The news that came to WhatsApp in 2022 and maybe you still don't use

The news that came to WhatsApp in 2022 and maybe you still don’t use

WhatsApp added many new features to its platform in 2022 (REUTERS/Given Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo)

WhatsApp added several new features to its messaging service. Here’s a look at the platform’s best features so far this year.

1. Pause voice recordings

WhatsApp will add a button to pause the recording of voice messages
WhatsApp will add a button to pause the recording of voice messages

WhatsApp added a function that allows pause voicemail recording. It is a tool that is already available for versions of the service on Windows, macOS as well as iOS and Android. To use this option, you must press a new button with the icon that represents “pause” and which is activated when an audio is being recorded. When you tap it, the recording of the message stops and you can then continue recording at any time by tapping the microphone icon.

2. Play audios outside chat

WhatsApp audio.  (photo: GuruHiTech)
WhatsApp audio. (photo: GuruHiTech)

This option allows the possibility of listen to voicemail messages outside of chat so you can multitask and read or reply to other messages. Previously, you had to finish listening to an audio to continue navigating the app and performing other tasks. With what, this tool favors multitasking.

3. Continue audio playback after pause

What's New in Audio Messages
What’s New in Audio Messages

This function resume listening Voice messages if there was a break. The option is used to listen from where the audio was paused when leaving the chat. Simply enter the conversation and press play to continue listening.

4. More limitations for forwarded messages

The beta version of WhatsApp began to further limit message forwarding, with the aim of combating misinformation. So, this new restriction, messages that have already been forwarded can be forwarded to five individual chats, and between them there can be a maximum of one group.

5. Reactions with emojis

Up to 6 possible reactions can be used
Up to 6 possible reactions can be used

A heart, thumbs-up or palms together as a sign of thanks: WhatsApp has added the ability to react to messages with emojis. To do this, just long press on the message in question and a palette of emojis appears that can be placed just below the message as a response.

6. More variety of emojis

The new emojis that have arrived on WhatsApp this year
The new emojis that have arrived on WhatsApp this year

In the latest WhatsApp update, a total of 37 new emojis are included, among which trolls, military salute, melted face and handshake stand out, in which the tone of both hands can be chosen separately.

7. Enhanced security to prevent interception of messages

WhatsApp the Web strengthened its security with an extension developed in collaboration with cloudy called code verification, this makes it possible to know if the encryption keys have been violated and therefore, if the confidentiality of the communication is in danger.

It must be remembered that All messages sent by WhatsApp are protected by end-to-end encryption, a security technique that causes all content shared through the service (messages, photos, videos, etc.) to travel in encrypted form and is only decrypted when it reaches the recipient’s device.

Code Verification is an extension developed by Cloudflare
Code Verification is an extension developed by Cloudflare

The system itself is quite secure if this encryption works properly. In order to corroborate this, a new verification system has been designed. To use this option, you need to download the Code Verify extension, which is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. This open source tool allows you to verify that encrypted communication has not been compromised.

8. The ability to send files up to 2 GB

WhatsApp increased the current limit on the size of files that can be sent via WhatsApp from 100MB to 2GB. It is a test which, for now, only available for Argentina.

Coming soon: paid subscription for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp will jump to the group paid subscriptions. Currently, yes, only in the variant Business, used by companies and businesses to be in contact with customers. All this is confirmed by WABetaInfowho was able to find evidence of belonging to the beta version of the application for android. Of course, this version will come with exclusive features for those who want to open a wallet.

According to the aforementioned media, whatsapppremium, as the optional subscription is now known, will connect to ten devices to the same account.


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