The least thought millennial practice that “fell in love” with Robert de Niro

The least thought millennial practice that “fell in love” with Robert de Niro

robert de niroone of the most important international players of recent decades, goes to Argentina to shoot a series with Luis Brandoni. Besides visiting Buenos Aires, the protagonist of Taxi driver was photographed with her daughter, Helen Grace and your partner, Tiffany Chen, martial arts expert.

They met in 2015 while filming the movie fashion intern; when the actor was playing Ben Whittaker, a retired widower who took Tai Chi classes in his spare time. Tiffany Chen was his teacher, and this bond that began as a professional relationship ended in love.

De Niro in action; Tai Chi can be practiced for two purposes: physical exercise and for therapeutic purposes.Alessio Botticelli – GC Images

This passion that Chen found in martial arts and that De Niro learned from him has many benefits: it improves mental and physical control, relieves headaches and body aches, strengthens muscles and decreases insomnia problems. . In the ACNAP Congress of 2021, it has been suggested to have the potential to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress.

tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that evolved as a form of physical and mental exercise. It is a series of movements performed in a slow and concentrated way, accompanied by deep breathing exercises. Nowadays, more and more people are encouraged to practice it and discover its benefits.

It is a discipline which implements a system of non-competitive physical exercise and which follows the own rhythm of the person who practices it. The key is that by exercising each pose flows into the next without stopping, this way the body is in constant motion. But the highlight is its particular combination of body movement, mental focus and conscious breathing.

It is often described as a moving meditation and can be practiced by people of all ages. Being a low impact physical activity, no muscle or joint strength is required.

However, some groups are warned not to practice it. In consultation with THE NATION, Francois ClemaresProfessor of International School of Tai Chi Ma Tsun Kuen specifies that this discipline not recommended for people with physical limitations such as arthritis or serious physical illness or for young children because these generally have little power of concentration and relaxation.

Clemares points out that Tai Chi can be practiced with two intentions: one is physical exercise and the other is for therapeutic purposes. He also adds that most of his students tend to be encouraged by the latter reason.

The practice of martial arts helps to have more control over the mind, improves blood circulation and relieves insomnia and migraines
The practice of martial arts helps to have more control over the mind, improves blood circulation and relieves insomnia and migrainesMauro Rizzi

10 Benefits of Tai Chi

The advantages of practicing it are numerous and are acquired in the short term. However, to enjoy greater benefits, specialists recommend practicing it for a long time in order to obtain:

Besides these physical benefits, Tai Chi is optimal for the mind and concentration. For it, the instructors recommend not to do the exercises “automatically” since the ideal is that the person is very concentrated in the movements.

“Me baja mucho las revolutions, yo soy muy mental y el hecho de tener que poner la conciencia en el cuerpo hace que automáticamente el estado mental activo que tengo se baje”, says Maria Sabina Beordi, corporal therapist que practica el Tai Chi desde hace two years. In addition, he assures that it is an exercise in inner work carried out from self-knowledge and considers it even more beneficial than physical activities that focus only on aesthetics.

Hernán Haedo, who has been practicing the martial art for more than ten years, shares this same position: “By doing it, you realize things, the links you make, the way you perceive others, your own body and its reactions. ; this it has enormous consequences in everyday life and they are all positive”.

An activity that encompasses all ages, including the elderly
An activity that encompasses all ages, including the elderlyShutterstock

which style to choose

Known as an integrating discipline, those who enter its world discover five styles of Tai Chi: Yang, Chen, Hao, Wu and Sun. In Argentina the most practiced are the first two.

Tai Chi Yang

The most popular, has 108 different postures. It is characterized by the implementation of long smooth strokes in which the rhythm of breathing is not altered. Is the most used by beginners and seniors.

Tai Chi Chen

Unlike the previous one, in this style you go from relaxed movements to explosive movements without a break between them. This method is more recommended for young people without serious muscular or physical problems.

Like De Niro, anyone can bet on a martial art like Tai Chi regardless of age. From youngsters to seniors, mind and body control is for everyone, give it a try!

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