The Marginal: Season 5 ending explained |  What happened and what does it mean |  The End Explained |  Netflix Series |  FAME

The Marginal: Season 5 ending explained | What happened and what does it mean | The End Explained | Netflix Series | FAME

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. The fifth and final season of “El marginal” begins three years after the capture of Pastor (Juan Minujin), the flight of Diosito (Nicholas Furtado), Emma’s death and Silvia’s suicide. Meanwhile, Miguel Palacios wrote a book with the name of the Argentinian series of netflix Mario Borges (Claudio Rissi) regained control of Puente Viejo and Sergio Antín (Gerardo Romano) was appointed director of said prison.

As Miguel focuses on writing about his experiences to heal his wounds and tries to get his son back, Diosito commits a series of petty crimes to survive. Thanks to an old friend, he spends a few years in the interior of the country and avoids the authorities, however, a mistake forces him to return to town.

After Judge María Virginia Piñeyro refuses to give him a recommendation, Miguel receives an unexpected visit from Luna Lunati, the young woman he rescued from captivity in San Onofre in the first episode of “fringe”, who is now a lawyer and is ready to help her with custody of Lucas.

Miguel Palacios took refuge in writing to overcome all the trauma caused by confinement (Photo: El marginal / Netflix)


Although for three years Mario Borges controlled Puente Viejo with the blessing of Antín, groups like the Sub-21 are already tired of the abuses and tithes that Mediana, the leader of the Renacidos, accuses the pavilion workers, so they have just waited for the perfect moment to act.

What ultimately happens after Brian is murdered shortly after he gets his long-awaited freedom. Everything points to Mario, since the boy refused the protection his gang offered him. In response, Caesar organizes an attack on Borges and Medina, but this is only the beginning of the war.

Meanwhile, Antín has to deal with Judge Piñeiro’s investigation in Puente Viejo, Diosito discovers he has a son, but doesn’t know how to protect him while he hides from the police. When Gladys visits him and tells him about Mario’s precarious situation, the fugitive decides to visit his father in the hospital. Something that Piñero takes advantage of to capture him. One Borges exits and another enters.

Taking advantage of Mario’s absence and the presence of Judge Piñeiro, Bardo gets rid of Medina before he blames him for Brian’s murder, remains in control of the Revenants and puts his escape plan into motion. To do this, he creates a ruckus in the prison and takes the judge hostage.

The riot coincides with Luna and Lucas’ visit to Miguel. Although the first manages to get out, the little one is stuck in the entrance and has no choice but to hide in one of the years. Meanwhile, there is a confrontation between the U-21s and the Borges which ends in James’ death.

Bardo faces judge Piñeiro in the fifth season of "fringe" (Picture: Netflix)
Bardo facing Judge Piñeiro in the fifth season of “El marginal” (Photo: Netflix)


After negotiating his terms to free Piñeiro, Bardo prepares to leave, but Pastor appears, kills him, and saves the judge. However, the Revenants return and attack Miguel, who tries to defend himself with little success. Diosito arrives just in time and saves him from certain death.

The crisis in Puente Viejo ends when Palacios goes out with the judge and his son. As a reward for his actions, Pastor receives several prison benefits, which allow him to go out to work, take care of his son, and share his experience with other prisoners.

On the other hand, after learning of his wife’s kidnapping, Antín sends Capece to kill Mario Borges and gives Caesar control of the prison. Upon learning of his father’s death, Diosito decides not to continue fighting and lets the U-21 assassinate him.

The fifth and final season of “fringe ends with Diosito meeting Mario and dancing as they leave Puente Viejo. Although they never managed to escape from prison, their souls are finally free.

Diosito saved Pastor at the end of the fifth season of "fringe" (Picture: Netflix)
Diosito rescued Pastor at the end of the fifth season of ‘El marginal’ (Photo: Netflix)


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