The moving story of Fito Páez in a tribute to Fabiana Cantilo: "He got me out of bed through endless afternoons of pain" |  The singer was declared an outstanding cultural personality

The moving story of Fito Páez in a tribute to Fabiana Cantilo: “He got me out of bed through endless afternoons of pain” | The singer was declared an outstanding cultural personality

The singer and referent of national rock was distinguished as an exceptional personality of the city ​​culture this Tuesday at the Legislative Assembly of Buenos Aires. After the act, he gave a concert in which he sang tango songs and then rock songs. In the golden roomwas surprised by Fito Paez who gave a moving speech about his relationship with Cantilo, whom he defined as the “golden girl”.

Cantilo received the diploma of exceptional personality and presented it to his mother, also an artist Silvina Luro. Among the audience were cultural figures, such as Fernando Noy, Eugenio Cutica, Julia Zenko and Hilda Lizarazu.

In the act, Cantilo also recalled his connection with Charlie Garcia, before performing the song Superheroes, by the national rock idol. “That beautiful song came from the man who said ‘you come here’ to me, and it was like saying ‘get in rock'”, he recalled.

Towards the end of the act, Fito Paez appeared to the surprise of public and gave a long speech in which he spoke about his relationship with Cantilo with whom he was in a relationship from 1984 to 1990, with whom he has since maintained a deep friendship. “Her voice is velvet, she has embarrassed generations, she knew how to be the bravest girl in the place and she still is,” she said.

Fabi is atmosphericthe places are transformed by their mere presence”, he underlined, recalling: “The Fabi who He got me out of bed on those endless afternoons of pain got me in a red Fiat and took me to rehearse La la la in the small courtroom of La Mar in Caballito”. “May God continue to bless you, for so much of the good that exists in this world exists because of you,” he remarked at the end.

Fito Páez’s exciting speech on Fabiana Cantilo

Fabiana Cantilo is one of the great composers of Argentine music. Her velvety voice bewitched generations and she knew how to be the bravest girl in the place, she still is, I can testify to that. Woman of arms to take back, it would not be a useless metaphorical resource, not even a poetic licence.

Fabiana is a free woman, here a political turning point, in this attempt at an impossible portrait of our diva in question.

When we say “free”, people rub shoulders, let out nervous laughter and have an irresistible desire to find the thing. For that, to common sense, is an entelechy or a utopia. Miss Cantilo fought for this space, flowers grew in this fight.

What are these people for, a political rosquero will ask, or someone who is capable of dying trying to demonstrate the parasitism of these poetic beings while they unworthily earn their money in a media? These topics attempt to tell the false welfare of order and are of no use to the productive machine of idiots. They serve one purpose for the common good, to make the world a better place to live.

Fabiana Cantilo belongs to the tribe of people who are born, desire and die, but apart from that, she makes her band sing and dance. She is a modern, necessary, fundamental shaman, because she always reminds us of the most important thing, which is to accompany each other with love and humility in the short process of life. The size of your mind is the size of your generosity.

Owner of an infinity of virtues, she has, among many other qualities, the possibility of discussing an infinity of subjects at the same time without getting lost along the way. You need attentive interlocutors who can follow you. Task for a few.

For those who are not good at it, Fabiana Cantilo, I can’t remember how many surnames, offers us a unique and exclusive shortcut: learning this technique in an exclusive way invites us to be attentive to her complex imaginary moviola and no less effective. In this extremely complex device, stories of the most diverse genres intertwine, with the particularity that the uninformed interlocutor would in no way be in the field of future possibilities of the probable extent of the stories heard.

Fabi would then say: “Once you have cleaned the tartar from your teeth, we should teleport today at five o’clock in the afternoon to Capilla del Monte, because the sun sets at 5 o’clock and the moon does not there’s no water, UFOs don’t come down. with rain So if C is the first note on the scale, and 5 is May on the calendar, that is, May, which is month five, plus two, which is one on the scale , is six. Plus five, because I am the sun at 5, it’s eleven, minus three, who is father, son and holy spirit, it’s eight. The 8, lying down, is the Moebius strip, that is, we are infinity. Everything is fine, do you understand?

Irrefutable argument: no one can ever get bored next to this Argentinian deity. His laughter resounds in all the spaces of the world, so sonorous, incomparable, radiating joy and communion.

Fabiana de Troya, conqueror of hearts, erratic and precise composer, who one night making us wait with fearful teeth in a group, because for three days and three nights she had not appeared anywhere, made us all tremble with emotion, a few minutes after the start of the concert, tumbling onto the stage, dancing throughout the space, creating an atmosphere of pure poetry that changed the atmosphere of the entire theatre.

Fabi is atmospheric, places are transformed by his mere presence. The Fabi who got me out of bed during those endless afternoons of pain, got me into a red Fiat and took me to rehearse La la la in the little hall of La Mar in Caballito.

Fabi, the lucid, “this guy is a mask”, and he was.

Fabi, the heroine of her own legend, wading among the thugs, adored like an untouchable princess, revered by the toughest men and women in the place, which could be Harlem or Bar Beirut on Canning Street in the 90s , or a recording studio, or in our own home in Estomba and La Pampa.

She always has an argument, you never want to have it against her, it’s a losing battle, the best thing with Fabi is always to surrender at the first minute. She will know very well what to make of all this.

Fabi, beloved daughter of her father, Mono Cantilo, a warm person, a great sculptor. Fabi, when someone talks to you and you don’t understand, don’t worry, that person doesn’t know how to explain to you, he says. So was the monkey.

Fabi, the daughter of Silvina, the modern Argentine woman par excellence. She used the first miniskirts long before the 1960s. Part of Fabiana’s self-confidence comes from Silvina Luro, stem poet, Fabi, sculptor, dancer, singer, composer, granddaughter of Totó, ineffable woman, Fabi, Vasquito’s niece with whom he learned his first zambas in a field in Buenos Aires.

The artist Fabi who summons us today, prodigal daughter of the city of Buenos Aires, with a noble spirit, a legendary woman before her birth, the one with a hundred surnames, the one who dictated so many songs to me in silence , the one who connects to every living particle, cosmic fairy, sister of all my lives, Cleopatra from Buenos Aires, sexy girl, the one who retraced her addictions with her head held high, the girlfriend of the three friends, a devotee of Cuchi Leguizamón , the one who knows all the songs of the Beatles, the one who doesn’t care who it is in front of her, asking for food disguised as a Viking shooting a music video in a restaurant.

Fabi, the one who asked with absolute vehemence who owns the garter belt, knowing the definitive answer even before asking the question.

The only person with whom Charly García deigned to improvise and with whom to leave unforgettable melodies in our hearts from the first take, every time they found themselves in the historic apartment of Coronel Díaz.

Magical Fabi, so many Fabis, so many lives, so many songs, so many loves and splendid, full of love, artist by nature, lover, girlfriend, mother, daughter and endearing companion, may God continue to bless you, for much of the good that exists in this world exists because of you.

For your port, I’m fed up, it exhausted me, I don’t know why I was summoned to this strange place, nor in whose name. However, I want one question to remain in your ears once I finish my pseudo-academic formulations in this space of Argentine high politics. A simple question and I await a public answer: why did you call me, Fabiana?


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