The first YouTube video turns 17: Insignificant elephants to what the platform is today |  The history of publication and what followed

The first YouTube video turns 17: Insignificant elephants to what the platform is today | The history of publication and what followed

On April 23, 2005, at 8:27 p.m., one of three YouTube creators posted the first video on the platform. This is an 18 second file titled “me at the zoo(Me at the zoo) which now has more than 227 million reproductions. 17 years after this first video, in 2022, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Who appears in this first video is Karim to the jaw, one of the founders of YouTube, during a walk at the zoo in San Diego, California. “Well, we are in front of elephants. The best thing is that they have big, big, big trunks. And there’s not much else to say,” he told the camera in low-quality, selfie-like video.

Although Karim was the first person in the world to upload and star in a YouTube video, he ended up being the one who received the fewest shares after the sale of the platform created in February 2005 to Google for $1.65 billion soon after, in October 2006.

The two majority shareholders at the time of the sale were his partners: Steve Chen Yes Chad Hurley. Indeed, Karim had said that he didn’t have much confidence in YouTube’s growth and, two months before uploading this video, he had agreed with his partners that he would only act as an adviser. on technical issues.

Currently, the video posted by Karim accumulates more than 227,806,603 views, 11 million likes and 11,115,205 comments. Meanwhile, his YouTube account, which contains just this video, has reached nearly three million subscribers.

The two versions on the creation of YouTube

There are two versions of how YouTube was created. While Karim says he is the author of the idea, his partners have assured in several interviews that Karim was not even with them when they had the idea to create the platform.

Karim’s version says he made a website to help people download online auction videos and, when he realized that users were uploading images of their daily activities, he decided to create an exclusive site for it, an idea he eventually brought to life with the help of Chen and Hurley.

However, the version of its partners is completely different. They say they recorded themselves at a dinner party and since they had no way to share the videos with their friends, the need arose to create YouTube, and then they brought Karim on board with this idea. .

Whatever the true story, the truth is In February 2005, the three partners finalized the creation of YouTube. For the first two months, until April 23 of that year, the platform had no videos.

Years later, the YouTube phenomenon

17 years later, YouTube is present in 100 countries and available in 80 different languages.

Today, the platform not only allows content to be uploaded, but also offers creators the ability to access a monetization for published videos.

Moreover, last year, a function was activated that allows these creators to edit videos online from a tool available on the same platform.

“YouTube creators are the heart and soul of the platform, and we want them to always be able to achieve their most ambitious creative goals,” said YouTube chief product officer, neal mohammed.

Another function that has been incorporated in recent years was that of live broadcastswhich tripled between January 2020 and December 2021, according to a report published in February on the YouTube blog.

In addition, in 2022 the presentation of collaborative live broadcastwhich will allow creators to broadcast live together and thus create more interactions with the public.

According to information provided by YouTube Argentina to GO Noticias, some 700 million hours of YouTube content are watched worldwide every 24 hours and more than 500 hours of video are downloaded per minute.

Regarding the channels with the most subscribers in the world, “T-Series”, from India’s largest music label and film studio, ranks first with 213 million. It is followed by “YouTube Movies” (150M) and “Cocomelon” (133M), children’s songs.

Top 10 most viewed YouTube videos right now

  1. “Baby Shark Dance” – Pinkfong Baby Shark – Children’s Songs & Stories (10 Billion+)
  2. “Despacito” – Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee ($7.7 billion+)
  3. “Johny Johny Yes Daddy” – LooLoo Kids (6.1 Billion+)
  4. “Shape of You” – Ed Sheeran ($5.58 billion+)
  5. “See You Again” – Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth ($5.38 billion+)
  6. “Bath Song” – Cocomelon/Nursery Rhymes ($4.86B+)
  7. “Learning Colors – Colored Eggs on a Farm” – Miroshka TV (4.55 Billion+)
  8. “Masha and the Bear – Recipe for Disaster” – Get Movies (4.48 billion+)
  9. “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars ($4.42B+)
  10. “Phonics Song with Two Words” – ChuChu TV (4.41 Billion+)

YouTube in Argentina

Over the past year, according to the latest data collected by the platform, the content most chosen by Argentines was that related to soccer, video game, humor, receipts and those videos in which creators share first-person experiences. In musical terms, the most listened to genres were trap and the cumbia.

In the first two positions of the ranking of “Most popular videos in Argentina in 2021” is found hearing of Francisco Benitez and a video of just over 9 minutes that shows the highlights of the semi-final between Argentina and Colombia of the Copa América 2021.

Regarding the Argentinian clips the most watched, in the first position is the “BZRP Musical Sessions #38”from Weird Yes L-Ghent. The singer Mary Becerra She is the most present artist in this ranking, in 5 of the 10 most viewed videos.

In the Argentinian ranking of the “revelation creators”, in the first position is the channel “MrDs4“, which uploads content to Minecraft. follows”LeMarZy“, also with a theme referring to this video game. In position 3 stands out the channel of Florence Bertottiwhere the actress began sharing in 2021 recipes, reaction videos to her TV work, tutorials and interviews with artists she’s worked with.

Meanwhile, the first three channels with the most subscribers in Argentina are of childish content:”children’s kingdom” (49.3M), “Zeno’s Farm (30.5M) and “Donato(26.5).

63% of Argentines consider that YouTube offers “high added value” content

According to a survey conducted by the platform, 63% of Argentines surveyed said YouTube provides them with high-value content and 82% said that thanks to the content on the platform, they learned something new.

In addition, 56% of users in the country consider that “on YouTube, they find unique content you won’t find anywhere elseand 59% said said content “has high production quality.”

Another of the data obtained indicates that 44% of respondents in Argentina indicated that the content they find on YouTube helps in making purchasing decisions.

The report also states that “YouTube is the free video platform that Argentinian users would miss the most if it ceased to exist.”


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