The Last of Us remake is subject to the judgment of 3DJuegos readers, does it measure up?

The Last of Us remake is subject to the judgment of 3DJuegos readers, does it measure up?

On September 2, The Last of Us: Part 1 premiered on PS5, the remake of a video game with only nine years of history that, in addition, received a powerful remastering on PS4. Since its announcement, there is no shortage of doubts among users about the convenience of its development. But now, after many of us have played it, it’s time to pass sentence.

Although rumors about its development were very present on social networks long before its announcement, it was not until shortly before the start of the summer that we learned of the existence of The Last of Us: Part 1the one considered by many, from the beginning, as “the most useless remake“. After all, not even 10 years had passed since the release of Joel and Ellie’s First Adventureand given the artistic quality of its creators, the naughty dogfew wanted to see the Santa Monica studio invest resources in this project to the detriment of others who could offer 100% new experiences

From PlayStation and the team also responsible for the Uncharted saga, they quickly justified the decision with a wide range of novelties to make The Last of Us a superior and more accessible experience for all audiences. In the background we have the imminent launch of an adaptation of The Last of Us for HBO that, looking at recent examples such as Cyberpunk: Edge Runners, could well be a boost in sales of the remake for future fans of this post-apocalyptic world. On the other hand, although there is no date for it yet, The Last of Us: Part 1 will mean the first of the franchise on PCso dressing up your story in finery might seem appropriate.

The specialized press saw it that way, with very positive reviews. But as always in 3DJuegos, you, the users, have the last word. We give way to the final verdict of The Last of Us: Part 1, did it live up to expectations? Did you expect more improvements? Is this a worthy remake?

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The Last of Us: Part 1

No matter how good a video game is, the years don’t pass in vain in an ever-changing industry. Does The Last of Us Remake Manage to Make Joel and Ellie’s First Journey an experience worthy of the current triple-A? And if so, does it sufficiently respect the essence of the original? Are you making enough changes to inspire you to start enjoying your trip again? These and other questions must be answered in this final verdict, where once again we ask you if, having seen what you saw and played what you played, you find Reasons enough to justify reliving this story.


  • Relive one of the most acclaimed video games in history.
  • A new vision of the original experience that retains its essence.
  • Push the boundaries of visual fidelity and interactivity in your enhancements.
  • Enjoy powerful PS5 hardware, including 3D audio and DualSense features.
  • Make The Last of Us an experience more people can enjoy.


The Last of Us remake is subject to the judgment of 3DJuegos readers, does it measure up?

Shaun Escayg, creative director and writer for Naughty Dog. “We used all our skills and abilities and put them to work to rebuild the game. We recreated everything, improved the special moments and pressed them more for the greater enjoyment of the players. That was our goal, the flagship who guided us. , as well as the challenge we faced.

Shaun Escayg, creative director and writer for Naughty Dog. “It’s not just the same characters, environments, art direction, etc., on premium hardware. We’ve completely redesigned everything from art direction, lighting, and (lighting) technology to character design.” “.


The Last of Us remake is subject to the judgment of 3DJuegos readers, does it measure up?


The Last of Us Part I might not be the most needed remake of all time, as the remastered version of the original is still very much viable to this day. It is therefore a remake that seeks a new audience for the new generation and also future viewers of the HBO series; and which also intends to remain for posterity, giving greater aesthetic cohesion between Part I and Part II. The graphic difference of the models and scenarios is very noticeable and has a great recreation, at the level of its second part, but maintaining the original space and level design at all times. Some new modes have been implemented, like the well-worked Speedrun and, of course, all the content already included in the remaster is included, like the extras and the Left Behind DLC, as well as a few other additions. But, ultimately, it’s a visual-only recreation that keeps the playable experience intact. An experience that continues to be as impressive in terms of storytelling as it was in its original version and very consistent in its brutal and challenging combat system. -RECOMMENDED-

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God is a Geek. “The Last of Us: Part I is a technological marvel that makes Naughty Dog’s classic survival story even better. The visuals and sounds are sublime, and everything else is worth replaying.”

GameSpot. “In some ways, the two parts of The Last of Us are now better aligned, making switching between them more seamless. In other ways, however, years of design and development progress in the industry are too obvious. But while some of them the level design may not have aged so well, the lively cast of characters and remarkable story are more poignant than ever.”

Eurogamer Italy. “Did we really need it? No. Is it too expensive? Yes it is. But who cares ? Has market”.

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The Last of Us remake is subject to the judgment of 3DJuegos readers, does it measure up?

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