The least anticipated crossover: Married with children appears in the final season of Better Call Saul

The least anticipated crossover: Married with children appears in the final season of Better Call Saul

Married with children appeared in Better Call Saul

Although 17 years have passed since its creation, the local adaptation of Married with children It is still valid as the first day. While waiting for its theatrical release, the sitcom has hit the headlines this time because a fragment appeared in the background in a scene from the first chapter of the sixth season of You better call Saul.

The fifth season had left all fans of the series waiting, after seeing how Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) had managed to thwart the betrayal of Nacho Varga (Michael Mando), escaping the group of mercenaries who had gone to kill him.

Both were at the farm when the assassins arrived looking for Salamanca, who with quick reflexes managed to finish them off and survive the attack, leaving In great expectation for the next season, go in pursuit of the one who had betrayed him: Nacho.

In this new episode, Varga appears in a previously unknown town in Mexico and goes to a hotel counter. As soon as he sees him, the receptionist recognizes him and gives him the keys to his room, which would be his hiding place. There, on a small television set apart, the woman who takes care of him watches the Argentinian sitcom with Guillermo Francella and Florencia Peña, Married with children.

Married with children

On TV, you see Paola and Coqui. “If there’s anything that characterizes the Argentos, it’s that no one can step on us, because we are very intelligent people, so you are clearly adopted,” the eldest of the Argento brothers is heard saying ( Darío Lopilato), while who is also his sister in real life, replies: “But moron.”

The Argentinian version of Married with children created in 2005 and although it only had two seasons, the repetitions and the catchphrases of its characters have made it a classic to the point that for years it has flirted with the idea of ​​bringing the story to the theater, which was going to take place in the winter of 2020 but it was not possible due to the pandemic.

Without Erica Rivas, who would have disagreed with certain points of the script, the last thing we knew was that the production is hoping to take the piece to the Gran Rex next summer. In addition to waiting for theaters to open, the busy agenda of the protagonists (Guillermo Francella, Florence Pena, Luisana Lopilato who lives in Canada and will soon become a mother againDario Lopilato and Marcelo De Bellis) cThat meant setting a date for a possible premiere that finally seems imminent.

Bob Odenkirk, protagonist of Better Call Saul

Bob Odenkirk, protagonist of Better Call Saul

Return to You better call Saul, the sixth part of the spin off of breaking Bad which was created yesterday, will be the last. It will be a first part of the end of the transformation of dubious ex-convict and lawyer Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman which will have 13 episodes, the last six of which will not be seen until July, while the first will be viewable on Nexflix and AMC.

The magnificent fifth season left several questions open, and those who have seen the trajectory of Walter White, that high school chemistry teacher turned meth Scarface, know that other questions linger as well: Jimmy’s wife, Kim/ Saul, does not appear in breaking BadNeither does Nacho Varga, who risks himself in the dangerous game of double loyalty between Gustavo Fring and the Salamanca family, two competitors within the Juárez cartel.

The end of the series will also show what happened to Saul Goodman after the fall of Walter White, because in addition to being a prequel, he told, through black and white images of the beginning of the seasons, events after breaking Bad. In a third incarnation, the fugitive Saul became Gene Takavic, an employee of a cinnamon bakery chain, Cinnabon, at a mall in Omaha, Nebraska.

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