The ephemerides of the day: what happened on May 20 |  Events in Argentina and around the world

The ephemerides of the day: what happened on May 20 | Events in Argentina and around the world

In May 20 ephemeris These events that happened on a day like today in Argentina and around the world stand out:

1908. One of the main actors of Hollywood’s Golden Age was born: James Stuart. He won the Oscar for Philadelphia History in 1940 and six years later he starred in the classic Living is beautiful!. He was also the face of iconic Alfred Hitchcock films, such as The rope, rear window, the man who knew too much Yes fear of heights. In 1959, he directed the cast of anatomy of a murder. He was a bomber pilot during World War II. He received a Lifetime Achievement Oscar in 1985 and died in 1997.

1927. Charles Lindberg begins its historic solo flight aboard the Spirit of Saint Louis. It takes off from New York and travels the 6,000 kilometers that separate it from Paris. The first aerial crossing of the Atlantic Ocean lasts 33 hours. The 25-year-old aviator becomes a world celebrity and collects a $25,000 reward for his achievement.

1932. Exactly five years after the Lindbergh flight, Amelia Ear Heart She is the first woman to cross alone by plane from Europe to America.. The airwoman is 34 years old and pilots a Lockheed Vega, with which she connects the Labrador region, in Canada, to the northern Irish city of Derry, nearly fifteen hours after taking off. In addition, it meant the longest distance traveled by a woman without stopping.

1935. born Jose Mujica in Montevideo. His political activism began within the National Party. He abandoned this force to create the People’s Union, a left-wing party. Shortly after, he joined the Tupamara guerrillas. Four times he was arrested and twice he escaped from prison. In total, he spent nearly fifteen years in prison. His last arrest dates back to 1972 and he was only released in 1985, at the end of the dictatorship. He was a senator for the Broad Front and became Minister of Agriculture in the first government of Tabaré Vázquez. In 2009, he won the presidency in the second round.after defeating former President Luis Alberto Lacalle. He took over on March 1, 2010. He handed over command to Vázquez five years later and returned to the Senate. He resigned from his bench in October 2020.

1944. Alexandre Doline born in Morse, near Junín. He settled as a child with his family in Caseros. In the 1970s, he began his career in advertising and wrote for the magazine Satyricon. Later he collaborated with Humor. The texts that would later shape his book were published there Gray Angel Chronicles. In the 1980s, together with Adolfo Castelo, he directed the cycle too late for tears on Radio El Mundo and appeared on television with Dolina’s bar. While, revenge will be terrible has become a radio classic: it is currently broadcast on AM 750. In 1998, he recorded the operetta what love cost me Laura’s. Written and set to music by Dolina, it has had the collaboration of, among others, Sandro, Mercedes Sosa and Joan Manuel Serrat. In 2011, he returned to television with Souvenir of Alejandro Dolina’s show. From 2012 is his novel marked cards. In 2021, he publishes Footnotes.

1976. Hector Gutierrez Ruiz Yes Zelmar Michelinitwo former Uruguayan parliamentarians exiled in Argentina, are assassinated by a task force within the framework of the Condor Plan, the network made up of the dictatorships of the Southern Cone. They were taken from the Liberty Hotel, in the heart of Buenos Aires, on May 18: their bodies appeared next to the bodies of two Tupamaros, Rosario del Carmen Barredo and William Whitelaw. Michelini was a member of the Colorado Party and joined the Broad Front; Gutiérrez Ruiz of the National Party was president of the Chamber of Deputies at the time of Juan María Bordaberry’s self-coup in June 1973. Bordaberry and his foreign minister Juan Carlos Blanco were indicted in 2006 for the murders.

1998. The Postal Contractor Alfredo Yabran commits suicide by shooting himself in the mouth when he was about to be arrested, accused of being the intellectual author of the crime of photographer José Luis Cabezas, which occurred in Pinamar on January 25, 1997. Owner of OCA, he had made a cult of low profile. Domingo Cavallo had denounced him in 1995 as the “head of a mafia entrenched in power”, and suspicions about his role in the murder of Cabezas (who a year earlier had photographed him on a beach) revealed the growth of his business and suspicions of corruption in the postal market. The fact that Yabrán’s face was disfigured by the shot generated theories about a staged to forge his death.

2011. sociologist and historian Julio Godio dies at 72. Born in La Plata, he had to go into exile because of threats from Triple A. He settled in Venezuela and returned when the dictatorship ended. Focused on research on the labor movement, he is the author, among other things, of The tragic week of January 1919, The fall of Peron Yes Perón: return, loneliness and death (1973-1974).


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