'The Kingdom' won the Platinum Award for Best Miniseries |  To Madrid

‘The Kingdom’ won the Platinum Award for Best Miniseries | To Madrid

The ninth edition of Platinum Rewards held this Sunday evening brought good news for Argentinian cinema and audiovisual: The kingdom was crowned Best Miniseries and won two other awards: Claudia Pineiro and Marcelo Pineyro won platinum for top series creators, while Joaquin Furriel won the remaining Platinum for Best Supporting Actor for its great composition of a political operator stuck in the mud of political power who played the pastor by Diego Peretti. From a cinematic point of view, there was also good news: family drama with social content karnawal won the distinction of the best first work and another Platinum for Alfredo Castro as Best Supporting Actor. The fight for the best Ibero-American film was very Spanish, with a big winner, the good bossby Fernando León de Aranoa (also winner as best director and two other statuettes), and a loser, parallel mothersby Pedro Almodóvar, almost like what happened a month ago at the Goya Awards.

The night had the postcard, almost at the end, of a good part of the team of The kingdom celebrating the series’ jackpot that penetrates the interstices of political power in alliance with an evil evangelist pastor. When they went on stage, Matías Mosteirín spoke, as part of the production team. “I accept this award on behalf of K&S Films,” said the veteran producer. “This project was a great learning experience and the learning had a teacher who was Marcelo Piñeyro who not only made us see the best in all of us, but also wanted, enjoyed and had fun,” he said. -he adds.

When she ascended to receive her Platinum, the prestigious writer Claudia Pineiro expected that Marcelo Pineyro couldn’t be because is shooting the second season of The kingdom. He acknowledged that Netflix had supported them to make the series “with absolute freedom”. “The audience award they gave us yesterday was for us. We want to give that to the public, to the spectators who not only had a lot of fun but also went out to debate in the street, at home, at work about the issues it affects. The kingdom: Who sent us? Why do ultra-conservative parties join with churches to restrict rights, especially of women, and dissent? Who are the intelligence services? Who do they work for? Why are there still so many abused boys and girls in religious institutions without justice? Piñeiro said vehemently, drawing the loudest applause of the night.

The party was not complete because Mercedes Moran couldn’t lift the platinum for Best Female Performance in a Miniseries (Daniela Ramírez won it for the Chilean series Isabella), to like chinese darin which did not achieve Best Male Performance in a Miniseries (it was won by Spaniard Javier Cámara for Come John)category in which he was also nominated Dario Grandinetti for the Spanish series Iron. And no more Nancy Duplaa was able to lift the platinum for best female performance in a supporting role in a mini-series, which was in the hands of Najwa Nimri for the Spanish money theft.

In the cinematographic category Best Opera Prima triumphed the Argentinian karnawalby Juan Pablo Felix, which takes place during Carnival, on the border between Argentina and Bolivia, where a young dancer is preparing for the most important dance competition of his life, when he receives an unexpected visit from his father, a thief uncontrollable that will endanger his dream. The triumph of karnawal it was double since Alfredo Castro won the Best Male Performance in a Supporting Role category. “It’s something very precious. karnawal is the first film written and directed by Juan Pablo, so it is a double pride for all of us who are part of it, this recognition of his work and that of Alfredo Castro“, said PageI12 the actress Mónica Lairana, who participated in the film. “The Platinum Awards are important because they are also a very interesting platform to make talent visible and encourage collaboration between Ibero-American countries”, he added and pointed out that karnawal “He has already collected more than twenty international awards, such as the prize for the best Ibero-American film at the Malaga Festival or the prize for the best director in Guadalajara. These days it comes out in France, soon in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the list goes on,” Lairana said.

Argentinian actress and singer Lali Esposito and the Spanish actor Miguel Angel Munoz were the presenters of the gala, and the first to arrive this Sunday at Municipal Palace of Congresses of Madrid, until they got on a stage that had a Madrid atmosphere, but also that of Buenos Aires. Maybe that’s why the hosts decided to dance a tango. The two have lost a lot of chemistry already on the Platinum red carpet, in an edition in which the Spanish actor was also nominated for his documentary 100 days with Tata, who ultimately did not win. Even Lali has once again demonstrated her talent as a singer by interpreting “Discipline”. And both dressed in Madrid outfits in tribute to the Day of the Community of Madrid celebrated this Sunday. And they also improvised little games with a soccer ball and the mention to Messi was inevitable. “I’m a chicken, I’m from River,” Lali said. And Muñoz was not far behind and was responsible for pointing out that the Real Madrid won the League on Saturday.

There were mentions of peace in clear reference to the war between Russia and Ukraine, where different artists from the audience were called upon to show objects that symbolically illustrated the moment the world is going through. So, all participants stood up and raised a blue and yellow card in clear allusion to the Ukrainian flagwhich implied a unanimous political position taken by the entire audience.

Sunday night had a very special moment when the great Spanish actress Carmen Maura was awarded Platinum Honora distinction already held by Mexicans Diego Luna and Adriana Barraza, Spaniards Raphaël and Antonio Banderas, Brazilian Sonia Braga, Mexican-American Edward James Olmos and Argentinian Ricardo Darín.

The Platinum party brought together various artists on stage, such as the Canarian singer Nia, who started the ceremony high with “Life is a carnival”, the Mexican Pedro Fernández who was animated with “Volver, Volver”, Puerto Rican singer- songwriter Kany Garcia. And a surprise had been announced very early which put the icing on the cake at the IFEMA Municipal Palace in Madrid. The surprise was the presence of Ana Belén singing nothing more and nothing less than León Gieco’s anthem, “I only ask God”. It was almost over and moved the whole audience.

Right from the start, defying the downpours, Javier Bardem walked the red carpet (chosen in the Best Male Performance category for the good boss), Almudena Amor, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Rossy de Palma, Andrea Duro, Anne Igartiburu, Camila Rojas, Daniel Guzmán, Darko Peric, Eduardo Casanova, Javier Gurruchaga, José Lamuño, Kira Miró, Leticia Dolera, Mane de la Parra, Manuela Vellés, María León and Blanca Portillo, winner in the Best Female Performance category for the Spanish film Maixabel. There were also Argentine personalities like Guillermo Francella, China Suárez, Oscar Martínez, Cecilia Roth, Mercedes Morán and Eleonora Wexleramong others.

The Platinum Awards for Ibero-American Cinema are promoted by EGEDA (Audiovisual Producers Rights Management Entity), together with FIPCA (Ibero-American Federation of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Producers).


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