The makeup artist shared her experience working with Belinda and her mother: "I am the master here"

The makeup artist shared her experience working with Belinda and her mother: “I am the master here”

Belinda Schüll has been in the midst of controversy for her allusions to Nodal (Photo: Instagram/@Schull.belinda)

Just when all the scandalous rumors and information about the couple they were Christian Nodal and Belindaa series of social media posts have brought the issue back into the public eye.

And it is that Belinda Schüll, mother of the singer of Companions to the rescueapplauded a message where a user called Christian Nodal “naco” and sent a hint to which the Mexican regional singer responded very directly, since he understood the allusion: “The world is full of people who want to pick fruit from trees they never planted or tended”Ignacio’s mother also wrote “Nachito” Pilgrim.

For his part, the 23-year-old composer said that his ex-girlfriend’s parents had benefited from the artist’s earnings for two decades. So writes the singer Of the kisses that I gave you on his Twitter early this Wednesday, May 18: “20 years of reaping the rewards of her daughter until she was left with nothing. Leave me alone, I’m healing. I don’t bother them, I don’t even demand my credits in songs or in life. Everything beautiful that happens deserves it and it also costs me. When I got tired of giving, it was all over,” the singer wrote, in allusion to what was published by his former mother-in-law.

Nodal shared screenshots of an old chat with his ex (Pictures: File)
Nodal shared screenshots of an old chat with his ex (Pictures: File)

In addition to this, he posted a screenshot of a conversation in which the interpreter of beautiful betrayal She asked her boyfriend at the time for money to treat her teeth, in addition to a sum intended for MM. Peregrin Schull.

Given this storyline, more details about Belinda’s relationship with her mother have come to light, as it began to go viral.r a TikTok from a young makeup artist who has worked with the artist at a fashion event in the pastand in the video he discovered that Belinda’s mother is the one who controls every aspect of her daughterAt least in the workplace.

According to the makeup artist, whose online name is GaboPhotoBoxshe was hired to fix the models in the fashion show presenting the collection of Belinda in collaboration with the Estudio F storebut noticed that the artist’s mother was responsible for approving or disapproving fashion and makeup proposals in this regard.

Nodal was reportedly upset because his former mother-in-law clapped back on a comment where the singer was called "Pop corn" (Photo: Instagram @schull.belinda Photo: Getty Images Photo: Instagram @belindapop)
Nodal was reportedly upset after his former mother-in-law clapped back on a comment where the singer was called “naco” (Photo: Instagram @schull.belinda Photo: Getty Images Photo: Instagram @belindapop)

“I had always had a perception of her that she was safe like a good dog, like what she projects, so it turns out that it is not like that”, begins the young woman, and assures that because they told him that the artist had not given the green light, He thought Belinda would surely be demanding when she arrived on the scene.

The woman explained that in these kinds of events, everything is usually allowed to avoid retouching, however, she was surprised when she noticed that the one who approves everything about Belinda’s career is her mother.

“The watch they were like little colored freckles, the idea was that all the models had like Belinda’s vibe, with skin like little freckles… In this you begin to hear how when ‘Miranda’ arrived at her office (referring to the character of The devil wears Prada) and everything begins ‘It’s here, it’s here, mummy Beli, mummy Beli’in my head it was that Belinda had arrived, but no, the one who had arrived was her mother,” he said.

"    GaboPhotoBox" has over 80,000 followers (Picture: Screenshot)
“GaboPhotoBox” has over 80,000 subscribers (Photo: screenshot)

According to the tik toker, the mother of the actress of Welcome to Eden he would have washed the face of all the models when he saw that the makeup did not please him, and when they tried to ask Belinda to make the decision, she refused.

“We already had several models in advance, then ‘mamá Beli’ arrived and it was like a silence. The Spanish lady, with a great personality, very polite, very pretty, well it came, and very seriously, she reviewed everything and that was ‘it watch I don’t like it, it’s not ok, it’s not ok with it’… I imagined Belinda was going to do this and no, it was her mother, “said the surprised influencer which has more than 80,000 subscribers on said social network.


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