The grim statement from Amber Heard's psychologist that could tip the lawsuit against Johnny Depp

The grim statement from Amber Heard’s psychologist that could tip the lawsuit against Johnny Depp

This week Amber Heard has the opportunity to defend herself in the lawsuit initiated by her ex-husband Johnny Depp after a defamation lawsuit in which he claims 50 million dollars. Now the actress has started to present all the evidence she has in her favor and among the witnesses is a forensic psychologist from New York who has told, between the lines, the alleged situations of abuse she allegedly suffered from her ex-husband.

the psychologist Dawn Hughes appeared on the stand to testify about the behavior she witnessed at 10 p.m. which he shared with Amber and which was presented as evidence in the case with a general analysis of the various situations of abuse that are reported. The specialist in domestic violence argued that the actress of Aquaman undergo a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), occurred after the breakup of the couple he had with the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean. First, he explained that victims of domestic violence ‘experience immense shame because of the abuse’that they are suffering and that this “has an aggravating effect for them”.

The expert spent over an hour on the platform talking about the different types of abusevideo capture

On the other hand, he indicated that “Abusive relationships are a vicious cycle of trying to study,” like, for example, always it is necessary to investigate the patterns that cause women to “be with this man who constantly hurts them” and yet they think they stay because “they love it so much and think they can change”. The expert added that these patterns occur when “the man is in love, they take him for walks, they buy flowers, trips, restaurants” and women say to themselves “stay with this man, he is nice”, because it was him that “they had planned and considered their future”. “Besides, it’s the kind details about him that predominate and not the abuse,” she explained when interviewed.

In this line, the expert who provided an analysis of the types of violence that women can experience, such as harassment, physical violence, economic violence, among others. He also clarified that “some people stay in a couple because they have economic reasons to do so and others do it because they have children in common and do not want to deprive their children of a father. They love them and he’s the man they married. “The most dangerous time for a woman is when she leaves this relationship, since the probability of being killed increases considerably. They believe that staying in this relationship protects them.”

Forensic psychologist testified in Johnny Depp's lawsuit against his ex Amber Heard
Forensic psychologist testified in Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against his ex Amber Heardvideo capture

Throughout his testimony, he described the meaning of each abuse that can occur in a family circle. Hughes also clarified that “Amber is not her usual client and revealed that she interviewed the actress for 22 hours in 2021.” The expert who practices in Manhattan indicated that after conducting an assessment with the actress, he found “patterns consistent with what is known about domestic violence”. and insisted the actress suffered from PTSD at the time of the assessment. According to the report provided by the expert on the actress, she indicated that the signs of “intimate partner violence and the records reviewed are consistent with what is known in the field regarding intimate partner violence”, characterized by physical violence, psychological aggression, sexual violence,” he said. In turn, it expands Amber engaged in “coercive control and surveillance behaviors”.

Toward the end of his testimony, which initially lasted over an hour, the expert recounted an alleged unpleasant experience what the actress allegedly told her, in which the actor considered it “acceptable to tear up her nightgown” and put her fingers in her private parts, “looking for drugs”. As he described it, although without directly naming the actors, the alleged abuse is “fueled by alcohol, which sometimes leads individuals to exercise signs of power over the other, such as throwing the victim on the reads demanding sex in situations of domestic violence, even creating situations of psychological abuse of the other.” “And if he can’t get what he wanted, he gets even more angry with her and blame her for it,” she explained of the types of abuse.

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