The experience of a Spanish television program: they confronted several "haters" to their victims and the consequences were unexpected

The experience of a Spanish television program: they confronted several “haters” to their victims and the consequences were unexpected

Haters and attacked, face to face in the cycle El Hormiguero (@pablomotos)

“When you want, you can read your tweet aloud”, prompts a voiceover. “Juan del Val is a bad person,” reads a man sitting in a small room in front of a camera. It is not a casting nor the lines of a speech. Nor is he an actor or a media figure. The man who reads this statement is a human being like any other, anonymous, but endowed with great power, someone who, hiding behind a false name or an avatar, decides to hurt another person on social networks : a hater or, in Spanish, an internet stalker.

“Excuse me, may I come in? asks the other side of the door. writer and journalist Juan del Val, but above all, the repository of all the fury of this user. “Shame on you,” is @lensian080’s response when he comes face to face with the man he makes nasty comments and posts to on a daily basis.

The social experiment was part of a segment prepared especially for the Spanish cycle of Antena 3, the anthill. Your driver, the journalist Pablo Motos offered “to see the face of someone you never see”, before giving way to the segment that compiles each of the encounters between victims and perpetrators. “It was very difficult to locate them, because at the moment of truth no one wanted to come, but we found several brave people,” announced the driver.

It’s that the haters don’t rely on arguments, data or polite corrections, but on personal assessments, insults, disqualifications and even threats. But what if the person who was written “useless”, “awful”, “I would kill him”, sits in front of the person who said it? Under this premise, the program asked everyone hateful explain the reasons for his hatred towards these celebrities and to read aloud and develop some of the tweets dedicated to them on a daily basis. What none of them knew was that their victim would be listening behind a door, much less that they would have to finally tell them by looking them in the eye.

Juan del Val He is 51 years old and has a very prolific career in Spain as a writer and journalist. In the workplace, he has written five novels and is currently participating as a screenwriter and panelist at the anthill. At the private level, with his partner, presenter Nuria Roca, They are one of the strongest couples after 24 years of relationship and three children.

The first face to face took place between him and his hateful, who had described him as a “bad person”. The hater’s first reaction was to cover his face in shame: ‘I’m looking for a place to go’; while the journalist assured that he does not understand how, without having treated him, someone can hate him in this way. “You just called me a bad person without knowing me, don’t you think that’s a bit strong,” she confronted him. “Most of the time, I don’t think about the things I write. It may happen to me several times”. The first meeting ended with a “forgive me”.

Another of his harassers went further. “Does it even have to come out in the soup?” This arrogant man is horrible and traumatic!she read his tweet and proudly added, “That’s what I put on, and I will put it on again.” Just then, the door opened and Del Val appeared. After the initial scream and shock, the woman behind Twitter admitted that in the end, it wasn’t so bad. “Tell me about the books I liked,” the writer then asked, seeking an answer to the bad reviews this woman lets slip off the keyboard every time the author releases a new book. “It’s just that I only read one and I don’t even remember the argument or the title”, ended up confessing the Internet user, showing that his opinion was totally unfounded.

Influencer María Pombo faces criticism from her hater

The face of Marie Pombo is well known in Spain. This young woman has millions of followers who follow her daily life, she is like many companies and has even created her own clothing brand. weeks ago, Forbes magazine featured her on the cover and named her one of her country’s most important influencers. In addition, he participated in the cycle of challenges The challengethat Pablo Motos also hosts on the same channel.

She has also lent herself to this challenge, meeting in person those who harass her daily on the networks. “I watch María Pombo videos and you can’t be dumber”play a user registered as @conxtelacion. “You tell me now and I laugh, but maybe on some occasions I have gone to bed crying, with anxiety, not only because of your tweet but because of a host of tweets”reacted by showing how much his words affect him like those of the other malicious commenters.

Model Laura Escanes confronted her troll, who blamed her for living a good life in exchange for swaps

In another of the clashes, an older man blamed model Laura Escanes for paying him everything. “Another one who lives from history”, launched the Internet user summoned to imitate her then and to give her a recommendation on how she should manage her own accounts: “I am in the sun, because I love that, you show the glasses… Well, put more content!.

“Being an influencer is a profession and brands decide to invest money in advertising on social networks”, explains with infinite patience Escanes, who has an international modeling career and is the image of many firms.

So what drives a person to spend part of their time harassing another, without even knowing them and with the sole desire to hurt them? And what happens when he has the opportunity to tell her face to face?

At the end of the matches, some of the stalkers apologized to their victims and even assured that they would delete their messages. One of the participants ended up asking for a photo of the person who, a few moments ago, said she hatedr. “Most would like to be you, there is envy, because many would ask you for a photo, they are interested in attracting attention, notoriety, and there is also a hint of dehumanization”, assured Motos after this social experience.

Cyberbullying is a global problem. Every day, many celebrities spend part of their time responding to the callous criticism of their followers.. The main targets of attacks are women who share the daily education of their children or who choose to show their bodies. But the reality is that anyone exposed publicly can become a target of haters.

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