The new Saints Row has the craziest character editor I can remember - it promises to be a meme fest

The new Saints Row has the craziest character editor I can remember – it promises to be a meme fest

Ravaging a city as a character grotesquely similar to Shrek or Torrente will be possible in the new Saints Row, which surprised us with its gigantic customization options. Volition’s new sandbox allows us to create the character of our dreams, but also weapons, cars and even the headquarters. These are all options.

I’m usually not very original when it comes to customizing my avatar in video games. I go slowly. I choose a hairstyle that looks like mine, I give it clear eyes, a beard… and that’s it! That’s how I’m lazy and simple. But I won’t deny that I also really enjoy watching this circus of horrors with which the most creative players surprise us again and again every time they put in their hands a character editor at the height of his malevolent imagination. And after seeing in detail how customization works in new Saint’s Row, I am sure that in a few months we will be laughing a lot with the crazy creations of the players. Because if the new Volition It doesn’t have the most extensive customization tools in a sandbox, it lacks little. It’s amazing how many settings you can tweak to not only create the most outlandish character you can think of; is that those same customization options also carry over to weapons, cars, and even your very own crime empire.

Already in the first contact with Saints Row its authors pointed out that this video game of action and open world would allow players to create their character freely, but when seen in detail, it’s hard not to smile when imagining an army of absurdly ugly characters. Or incredibly beautiful, of course, because you can do anything you can think of. You have the usual options: you can choose from a wide range of hairstyles, define your body, customize the face… and end up modifying the teeth as well, or the position of the eyes separately, the shape and color of the eyeball, add marks or scars, change skin tone, and even wear prosthetic arms and legs. The character editor is so deep that vicariously you can play as your own version of Shrek, with a plump Torrent, a purple-skinned elf or even create some kind of vampire with bloodshot eyes and fangs.

Authors of successful sagas like red faction they want “players to express themselves and create looks that look like themselves, others, or even become something otherworldly”. That’s why they spared no resources when it comes to putting the most comprehensive tools in our hands. It shows.

The most complete character editor in a sandbox?

In Saints Row, you can customize every physical detail of the character, and I’m not just talking about their height and build. You can also change the shape of the head to reflect deformities, injuries, or such subtle details as different eye alignment. And your gender doesn’t matter. You will have more than enough options to design the character you want, also defining the tone of the voice and even the way it moves in the region of holy unscathed through a series of emoticons..

If we talk about the clothes, three quarters of the same, since one of the most appreciated features by fans of the series has been recovered: the layered clothes which was born -and disappeared- with the already classic Saints Row 2. Thanks to this, for example, you can choose a particular shirt and complete the wardrobe with a jacket of your choice. The same goes for shoes, pants and socks, which are also back. It will not be for lack of alternatives; but it is that beyond the large number of clothing items to which you will have access, it is also necessary to add the possibility of modifying the color of very precise details of the garment, by parts, even to use design patterns and aesthetic elements to give it a more personal touch to the clothes.

Saints Row PS5

With all this freedom of personalization, it is not surprising that the possibility of sharing our creations has been recoveredWith all this freedom to customize, it’s no wonder Volition has brought back the option Boss Factory which allows us to share our most elaborate creations with other users. But beware, this explosion of creativity is not limited only to the design and costumes of the protagonist. On the one hand we have the fire arms, which we can retouch to customize the color of practically each of its parts; or by adding aesthetic elements that completely change its appearance. A rocket launcher in an El Mariachi guitar case? An umbrella like the Penguin in Batman? How about some pinata-based blackjack? If Saints Row has always been characterized by the crazy design of many of its weapons, this new episode seems to go even further by giving us the possibility to customize the arsenal more than ever. Which includes the firepower and precision of these tools of death.

From crossbows and assault rifles to giant hammers, swords or deadly traps that drag you into the scene, each type of weapon also has a single ability which you can unlock after overcoming specific challenges. You want more? Let’s go to cars, which are also not lacking in customization options. You have the usual ones, with a series of colors and patterns to decorate the vehicle by parts, but like the weapons you can also improve its maximum speed, performance and durability, as well as unlock a unique ability such as the ejection seat to get you fired. This is not nothing considering the fact that we can use a wingsuit explore the scene by flying.

Saint's Row

The culmination of this complete personalization system is found in the HQ of the Saints, located in an old church, which will gradually expand and become more colorful, further expanding the options for the player who will be free to choose the clothes of his fellow fighters, the attire of the party members and even the type of vehicle with which they will do evil in the streets of Santo Ileso. Not to mention that you can buy businesses and distribute them throughout the city.

I have already said it. I don’t know if the new Saints Row will have the most comprehensive character editor among action games and open-world games, but if not, it’s not far off. What I’ve seen already makes me think of the crazy things players are going to do, but like I said, this is just a small piece of the bigger picture that is Saints Row. What will their missions be? How will your action be felt? We just have to wait to know more details related to one of the most anticipated comebacks of 2022.

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