstor Kirchner offered him to join the Supreme Court. He defined himself as a “militant atheist” and for abortion, which earned him the wrath of conservative sectors. Pulmonary emphysema ended his life.

2017. A crowd gathers in Plaza de Mayo to repudiate 2 for 1 those convicted of crimes against humanity committed during the last military dictatorship. The Supreme Court decision contemplates the benefit for Luis Muiña, imprisoned for the repression at the Posadas Hospital. The 2-for-1 law, which treated every day in jail without punishment as a double, was in effect between 1994 and 2001 and was implemented amid a prison overcrowding crisis, not for human rights violators. male. In addition, from 1987 to 2003, repressors were able to avail themselves of the End Point and Due Obedience laws, not the 2-to-1 law as a more benign law, since these regulations avoided prison sentences. The judgment of the Court generates a massive rejection, because it can allow the release of a large part of the condemned. Congress passes a law that exempts those convicted of state terrorism from any benefits. The highest court overturned its decision in December 2018.

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