The evolution of the son of the Golden Triplet after the terrible accident: the first smiles in the family and the next steps

The evolution of the son of the Golden Triplet after the terrible accident: the first smiles in the family and the next steps

48 days have passed since that Friday, March 18, during which the hearts of the Zavaleta family were paralyzed. Clement (m.), 36 years old, son of the Golden Triplet María Laura and Clemente Zavaletamarried with two daughters, played a World Polo League game in Palm Beach for the Alegria team when he suffered a terrible fall from his horse. The impact with the ground was terrible. He lay unconscious on the grass for about 15 minutes, receiving first aid, until he was placed on a stretcher and airlifted to an area hospital.

Corchito Zavaleta remains hospitalized in the United Statesinstagram

The panorama was discouraging and little by little the direct family members discovered that they were not in the United States. Some of them traveled that same night to Miami. Clemente Zavaleta (h.) underwent emergency surgery to decompress the clots that had formed in his head. In addition, he had several rib fractures and a punctured lung, another source of serious risk in these first hours.

Weeks have passed since, without abandoning the state of worry or anguish. “He fights it day by day,” said colleagues from “corchito”, as Clemente Jr. is known. Nobody dared to give a definitive prognosis because, strictly speaking, the doctors who treated him referred to that, “day after day”. Since then, in the best of cases, we are talking about a long recovery process. of several months.

The moment of the accident of polo player Clemente Zavaleta (h.)
The moment of the accident of polo player Clemente Zavaleta (h.)

Still kept in an artificial coma, he went through different stages. He went to the operating room several times, among other things, to remove and replace the bone of his head which had been removed to decompress the clots and stabilize the intracranial pressure, a transcendent factor in these cases of severe blows to the head. He endured an intra-hospital virus, common with prolonged hospitalizations, which delayed some procedures and treatments on his ribs and lungs. What never stopped were the good vibes, messages to family, and chains of prayer from relatives, friends, relatives, and people they’ve never met. But they felt.

There are days, The Fernandez Rousse triplets (María Emilia, Corchito’s mother), María Eugenia de Laprida and María Laura de Trotz met in Miami and posted a moving video of gratitude in Miami, accompanied by their mother. They already looked good, happy with the small but positive steps Clemente was taking. Indeed, the good news continues. Today, They are already encouraged to say that “Corchito” is out of danger, which does not mean that the question is far from solved. But just as in the first weeks the panorama was critical and discouraging, today it has changed course. Full recovery will continue to take a long time, but the news is good. To make each member of your family smile.

The golden triplets with their mother "chicita"
The Golden Triplets with their mother “Chichita”instagram

Clement (m.) slowly connects with the outside world, signs that doctors describe as something very positive. That is why work has started on the rehabilitation process. Step by step, without rushing or demanding the patient beyond the account. as anticipated THE NATION two weeks ago, “Corchito” will be transferred to another care unit for further rehabilitation. It could be in another city (Atlanta) or in Miami itself.

The video of the accident of the son of the Golden Triplets

Without reaching overflowing euphoria, the Zavaleta family find these days some peace and optimism before the evolutionary signs of “Corchito”. Confirming those signs of happiness that could be seen on the faces of the triplets. And they hope that the good vibes continue, after weeks of anguish, tension and uncertainty about the state of the polo player. Who, let’s remember, has participated several times in the Triple Crown of Argentina with high handicap, the most important circuit in the world.

Clemente Zavaleta (m) and his wife Isabelle Strom
Clemente Zavaleta (m) and his wife Isabelle Strom

Almost two weeks ago, in Palm Beach, high handicap players, on the initiative of Marc Ganzi (one of the most famous and powerful skippers in the United States, creator of the World Polo League), played a high handicap match for the benefit of “Corchito”. Under the name of “Zavaleta Perpetual Cup”, an 80-goal match was designed – in reality, a duel with the highest possible handicap – between the teams of Pilot and Park Place, two of the great performers of the season and winners, these clubs, USPA Gold Cup and US Open tournaments and CV Whitney Cup, US Triple Crown competitions. Exhibitions with the numbers are welcomed in the United States because they allow people to see a game of greater speed and technique at the level they are used to, which is 22 handicap goals.

The match was played on pitch 2 of the Grand Champions Polo Club. Facundo and Gonzalito Pieres, Christian Laprida (h.) and Pablo Mac Donough have played for Pilot, while Juan Britos, Hilario Ulloa, Bartolomé Castagnola (h.) and Juan Martín Nero have signed up for Park Place. Other figures, such as Adolfo Cambiaso (h.) and Polito Pieres, were excluded from the match because they were recovering from two operations (respectively pubialgia and broken collarbone).

Ahead of the match, Facundo Pieres highlighted Marc Ganzi’s initiative, as well as the contributions of Pilot and Park Place skippers Curtis Pilot and Andrey Borodin, respectively, in a note on @pololine. “We spoke to the bosses and the idea of ​​the party came. All of them were predisposed. And immediately the commitment of all the players who are still here in the United States arose”, explained Facundo, who Sunday, with his team, Pilot, he won the final of the US Open against La Elina.

It was also created a foundation to raise funds for the long hospitalization process that Zavaleta (h.) will need. The initial figure that was processed was around $800,000, although this is an estimate. From the family background, they pointed out that the creation of this solidarity fund was something that started from Ganzi by personal decision, which was highlighted as a precious gesture.

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