The flame that recalls: one of Argentina's main creative duos is back

The flame that recalls: one of Argentina’s main creative duos is back

Argentina’s most famous advertising brand is back. Agulla & Baccetti, the duo that marked the creativity of the 90s, announced their return to the business world with a proposal adapted to the new economy of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Ramiro Agulla and Carlos Baccetti have announced their new partnership, The Black Minds, which is behind a collection of NFTs – unique assets, like works of art, powered by technology. block chainwhich is the same technology used by cryptocurrencies – dubbed La Llama PIC (Politically Incorrect Club) and inspired by the saga of The flame that callsits popular dolls originally created for Telecom in the 90s and how quickly they moved from advertising to entertainment.

The new collection features 10,100 unique llamas, which will go on sale in the block chain of Ethereum, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. For this project, the two creatives also added Patricio Fucks as a third partner, a businessman from the hotel industry (he owned the Fën chain, which sold it in 2017 to the Wyndham group) and the new economy (until March 2020, he was in charge of the WeWork activity in Argentina).

“What we are facing is a return, not the same as us, because you can’t go back to the past. We had thought about working together again for a long time, but we didn’t know what to do. In the middle, they offered us everything, from making a series to one reality show or create a new agency. But now we feel that time has brought us together. We are good at reading the times, like we did in the 90s. And we believe that children are more up to date than their parents.explains Agulla in an interview with THE NATION.

Ramiro Agulla: “We are good at telling the time, as we did in the 90s. And we are convinced that children are more in tune with the times than their parents”Twitter @ramiroagulla1

“When we decided to return to work, we started to investigate the future, based on the principle that we did not want to do a business of nostalgia and the idea that the digital world can be much better than the world real. . Our first goal in launching the collection is to recapture the sarcastic and politically incorrect spirit that has long been lost. We want to generate a large community that shares this thought and this type of humor and our style of art and thus, together, be part of an exclusive club full of advantages and commercial expectations,” says Baccetti.

“NFT is a growing business and we believe it represents a great opportunity to create a community and at the same time generate good business. At some point, NFTs are the rock stars of that time,” says Fuks.

Carlos Bacetti: "Our first goal in launching the collection is to recapture the sarcastic and politically incorrect spirit that was lost long ago."
Carlos Baccetti: “Our first objective in launching the collection is to recapture the sarcastic and politically incorrect spirit that was lost a long time ago”

The launch of the “La Llama” collection is part of a much larger crusade led by Agulla and Baccetti against the so-called “cancel culture”.

« The Peak Flame accuses political correctness of hypocrisy. Today the limits of the ban on provocative or incorrect humor are pushed to the point of stupidity with authoritarian accents with their shock arm which they have called “The culture of cancellation”, a discourse that has already become dangerous. with their attempts to gag us, marginalizing us, ignoring us, silencing us and even publicly ridiculing us if we order “black pancakes” in a bakery instead of calling them “black lesbians”. On the other hand, how boring the world would be if we all thought the same thing”, assure the creatives in their manifesto presenting the NFT collection.

Ramiro Agulla and Carlos Baccetti They met over 30 years ago working for the agency Young & Rubicam. After a brief stint at Verdino, they founded their own company in the mid-1990s, which quickly became one of the most successful in Argentine advertising.

Together they have created many of the most iconic campaigns of decades for brands such as Quilmes, Telecom, Coca-Cola and Renault. Agulla also worked for politics and was responsible for the “They say I’m boring” slogan that helped Fernando de la Rua rise to the presidency.

Officially, Agulla and Baccetti said goodbye to the advertising market in 2004, when they sold the shares they held in the Agulla & Baccetti agency to their partners in the English group Lowe.

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