The hotel of the famous: Majo Martino was eliminated and before leaving he stole a kiss from a participant

The hotel of the famous: Majo Martino was eliminated and before leaving he stole a kiss from a participant

Majo Martino was eliminated this Monday from The hotel of the famous (the thirteen) after an intense challenge in front of the participant loch loccisano. The panelist said goodbye to the contest and her rival in an unexpected way. “These days he was my great listening partner“, he assured together after having kissed him on the mouth.

Pampita Ardohain, host of the cycle, was responsible for announcing the final duel of the day. “Who stays and who leaves will be up to you. Whoever wins this contest stays in The hotel of the famous“, he explained to the participants and gave the floor to Leandro “Chino” Leunis explain the rules of the eliminatory duel.

The elimination duel in The hotel of the famous

“What will define that is the competition, it’s the duel of the “H”, reported. In this challenge, each Duelist must collect six rings from the upper corridor of the H. To do so, they must climb the ramp, open the chest, and descend with the rings one by one. They must drop down and take position 1 and hit two hoops inside the container. Then go to the second and place the next two. In the third position, place the two remaining ones, detail the chinese leunis. “Remember, it’s one hoop at a time. The final stretch is to go up to the hall of the H and take the map in the central part. The first to pick it up and lift it into the air will sign its continuity at the hotel,” he added.

“Now the game begins. The lions begin to clash“, he condemned Chanchi Estevezone of the more controversial participants, with a wry laugh. Pampita asked if they were ready and Loccisano and Martino shouted in unison: “Yes!”. And the competition began.

Locho was the first to climb at the break and looked for the hoop to start the game. Martino was also able to do it, but with a slower pace than his opponent. The main flaw you had? Basket the hoops inside the container. “What costs me the most is putting the hoop in this cabin. What a bad aim I have“, confided the panelist.

These minutes of delay gave a big advantage to the participant who, with great skill, complied with the first tests and looked for the fifth ring. “The last one remains and it’s the most expensive because it comes from very far away. The hardest part of the game is looking for the hoop, that’s what tires you the most,” he said. -he declares. While Loccisano was one step away from achieving his missionhis opponent pockets the third hoop and slowly approaches the same level as his partner. “Yes! I’m going for the fifth. That’s when I said, ‘See if I stay'”Majo pointed out.

The moment Majo Martino manages to score the fourth hoopcapture of

After a tense duel, finally Locho is the one who managed to place the five rings as soon as possible and won the right to go upstairs to get his card. “Ill do nothing Show. I play with a friend and an excellent and beautiful personwe walk calmly without partying,” he remarked behind the camera.

Once she picked up the card, she came down from the stage and approached her partner to give him a big hug. “He is a boy who is good people, he is a good boy. He has no evil”said Martin.

At this very moment, his companions began to shout: “Pico, pico, pico, pico!”, and Ardohain joined the request: “A farewell peak is denied to no one”. It was there when the two they kissed long-awaited, to the applause of the participants. “The truth is that Locho rowed her so much at that time, that a little kiss…”, assured Majo.

Majo Martino said goodbye to L’Hôtel des Célèbres

In his farewell message, Martino was happy with the days spent in the contest and Locho dedicated a few moving words to her:You entertained me, you held me and you made me feel good these days. I never imagined meeting such a friendly person, we are a lot alike, thank you for so much support. I hope one day to give you back everything you gave me,” he said.

For her part, the entertainment reporter also expressed a few words of gratitude to the influencer, under the watchful eye of drivers and colleagues. “In the last few days he was my great companion of listening, of words, of hugs when he saw me cry. It’s very important to have that here. It’s living together all day and you have to have someone to lean on, it was a back and forth. Never doubt who you are“, He proposed.

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