The heartbreaking story of Federico Bal after the serious accident he suffered in Brazil: "I felt like I was in a Tarantino movie"

The heartbreaking story of Federico Bal after the serious accident he suffered in Brazil: “I felt like I was in a Tarantino movie”

This Friday, Federico Bal had an accident while recording footage for his program Rest of the world on the beaches of the Brazilian island of Paraty. comedian and driver He was left with an open fracture when the engine of the glider he was on detached and hit him hard.

The news was announced by Pia Shaw on the same Friday evening at the start of THEM. The reporter also mentioned that due to the lack of necessary infrastructure, Bal had to be transferred to undergo surgery. One of the options was to take him to the city of São Paulo. Daniel Scioli [el embajador argentino en Brasil], transfer aid. At some point, the possibility of bringing him to Buenos Aires was evaluated, but they felt it was better to take him there. It’s more or less four hours of travel if they go by road,” he reported at the time.

Bal’s press secretary, Martina Valía, confirmed THE NATION information released by Shaw and revealed that after 10 p.m. Argentine time, Bal was still waiting to be transferred. “Fede is fine, he is waiting to be transferred for an operation,” he revealed. Until then, the actor had not spoken about what had happened, but the same evening he uploaded the first photo with his bandaged arm to his Instagram account and on Saturday morning he turned again to the networks to bring peace of mind to his followers. there he shared a second photo in which we see him housed in what appears to be a transfer unit and with the inevitable yellow lens glasses. “Tudu Bom. Thanks to the best team,” he wrote above.

Fede Bal, his arm immobilized, after the
Fede Bal thanked his team on his social networks
Fede Bal thanked his team on his social networksInstagram @balfederico

In the afternoon, the official account of the eltrece program shared the first video of the actor after the accident. “As soon as it happened, I grabbed my arm like in WWII, when they grabbed people in pieces…Poor things! They grabbed them to be sewn up. Calm down, I went up in a car and there was a lot of blood… I stained the guy all over the car, and he started speeding, and grabbed potholes and donkey hills… Blood was jumping everywhere!! The guy shouted: ‘Caralho!'”, says the actor in the clip.

And adds: “I felt like I was filming in a favela, like in a Tarantino movie. There was only one 70s music missing. I thought, ‘What’s going on? Because?'”. Finally, Bal assures that in a few days he will be recovered, covering the carnival in Rio de Janeiro for the program.

“It happened at 5am today as the ambulance was transporting Fede and the rescue team. Rest of the world from Paraty to the clinic in Rio de Janeiro; a 4.5 hour journey. Thus, Fede told us what happened right after the accident, ”reports the text that accompanies the video.

The actor’s mother, Carmen Barbieri, and Bal’s companion, Sofía Aldrey, traveled to Rio de Janeiro this Saturday to be able to accompany him and follow his progress closely. as much as he could tell THE NATION, Bal is hospitalized and will not be operated on until Sunday morning.

The actor and his producers arrived in Brazil four days ago to record footage of its heavenly beaches. The actor shared photos and videos on his networks from Buzios until last Thursday. “And that random reel is back! I’m on the road, on my way to Paraty, and as I leave Buzios behind me, I’m beginning to understand why all the Argentinians I’ve met these days have said to me: “I came for a few days and I couldn’t go back to Argentina'”, he wrote with a series of photos in which we see him enjoying the Brazilian beaches.

In addition to Buzios and Paraty, Bal visited Angra do Reis. “We are going to tour Brazil! Buzios, Angra, Paraty, and we are closing the historical carnival of Rio de Janeiro. I just can’t handle the excitement! As always, we are traveling with you on the other side, so I need you to recommend everything. I read them!” he said on his Instagram account on Monday, before boarding the plane. As we can see in the video shared by the production, Bal hopes to be able to fulfill his mission. “The sambódromo is waiting for me”, he hears say at the end of the clip.

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