'He was surprised': Robert De Niro had lunch at a Balvanera grill and chose a typical Argentine dish

The footprint left by Robert De Niro in Buenos Aires: what Luis Brandoni and Silvia Kutica said and why Guillermo Francella did not film with him

robert deniro he spent a week in Buenos Aires rolling series Anyby directors Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohnand left lessons, anecdotes and many laughs shared with the cast and the production team of the fiction.

One of his cast mates was Silvia Kutika, who was “enchanted” by the famous actor. “The days I recorded with him were super nice, he’s very professional and I found it funny because he was making gestures or signs to communicate and say, for example, that everything was fine, everything was fine” , says Kutika. THE NATION. And immediately he adds: “I saw that the relationship with Beto (Brandoni) is beautiful, very respectful, they question each other, they have fun. Really, it was an amazing experience. Robert De Nito is a guy who magnetizes you, you can’t stop looking at him, he attracts, he grabs you. He’s a big man and, obviously, he’s a person with something superior, in addition to talent. I am very happy to have shared a few scenes and to be able to continue learning from masters like De Niro and Brandoni, an explosive duo”, detailed the actress, very satisfied.

Robert De Niro and Luis Brandoni on the first day of shared filming for the Nada series©RSPhotos/The Grosby Group PNW

Guillaume Francella I had planned a special participation in a scene with De Niro but it couldn’t be. “The only scene I had with him didn’t happen because I’m doing another movie. And De Niro is already gone,” he explained to THE NATION. Is Cecilia Dopazo no more Daniel Aroz, who are part of the cast, shot with the American actor, but which was already planned. Aráoz is just scheduled for May 30 to do his scenes and Dopazo will be Brandoni’s daughter in fiction, roles that the two actors repeat after 30 years, after the experience in My brother-in-law (Phone).

Luis Brandoni is the one who has shared the most scenes with De Niro and worked six days out of the seven that the actor of wild bull He was in our country. The two Their friendship dates back to 1986, when Brandoni met De Niro in Buenos Aires, at the premiere of Cuba and her little Teddyby Reynaldo Povod. “Lito Cruz had seen the play in New York, performed by Robert and Ralph Macchio. He liked it, bought the rights, and when he staged it here, he called De Niro, who came to the premiere with a friend. And that’s where I met him,” he explained. They met again shortly after, while Brandoni was in New York filming. Made in Argentina, by Juan Jose Justid. “We were shooting the last scenes of the film, around Christmas, and there was a character who was played by an American, who stopped at the same hotel as us. We had rehearsed the night before, then he went out to dinner in one of De Niro’s restaurants, and De Niro saw him and asked him what he was doing in New York. So this man told him, Robert asked who else was there and said that “he knew me, call him. So I did, and he invited me to spend Christmas with him. We went there with Marta Bianchi, who was my wife at the time and who was also in the film, and one of my daughters. Later, we saw each other several times in Punta del Este and in Buenos Aires,” he explained.

Robert de Niro at La Casa del Teatro, in 2015 and with Luis Brandoni and his great friend Lito Cruz
Robert de Niro at La Casa del Teatro, in 2015 and with Luis Brandoni and his great friend Lito Cruz

Brandoni also told TN that De Niro had agreed to join Any when he read the scripts for the series, he got to know the work of the directors and was interested in seeing their work. “He read the books very deeply and accepted this challenge, which for him is quite significant because it is his television debut, beyond the fact that he has done many films. He proposed changes to the text. He likes to improvise and tries to speak “in Argentinian. But the truth is that we communicate in Italian because I can’t speak English”.

Luis Brandoni and Robert De Niro in downtown Buenos Aires
Luis Brandoni and Robert De Niro in downtown Buenos AiresGrosby Group

On his experience sharing scenes with De Niro, Beto Brandoni added: “It’s something I really didn’t expect and I didn’t even think it would happen, because he’s always a very committed man. and who has many job offers. The experience was extraordinary for everyone and it was noticed because when he finished his last shot, in a house in La Boca, more than 50 people from the team said goodbye to him with great applause. In the first scene we did together, sitting face to face, it seemed like I had worked with him before. He’s a professional, he knows his stuff, and if you wink at him other than what was expected, he winks back. He is a great professional, a charming person. For me, it was a great pleasure and I hope people will appreciate it too, because they are the real recipients of this work,” he said without sparing his praise for his colleague. And he concluded: “He has a great disposition to work and it’s a new experience for him, because he had never done a television series. He is very respectful, accepting the suggestions of the two actors and the two directors. It is a pleasure to work with this man. We will all miss him because he is a simple man, diligent at work, who says yes to everything and never has any problems. I have the best impression of him ” .

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