The Hôtel des Célèbres: the departures of Rodrigo Noya and Matilda Blanco and the controversy over the new participant

The Hôtel des Célèbres: the departures of Rodrigo Noya and Matilda Blanco and the controversy over the new participant

Matilda Blanco was eliminated and Rodrigo Noya resigned from El Hotel de los Famosos (El Trece)

The Last Elimination Gala The hotel of the famous came with surprise. After losing in the H challenge against Sabrina Carballo, everything seemed to indicate that Mathilde White I was going to be the only one to leave the contest. The fashion consultant had already decided to quit the game and started to greet her colleagues, but everything took an unexpected turn when she arrived at Rodrigue Noyawho offered to leave the program.

“QI wanted to take advantage of the moment to propose if I could take Mathilde’s place. pointed out the old big ass, attempting an explanation in front of the general amazement. And at the insistence of the drivers Pampita Ardohain Yes chinese leunisadded: “I can’t find myself, I miss my son. It’s really costing me because I really enjoy this place, I enjoy the games, I enjoy the competition,” said the actor who had just been chosen as the worst in the staff. “

what he did Matilda is worthy of someone who can have the opportunity to continue, but hey, it’s not a decision that I can make.closed, leaving the decision in the hands of production.

At the start of the show on Tuesday, the verdict of the production was known. On the one hand, toHe accepted the actor’s decision but did not allow him to switch places with Matilda, that she was the first to take the suitcase and leave the place. The guests came back to convince Noya, but there were no valid arguments.

Locho Loccisano entered El Hotel de los Famosos and did not have it easy (El Trece)

Squirrel don’t go, my friend. Look at the park you have, I don’t want you to leave”; I invite you Alex Caniggia, his first friend in the competition. “Thank you for everything, you made it so much easier for me,” the actor hugged him. Although time has put them on opposite paths and behind the scenes the Emperor celebrated the departure of a feared opponent in the competition.

With two contestants absent, the production determined the entry of a new contestant. And the next day at dawn, they saw who it was, which provoked an instinctive reaction of distrust and, immediately, a new challenge for the weeks to come.

Luke Locho loccian known as Lochowith a media tour that began in fightcrossed reality Play with firefrom Netflix has had recent milestones as a mobile player for It is over there and as secretary of pamela david in The wheel of your dreamsboth in America Yes . “Hello everyone, Locho has arrived. Maybe they don’t know me.”joked the participant before announcing himself, knowing that perhaps for many he was not one of the most visible faces.

Locho Loccisano with Pamela David in The roulette of your dreams (Instagram)

His suspicions were quickly realized. From the first moment, he noticed a certain distance with his new companions, who they didn’t even get up to greet him and joked over and over about his nickname and origin. In seconds it was the eight, The Chavo of the Eight, Lotus and Eight, while delving into his media career. But it was nothing. As he tried to make room for himself at the hotel, behind his back the Chanchi Estevez He made a move to his pal Alex Caniggia, marking new prey in his conspiratorial strategies.

“They received me excellently, I admire some of them and it’s very rare to be here”, declared the participant with a ceremonial speech, which in the back was sincere: “You have to win the right speaking,” he said. Silvana Moon, summing up the group spirit. At the top, fate wanted Locho to be captain of the purple team, who lost the weekly duel so they will be part of the staff. Some of his decisions did not please, which will make his insertion in the group more difficult.

However, alliances and strategies will have to wait. What had happened with the admission of Nico Maiques, Locho had immunity in his first week of coexistence, which angered his new teammates who deemed the decision unfair. Concretely, the young man will have one more week to twist the arms of his teammates and be accepted.

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